Van Helmond Herman, "1st International Bordeaux Euregio 7,708 yearlings & Fastest from 14,291 pigeons"

Cor & Herman van Helmond from Vorselaar

On Saturday the 30th of June a yearling from Herman van Helmond won against 7,708 yearlings and was, with a velocity of 1467 m/m, also the fastest from a total of 14,000 pigeons. This triumph was the first international victory for Herman. He had won 5 times nationally, nearly 30 times provincially, but this was a totally different feeling…

The long distance man Herman Van Helmond from the Antwerp’s Vorselaar is undeniably one of the top men in the Antwerp’s long distance happening. Herman, assisted by his wife Cor, has known how to defend himself in the long distance for years. The last time I made a coverage here was in 2003. This was an excellent year for this man and wife team. The inbred stock birds from the Jan Aarden variety (crossed with other overnight blood) from Herman and Cor turned out to be too strong for the rivals in Antwerp. Barcelona, San Sebastian, Dax and Cahours were all as easy as pie. All this resulted in a series of championships and prizes of honour:
1st Champion Grand distance Kempische Fondclub
1st Ace pigeon Grand distance Kempische Fondclub with 6554012/99
1st Ace pigeon Marathon Antwerp Flying Club(AFC) with 6554012/99
1st General champion AFC
1st Criterion Cureghem Centre AFC
2nd Champion old birds AFC
3rd Champion yearlings AFC
2nd Copa Espagnola National Cureghem Centre (1+2)
4th Prize of Honour Desbuqouis gebroeders Copa Espagnola Cureghem Centre
5th Champion Grand Distance Cureghem Centre
5th Copa Espagnola National Cureghem Centre (1+2+3+4+5)
5th Intern. Prize of honour Copa Espagnola Cureghem Centre
5th Ace pigeon prize of Honour Euphony Copa Espagnola Cureghem Centre with 6144129/00
9th Ace pigeon intern. Copa Espagnola Cureghem Centre with 6144129/00
Prize of honour Dax Belgium Relations with 6554012/99
1st provincial Cahors
2nd provincial Dax
3rd provincial Barcelona
4th 5th provincial San Sebastian
Herman is known as a breeder of top pigeons, remember the winner National Barcelona from Jan Dons and the 1st national Marseille in Holland, but he also knows how to breed them in his own loft. The following years he achieved top prizes from Barcelona and St. Vincent. Last season he had a super result from Dax and tremendous results with the yearlings from St. Vincent and Bordeaux.

From the past

Herman van Helmond and his wife Cor originate from Made, a Dutch village just above Breda. Herman has been a fancier since he was a youngster. The Dutch pigeon press gave him the name ‘The executioner from Made’. Initially he raced the speed races and middle distances. Still it was the long distance that interested him most. He won national Orleans, Chateauroux, and Ruffec. His then super pigeon ‘NL59/180111’, better known as ‘de De Drie Eentjes’(the three ones) attained two of these victories. The Dutch long distance fanciers lined up to buy this topper, but Herman didn’t give in to the money. He wanted to stay at the top. What he did was exchange pigeons with the world famous Adrianus van der Wegen. Due to the big floods in Holland in the 50’s the pigeons from the renown Jan Aarden from Steenbergen were accommodated by Jan Cools from Nieuw-Vossemeer (Holland) and his friend Herman van Helmond from Made. This was of course an unbelievable gain. Furthermore the late Jan Cools (a good friend of Jan Aarden) regularly exchanged pigeons with Herman. The stock birds of the Dutch long distance pigeon is also the basis of the Van Helmond pedigree. During a champions day in Holland the eminent Belgian Emiel Verhaert handled Herman’s pigeons. He was so impressed that he made a sweeping statement. Verhaert said “Mr. Van Helmond… if you race these pigeons in Belgium, you will become a great champion”. By coincidence, Herman moved to Belgium in 1968 to start a business in tree development. He moved to Boulevard 56 in Vorselaar, in fact the village where Emiel Verhaert lived. Herman chose Fariel Verbeeck as his team mate. The breeders stayed with Herman and Fariel was to participate in the races. The KBDB disagreed with this combination and they had to split up. Herman continued alone in the Grand Distance and that taught them a lesson in Belgium. In the meantime Herman twice won national Pau and twice St. Vincent. Moreover he won a thirty something prizes provincially. In the years to come Herman took utmost care of his pedigree. Slowly but surely, he brought new blood into his lineage. He did this through Christ Musters (Hoogerheide, Holland), Wim Mulder (Willhelminadorp, Holland), Geert and Anton Kouters (Noordhoek, Holland), Van Dijk (Steenbergen, Holland), Philip Steketee (Yerseke, Holland), the Santens brothers (Oudenaarde), Lei Kurvers-De Weerd, Jan Dons (Kapelle o/d Bos) en Johan Kempen (Geel) and the son of ‘6626136/92’ who won the 5th national Barcelona 1996 and was 100% Van Helmond strain.

Old glories
Over the years Herman’s pigeons have achieved results that the common fancier can only dream of. I’ll show you what these thoroughbreds have already achieved:
*Het Wondere Kleintje 411/74 (Jan Cools, J. Aarden, Drie Eentjes): 8th nat. Pau, 9de intern. Pau, 5th national St-Vincent, 1st national St-Vincent, 6th Lourdes, 3rd Perpignan…
*Nest sister 412/74: 7 x top Barcelona, 1st nat. St-Vincent
*Old Barcelona hen 129/80: 7 times Barcelona with 3-32-2-12-6-25-34 provincial, 60th international Perpignan hens at 9 years of age.
*6068917/85: son Old Barcelona hen won 5 times from Barcelona and 6 times from Perpignan
*Goede Blauwe 6503497/85: won provincial from Barcelona, Marseille and Cahors and in his top year 9th nat. Barcelona and 16th nat. Perpignan
*100/92: 4th provincial Narbonne as yearling and 7th provincial Narbonne as old bird
*194/87: 8th prov. Narbonne, 2nd prov. Marseille, 15th prov. Cahors, 16th prov. Dax 16th prov. Dax…and father of the 1st national Barcelona 2001 by lawyer Jan Dons(Kapelle o/d Bos), now owned by Emiel Denys from Zulte
*070/89: 8th prov. Narbonne, 6th prov. Perpignan, 12th prov. Marseille…, son 412/74 x daughter ‘Goede Blauwe’
*168/87: 4 x Barcelona and 4 x Perpignan, daughter 412/74
*NL7836325/78: direct Jan Cools from Nieuw-Vossemeer (man with direct pigeons Jan Aarden) and top breeder.
Let’s not stay in the past. There are other pigeons now, but that doesn’t make them any less worthy.

6145814/06 1st intern. Bordeaux yearlings Euroregio 2007
This winner is a small chequered cock with a soft but rich plumage. As a youngster this yearling widower was only raced as far as Qieuvrain. Then he was moved to a different loft to be bred with an old hen. The yearling had a difficult start. Firstly he went to Qieuvrain and then with the rest to Noyon. Melun and Vierzon followed. In this dreadful race he didn’t win a prize, and didn’t arrive home until the evening. A few weeks later (9/6) he had to go to Chateauroux, but once again he didn’t win a prize. This was not so bad because they are after all real long distance pigeons bred from the best Dutch pedigree. You can’t expect them to win short distance races, Herman learned this a long time ago. The descendants from this pigeon are phenomenal. Herman is a Dutchman and that is also to be found in the blood of his pigeons:
The father is 6554012/99, one of Herman’s best racers He was a top racer:
Ace pigeon Grand Distance Kempische fondclub (350 members) 2002
Ace pigeon Grand Distance Antwerp Flying Club 2002
Ace pigeon Grand Distance Kempische fondclub 2003
Ace pigeon Grand Distance Antwerp Flying Club 2003
111th provincial Montauban 560 pigeons in 2003
2nd provincial Dax 547 pigeons in 2003
60th national Dax 5026 pigeons in 2003
14th provincial Perpignan 488 pigeons in 2003
211th national Perpignan 7537 pigeons in 2003
As a late youngster in 1999 he was not trained in this year but had to start training as a yearling. He won provincially the 11th prize against 547 pigeons from Beziers. He affirmed his position in 2002 in the following races: Cahors prov. 1001p-106, Dax prov. 561p-29, Bordeaux prov.455p-27 and Perpignan prov. 221p-16. with this twice ace pigeon and he repeated it again in 2003. Since 2005 he has stayed in the breeding loft but in 2004 he achieved good results in the Grand Distance (12th prov. Cahors, 163rd prov. Dax and 9th prov. Perpignan). He is 100% Wim Muller (Wilhelminadorp, Holland). The father is NL1603333/97, direct Wim Muller from NL2174352/87 (‘Golden Breeder’ from ‘Godfather’) X NL2713360/91 (mother ‘Lady Sarina’). The mother is NL 1603186/97, direct Wim Muller from NL 85/8510019 (‘zoon Madonna 1982’) X NL8933432/89 (‘Mona Lisa’).
De mother is ‘NL0182518/01’, directly from Ph. J. Steketee from Yerseke (NL). He was bred there from ‘NL733/97’ (top pigeon from ‘Barcelona’ x hen Jan Ernest). In ‘Barcelona’ (193rd nat. Barcelona, 242nd nat. Perpignan…) blood Jac Steketee (Bruinisse), J. Walpot and A/ L van de Wegen). The mother from ‘518/01’ is ‘557/00’ (shared breed Ph. J Steketee x Jan Ernest and also blood Jac Steketee and Christ Musters from Hoogerheide).

Herman has plenty of lofts but only a few pigeons. He has 15 old widowers and 10 yearlings. Add to that 6 hens and that’s it. The youngsters are mostly bred from the breeding pigeons. There are 12 boxes in the breeding loft, but they are not all occupied. Youngsters are only trained in their birth year. Cor and her daughter Karla liberate the pigeons themselves in Quievrain. As yearling they are put through the mill. They race Bordeaux and St. Vincent II or St. Vincent I and St. Vincent II. In 2006 they excelled from Barcelona (3/3), St. Vincent I (7/7) and St. Vincent II (7/11). A strong collection of long distance pigeons which will have to be watched in the future.