Great references for pigeon family Rudi De Saer (Ruiselede, BE)

It is safe to say that a great number of other lofts have achieved outstanding results with the De Saer pigeons in recent seasons.

Some of the highlights:

2  x 1st National
1  x 1st National Zone
11 x 1st Provincial
8  x 1st Ace Pigeon
2  x 1st Prize One Loft Race
30 x Top-50 National

These are great results achieved by the following fanciers:

Martin De Poorter, Sluis (NL)

Winner of a 1st National St.Vincent 2012 in The Netherlands with
A direct BDS team but a 100% Rudi Desaer…

St.Vincent  Nat 3,161 p. 1
Bordeaux    Nat 4,228 p. 76
Niergies        1,662 p. 25
Peronne         1,737 p. 36
Mantes La Jolie 6,328 p. 37
Peronne         1,134 p. 44

Martin won the following prizes with this pigeon:

1st Euro Diamond St.Vincent 2012
7th Nat Ace Pigeon WHZB ZLU 2012

Gyselbrecht-Madeira, Ruiselede (BE)

They own an impressive collection of top racers with the outstanding bloodlines of De Saer, including top star breeder Rudi and his excellent descendants:

-Rudi BE04-3075447

16th  Prov Limoges 2005 – 4,099 p.
45th  Prov Limoges 2006 – 1,998 p.
60th  Prov Chateauroux 2005 – 7,206 p.
61st  Prov Argenton 2005 – 5,458 p.
 -Zoon Rudi BE08-3038031
61st  Nat Zone A La Souterraine 2009 – 915 p.
97th  Nat Zone A Bourges 2010 – 6,154 p.
369th Nat Zone A Limoges 2009 – 7,586 p.

-Jonge Rudi BE09-3041916

27th  Prov Bourges 2009 - 3,972 p.
76th  Prov La Souterraine – 2,396 p.
105th Nat Zone A Limoges 2010 – 6,810 p.
116th Prov Argenton 2009 – 2,631 p.
233rd Nat Argenton 2010 – 19,816 p.
280th Nat Tulle 2010 – 8,323 p.
487th Nat Chateauroux 2010 – 22,718 p.

-Rudi Junior BE06-3124287

28th  Prov Souillac 2009 – 1,444 p.
56th  Prov Cahors 2011 – 2,635 p.
65th  Nat Zone A Cahors 2009 – 2,310 p.
589th Nat Limoges 2011 – 19,373 p.
701st Nat Bourges 2009 – 27,506 p.

One of the other super champions bred from top class breeder Tsaer is

-Supercrack Antoine BE08-3037543

14th  Nat Chateauroux 2010 – 17,109 p.
74th  Nat Bourges 2009 – 22,499 p.
3rd   Prov Argenton 2011 – 241 p.
8th   Intprov Limoges 2011 – 2,960 p.
12th  Prov Chateauroux 2011 – 5,500 p.
17th  Prov Chateauroux 2010 – 4,093 p.
40th  Orleans 2009 – 1,331 p.
40th  Prov Argenton 2009 – 5,251 p.
289th Nat Bourges 2011 – 9,781 p.

Ulf Westphal, Germany

He bred great pigeons from the lines of Blauwe Bliksem x 741. One of the daughters of this couple won:
2-5-9-12th prize against between 2,100 and 2,400 pigeons
A daughter of top class breeding pair Den 18 x t Goedje (for intance parents of Bleken and Tours) has won:
19-39-53-169th prize against between 2,100 and 2,400 pigeons

Michael Endres, Germany

He purchased two summer bred youngsters in Ruiselede: a cock from Cahors 795/02 x Bleekske 425/08 and a hen from Broer Bleken 575/01 x Nationaalke 761/02
This hen, the BE10-3177971 bred four additional youngsters in 2011 and they were very successful:

-07531-11-132: 5 prizes in five races

4th Best Young Bird Reisevereinigung Forchheim
5th Best Young Bird Fluggemeinschaft Forchheim-Heroldsbach

-07531-11-177: 5 prizes in five races

6th Best Young Bird Reisevereinigung Forchheim
7th Best Young Bird Fluggemeinschaft Forchheim-Heroldsbach

-07531-11-176: 5 prizes in five races

1st Prize against 1,399 pigeons
10th Best Young Bird Reisevereinigung Forchheim
11th Best Young Bird Fluggemeinschaft Forchheim-Heroldsbach
They won the following titles with De Saer descendants:
1st RV-Meistershaft
1st Fluggemeinschaft-Meisterschaft
4-5-6-7-10-11 Ace Pigeon R.V.
10th Verbandsmeisterschaft im Regionalverband

Godfried Vanderstichele, Pittem (BE)

Won the following prizes with De Saer descendants:
1st Prov Blois
1st Prov Tours 5,149 p.

B.Blomme & R.Glorieux

1st Prov Blois
2nd Prov Chateauroux


1st Blois 487 p.
1st Argenton 463 p.
3rd Tours 706 p.
3rd Prov argenton 4,524 p.
5th Nat Argenton  25,949 p.

Allemeersch-Van Parijs

1st Ablis & 3rd Ablis WVOU 7,800 p.
3 x 2nd + 4th Chataeuroux

Ivan Mouton

1th  Prov Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB West Fl. 2009
1th  Prov Bourges 3,972 p.
8th  Prov Blois 4,094 p.
23rd Prov Argenton 2,635 p.
44th Prov Tours 2,438 p.

Gebr Comijn, Kanegem (BE)

1st   Nat Tulle yearlings 2012 - 10,251 p.
1st   Euro-Diamond Pau
3rd   Nat Pau 2,212 p. & 7th Intnat Pau 8,438 p.
6th   Prov Ace Pigeon Long Distance Yearlings KBDB 2012
22nd  Nat Limoges
34th  Prov Montluçon 2,609 p.
48th  Nat Tulle 2012 - 10,251 p.
347th Intnat Pau 19,477 p.

Buyle Julien

Is very successful with pigeons from the line of Geschalpte Neptunus 181/03 with first prizes and other top prizes from Angervile-Noyon-Etampes, as well as from Chateauroux, Argenton & Limoges.

David Madeira, Portugal

1st of 1,424 p.
1st of 1,386 p.
1st of 753 p.
2nd of 1,011 p.
2nd of 915 p.
2nd of 398 p. etc…

They have also won 2 x second Ace Pigeon with the 047/09! They excel with De Saer pigeons.

Pedro Pimentel, Portugal

1st of 324 p.
1st of 246 p.
2nd of 405 p.
3rd of 352 p.
3rd of 398 p. etc…

Rik Cools, Ruiselede (BE)

1st Prov Chateauroux 7,347 p.
1st Prov Argenton 2,631 p.
1st Nat Zone A Argenton 8,004 p.
4th Nat Argenton 23,921 p.

This was achieved with descendants from Rudi De Saer pigeons only!

Linda De Sutter, Pittem (BE)

1st  Blois 281 p.
3rd  Clermont 429 p.
10th Prov Tous 1,824 p.

Achieved with De Saer pigeons

Ivan Delrue, Bovekerke (BE)

46th  Intnat Narbonne 5,098 hens
128th Nat Narbonne 11,000 p.

Erik Limbourg, Brussegem (BE)

1st Prov Ace Pigeon Long Distance 2012
1st Best Yearling 2012 PIPA Ranking
1st Ace Pigeon Belgian National Long Distance trophy 2012

Blum Gerhard & Alfons, Germany

2nd Ace Pigeon Yearlings Union

Batenburg –Vandemerwe, Klaaswaal (NL)

3rd  Nat Bordeaux 4,507 p.
7th  Intant Bordeaux 10,249 p.
14th Nat Cahros 10,381 p.

Claude Rothgiesser, Canada

1st FCI Ont Loft Race Toronto Canada 2012
Car winner FCI One Lof Race Toronto 2012
1st Prov winner 650 Km race


15 first prizes with De Saer pigeons and many other top prizes:

1st  Prov Tours 1,672 p.
10th Prov Tours 2,501 p.
10th Prov Tours 1,098 p.
12th Semi-Nat Ruffec 1,816 p.
18th Nat Chateauroux 20,330 p.
22th Prov Chateauroux 6,071 p.
23rd Prov Argenton 3,125 p.
28th Prov Limoges 2,260 p.
37th Prov Poitiers 2,070 p.
37th Prov Tours 2,714 p.
64th Nat Brive 16,008 p.
66th Prov Limoges 3,079 p.
69th Nat Argenton 10,549 p.
93rd Nat Bourges 42,763 p. etc…