D'Huyvettere wins Brive against 16.008 pigeons (2007)

Mrs D’Huyvettere, Olsene
Son Jules and Mrs D'Huyvettere with the national winner "Alfred"


The wing of "Alfred"

Brive: tough opener
After an extra night in the basket, Brive – the first race in national long distance racing - was released on Sunday, 3 June 2007. A year before, still 9672 winged friends left for this opening race, at that time still leaving from Limoges.

Fanciers of all kinds take part in Brive: long distance race specialists preparing their troupes for Pau or Barcelona, one day long distance racers who give it all in races going from 500 to 700 km, middle distance racers who send along a pigeon a bit further every once in an while.

The pigeons have been prepared for this opening flight in various ways. The weather hasn’t been very settled these last weeks. One time, you needed five pair of hands to clock all your pigeons in time or you drew a blank. Another time, you had to get up like a real long distance racer to take care of the stragglers, sometimes even for the prizes in the yearling category.

Brive, too, promised to become a tough race. Those reaching the limit of 1100m/min, could win the triumphal pillar. In the end, only two bruisers would exceed that limit. Buyl Ruffin and Luc from Nieuwenhove thus won the silver medal on a national level.
The winning pigeon eventually reached 1109 m/min. The pigeon arrived in Olsene from the expected “direct” direction. Jules D’Huyvettere, his mother and many supporters witnessed the achievement of the Blue cock.
At the meeting-place in Waregem, it of course was the firstly mentioned and thus by definition also an early pigeon in general. In the evening, it was confirmed that it concerned the national winner.

Winner: Alfred; a tribute to father
Alfred D’Huyvettere was a pigeon fancier par excellence. After his death, his son Jules (58) took over and raced in his mother’s name. His mother is, despite her age of 95 years, still very lively and very involved in pigeon racing. When Jules releases the pigeons and does some shopping on his way back, she accurately keeps the arrivals.

Father Alfred was at the time very involved in the care of the racers of his fellow-villager, Gilbert Vande Weghe. Pigeons coming from him complemented to “the old kind”.
In 1991, they got a few eggs of the strain of Gaby Vandenabeele (Dentergem) through a friend. Both blood strains (added to the old strain) together gave spectacular results.
The winning cock was named Alfred, as a tribute to his father. The father of Alfred thus descends mainly from the Vandenabeele strain, whereas the mother mainly comes from the Vande Weghe strain. Last year, Alfred also won a Châteauroux for the D’Huyvettere family.

The loft

In conclusion

The victory of the D’Huyvettere family from Olsene proves that pigeon racing is an occupation in which everyone, aged from 5 to 105, can take part and moreover, could get the highest national honour. In this selective Brive, the whole lot could whistle for the victory as it went to a pigeon from the small team of Jules D’Huyvettere and his lively mother. The Pipa team wishes to congratulate them again and hopes they still may enjoy their passion for a long time!