Loockx Guido, "'Mister Bourges' wins Argenton Old pigeons (2007)"

Guido Loockx, Tessenderlo  

The condition was there… and the good pigeons too. But you can only dream of a 1st National prize… 

For the rest of his life Guido Loockx from the Limburgs Tessenderlo will have to answer to the nickname of “Mister Bourges”… It couldn’t be any other name once you see what he has achieved over the years in this classic race;
1998 Bourges I; 1st Prov. with “Pantani”
1998 Bourges II; 1st Prov. & 1st Nat. with “Pantani”
2004 Bourges I; 1st Prov. with “Panzani” (daughter “Pantani”)
2004 Bourges II; 1st Prov. & 1st Nat. with “Prinsses” (granddaughter “Pantani”)
2005 Bourges I; 1st Prov. & 2nd Nat. with “Scherpe” (line “Pantani”)
2006 Bourges II; 1st Prov. & 3rd Nat. with “Julienne” (granddaughter “Pantani”)
2007 Bourges II; 2nd Prov.  & 5th Nat. with “Luka” (line “Pantani”)
One can rightly call Guido a “Bourges specialist”, but he has also done really well in other races, including several provincial victories.

Guido basketted 11 old pigeons for the national race from Argenton and had tremendous results. Provincially against 747 old pigeons he achieved; 1-31-57-60-… and 7 prizes with the 11 pigeons basketted. The winning hen reached a velocity of 1437,03 m/min and this was fast enough to win nationally against 5084 old pigeons. The winning hen was just before his neighbour Verreckt-Ariën, who also had a spectacular result with 2-4-14-28 Nationally, and this against 5084 old pigeons.
Serious racing there in the Schoterheide in Tessenderlo!

The winning pigeon with the ring number 5221443/2005 was given the beautiful name “Rossini”. “Rossini” is a September youngster from 2005 and first saw the inside of the basket in 2006. After 2 x Momignies and 2 x Soissons her season was finished and “Rossini” had to prove herself this year in the competition races.
But 2007 was no normal year, bird flu and a couple of disaster races made it even more difficult for the inexperienced “Rossini”. During the last weeks the condition improved and if you have good pigeons it will be reflected in the results. The week before Argenton she was basketted for the provincial race from Nanteuil and achieved the 73rd prize against 2187 pigeons… Guido still believed in “Rossini” and he seemed to be right… that’s why she was basketted for the National race from Argenton and just before half past two she suddenly landed back at the loft… Guido and the other people who were waiting with him say … nobody could say where she came from… all of a sudden she was there!
We have to say that “Rossini” was really motivated. She was raced on widowhood… but “Rossini” hadn’t been able to conquer a box in the breeding loft and had to be satisfied with a corner of the loft. After a hen was removed from the loft  “Rossini” joined the cock in the nest box and finally had a box and a cock… something which seems to have motivated her.
Her father is the 5231795/03 and he is a son of the “Lichte Pantani” 6129404/97 and was one of the star racers from Guido’s loft, another being a son of the” Pantani”.  The mother of the 5231795/03 is no-one less than “Zohra” 5197123/99. Including other things, she has won 1st Provincial from La Soutteraine and she has become one of  Guido’s top breeders.
The mother of “Rossini” is the 5242949/03 “Dochter vooruit Pantani”. Her father is then the “Vooruit Pantani” who won a 1st prize 5 times. The “vooruit Pantani” was paired with the “Argentonneke” who herself won the 1st provincial Argenton in ’97 and is a 100 % Gaby Vandenabeele pigeon… pigeons that Guido is really happy with.

It an be so easy!
Guido’s feeding method is very simple. He buys pigeon food with yellow corn, because he is convinced that this is the best for the pigeons. All the pigeons, both the widowers and the hens raced on widowhood (not total widowhood) receive the same food.
At the beginning of the week they are fed ½ diet and ½ sport (Beyers & Mariman) and as the day of basketting approaches they switch over to sport mixture, and plenty of it.
He doesn’t believe in giving by-products … the pigeons always have access to fresh grit and vitamins.
He never gives the pigeons medicine without first regularly visiting a vet who specialises in pigeons, whose advice is followed.