Diego Wouters (Spaubeek, NL): a missing link!

Diego Wouters turned 28 last Wednesday and in recent years he has been at the top of pigeon racing in The Netherlands. In his total auction a unique collection of birds will be offered for sale. He is the missing link between the lines of Pieter Veenstra, Andreas Drapa and Jan van de Pasch.

(Diego Wouters and Mr. Spaubeek)

Spaubeek is the birth place and home base of the Wouters family, a family of pigeon fanciers. Both this grandfather and of course Diego’s father have had racing pigeons. In fact they owned a few excellent birds who won championship titles in their region every year, until 1992. It is no surprise that (grand)son Diego would sooner or later take a look in the loft to see what his father and grandfather were doing there. When Diego was old enough to take care of the pigeons on his own, in 2003, he did not have a flying start but he learned a lot from his more experienced relatives. In 2005, when he became serious about pigeon racing, he soon had his first successes. He already had his first top racer: Olympic Scoubidou. From that moment he was determined to reach a high level and to maintain that level, as long as it was possible of course. Meanwhile his father – who assisted Diego in the loft – is ill and Diego himself has a busy day time job (he works in the care sector). That is why he is forced to sell all his birds in a public auction. Where else but at PIPA?

Diego Wouters, the missing link! We do not know a lot of fanciers with such expertise in pigeon racing at that age. As a young boy he paid visits to Pieter Veenstra, Andreas Drapa and Jan van de Pasch. Not only did he pay them a visit (he almost went there by bicycle), he also showed them that he had a great eye for talent. Pieter Veenstra had a round of young birds and Diego picked the best ones, some of which would later prove to be outstanding pigeons. Soon after he paid another visit to Pieter Veenstra and he ordered a youngster from the pair Mr. Blue x Amira. Back then there was not yet Dolce Vita, Special Blue, Blue Rambo or any of the other outstanding descendants bred by Mr. Blue throughout the years. Diego was all smiles when he returned home with what would later become the stock sire in his loft: Mr. Spaubeek.

(Click here for the pedigree of Mr. Spaubeek)

His offspring is unprecedented. Diego could make use of its breeding qualities for many years. His pedigree and his list of achievements says it all: it doesn’t get much better than this. Its dam, Amira (during her short period in Veenstra’s breeding loft) is probably one of the best daughters of Kleine Dirk, along with Dirky. Diego Wouters had a sharp eye indeed! And he still has.

Having a team of excellent pigeons is one thing; being successful with them is another. Diego would soon prove to be an excellent motivator. One of the sons of Mr. Spaubeek was particularly talented: Magic Blue. This champion had four national teletext notations NPO and it does not stop there. He is also the breeder of several successful first class pigeons.

(Click here for the pedigree of Magic Blue)

None of these pigeons is a one trick pony! They are capable of leading the pack in fast and demanding races and their breeding value is phenomenal. This especially applies to the full brother and the sisters of Magic Blue. They won several top prizes this season and again they performed at a high level in The Netherlands. Diego only took part in seven races this season and yet he has won a tenth prize National Ace Pigeon Sprint NPO with Magic Unlimited! These were this year’s achievements:

1st Pigeon Champion Sprint Vitesse Beek-Bug met Messi
2st Pigeon Champion Sprint Beek-Bug met Magic Unlimited
3st Pigeon Champion Sprint Beek-Bug met Magic William
Marche      203 pigeons = 1,2,3,5,7,15,19,21,22,23,24 = 11th       against 1,484 pigeons 
Charleville 193 pigeons = 1,4,5,6,9,10,11,12,15,16,17 = 2-8-9-12th against 1,444 pigeons 
Rethel      180 pigeons = 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,13,16,17 = 4th        against 1,341 pigeons 
Reims       191 pigeons = 2,3,4,6,9,12,25,29          = 10-12th    against 1,173 pigeons 
Epernay     215 pigeons = 2,3,4,5,7,8,9,11,13,14,19,21= 9-12th     against 1,330 pigeons 
Sezanne     161 pigeons = 1,2,4,5,6,7,9,11,13,14,15,16= 5-12th     against 1,455 pigeons 
Sens        177 pigeons = 1,4,5,8,9,11,13,14,15,22    = 18th       against 1,367 pigeons 

This is incredible. Diego has only basketed his pigeons for seven races in 2012. Who knows what his pigeons would have been capable of in the coming seasons? Unfortunately the success story ends here. Diego has decided to quit due to the circumstances. “As a fancier I always aim for the top and nothing is going to change that.” This season he won the tenth National Ace Pigeon NPO Sprint with a full brother of Magic Blue: he was also a child of Mr. Spaubeek. This collection is in fact a unique offer: the dam of these top class pigeons, Superkweekster van Cock Groen, died due to being egg bound.

(All of these pigeons were bred from Mr. Spaubeek x Superkweekster)

His own pigeon breed was complemented with pigeons of Jan van de Pasch. Again, he demonstrated his eye for talent. Obviously Jan van de Pasch has been a champion in the same region and at national level for years. This season he has (probably) won a first National Champion One Day Long Distance but Jan has also had some successes thanks to a few of Diego’s birds. Diego obtained several birds from The Netherlands and Germany; he believes these countries are the best source for great birds! He paid a visit to Andreas Drapa, a phenomenal champion and breeder of several Olympiad pigeons. This fancier from the Black Forest has an invaluable collection of breeders and Diego was well aware of that. He was particularly interested in pigeons like Carl and Champ: they have had a whole lot of great descendants. Carl and Champ stem from the breeding pair König x Königin, who are also the parents of Olympiad pigeons and the grandparents of even more Olympiad Pigeons. Here is an overview:
Click here for an overview of Champ and his descendants
Click here for an overview of Flitzer

It is evident that Diego was interested in buying some of these pigeons. He decided to purchase a few direct youngsters from Champ and Flitzer! These are youngsters of possibly the best breeder and the fastest racer in the world. He arrived home with the following pigeons:

It proved to be a smart move, because Drapa King (possibly the best breeding son of Flitzer) would soon become a magnificent breeder himself. That is no surprise: his dam is a sister of Champ and Carl and a daughter of König x Königin. This was a guaranteed success! This pigeon is already a grandsire of seventeen first prize winners; this is impressive work!

It is almost inconceivable. So young, so determined and so successful. Diego Wouters reached the top in only few years time. He has inspired many other fanciers; especially the younger generation. He is a great example for sure.