Jacob Poortvliet (Surhuizum, NL) and his pigeons are again successful in 2012

Jacob Poortvliet had a great 2012 season. His pigeons found their way home very well. Their home loft previously belonged to Veenstra, who used the loft until he moved away ten years ago. The pigeons of Jacob Poortvliet would shortly achieve their first successes here.

2012 was yet another successful season for Jacob! He had several top prizes and good prize percentages, which shows that he is a dedicated and committed fancier. He was inspired by another fancier in his family: his father Leen Poortvliet was a successful fancier as well. However that does not always guarantee success. We have seen successful fanciers who did not have any relatives involved in pigeon racing. On the other hand there are families who had generations of fanciers who were all national top class racers. One thing is clear: Jacob follows in the footsteps of his father and he might well surpass him. He has had some great successes in the National Championships of the NPO, WHZB and TBOTB and he has also proved to be a worthy competitor in district 11. This is, in fact, a very competitive district in Belgium, where you have to be on top of your game if you do not want to be left behind.

The list of achievements of Jacob Poortvliet in 2012:
Duiven     - 136km ->  1391 pigeons = 1-4-5-7-9-12-13-21-22-27
                     10,031 pigeons = 1st Provincial
St.Truiden - 274km ->  1858 pigeons = 1-2-19-20-21-22-23-25-45
Nijvel     - 316km ->  1167 pigeons = 1-3-33-51-53-63-88-89
Orleans    - 658km ->   408 pigeons = 1-8-10-12-28-43-68
                       5972 pigeons = 16th NPO
St.Quentin - 423km ->   731 pigeons = 2-3-6-7-8-19-20-26
                       9807 pigeons = 2nd Provincial
Lommel     - 225km ->  1807 pigeons = 3-4-6-7-8-10-14-18-21-24
                     21,727 pigeons = 12-15-18-22-30-33-55 Provincial
Nijvel     - 316km ->  1605 pigeons = 3-8-11-22-26-43-50-62
Quievrain  - 353km ->  1084 pigeons = 3-27-28-29-30-43-48-50
1st Nominated champion old birds    Provincial
1st Nominated champion old birds    Entente
1st General Champion nominated      Entente
1st General Champion not-nom.       Entente
1st Sprint Champion nominated       Entente
1st Natour Champion nominated       Entente
1st Ace pigeon sprint               Entente
1st Ace pigeon OUD                  Entente
2st General Champion Nominated      Provincial

This is a great list of achievements for 2012 of this breed that is based around the pigeons of Gerard Koopman, Op De Beeck-Baetens, Dirk van Dyck, De Rauw-Sablon, Vandenabeele/Minderhoud, Leo Heremans and the charming Miss Duivensport, Marijke Vink! With these bloodlines he managed to compose a very successful team of top class pigeons. In recent years his pigeons have been very successful; not only in their own loft but in other lofts as well.


2005: 1st National Ace pigeon youngsters WHZB
2007: 1st National Ace Pigeon W.H.Z.B.         for A.Kors
2007: 1st NPO Blois          -> 5656   pigeons for H. v/d Linde
2007: 1st NPO Duffel         -> 8019   pigeons for R.Dalmolen
2008: 1st National Ace pigeon Serbia           for Petrovic/Pavlovic
2008: 1st National Ace pigeon 1dayLongDist NPO for Gebr. Limburg
2008: 1st NPO Orleans        -> 6,469  pigeons for Gebr. Limburg
2008: 1st NPO St.Quentin     -> 13,472 pigeons for Jacob Poortvliet
2011: 1st NPO Hasselt        -> 22,391 pigeons for Comb. Huizinga
2011: 1st NAT Lillers        -> 17,998 pigeons for Jones & Gibson UK
2011: 1st NPO Sens           -> 9,941  pigeons for Gebr. Limburg
2011: 1st NPO Pithiviers     -> 7,385  pigeons for Jacob Poortvliet

These are some of his best racing birds:

(Click here for the pedigree of Magic Wonder)

This is without a doubt an excellent pigeon! It takes talent to win a first National Ace Pigeon Sprint at the West European Countries Club! In her pedigree we see the lines of the Koopman pigeons as well as some Lindelauf origins, which is no surprise. The dam is a pigeon of S.G. Wilberg and stems from a full sister of Farah Diba and Reza! On the father’s side we see a grandchild of Kleine Dirk x Amoré. This pair has also bred top breeder Charley, which previously belonged to Marcel Sangers. Meanwhile he is transferred to the loft of Kenny Rhodes. These are her best results:

1st International Ace Pigeon Sprint W.E.N.C
1st Ace Pigeon sprint in the union
1st Ace pigeon middle distance club
Heteren     1/27,931 pigeons
Duffel      1/11,692 pigeons
St. Quentin 1/   180 pigeons (8/3437 pigeons)
Boxtel      2/  6880 pigeons
Boxtel      2/  2507 pigeons
Menen      13/  1130 pigeons
Heteren    15/  2606 pigeons
Menen      16/  2261 pigeons

(Click here for the pedigree of Blue Arrow)

This champion has had an outstanding career as a racing bird! He stems from the top couple of Poortvliet, the Arrow Pair. The dam, Arrowstar, is a full sister of Da Vincy of Pieter Veenstra. To cut a long story short, this cock was part of the best breeding pair world wide, Da Vinci x Special Blue. They have bred great champions, including Dolce Vita and Chanel No5, which are two international ace pigeons! On the father’s side we see The Arrow Maker. This cock stems from De Favoriet and Juweeltje. A full brother of this cock, the Vico of Heerink-Profijt, has bred Paco for the Limburg brothers. Paco was in his turn the sire of Rick, the first National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance WHZB/NPO. Blue Arrow is basically a  combination of some of the best lines available. That explains his impressive list of achievements:

1st  Ace Pigeon in the club
2nd  Ace Pigeon 1 day Long Dist in the club
3rd  Ace Pigeon Entente
4th  Ace Pigeon sprint Provincial
4th  Ace Pigeon 1 day Long Dist Provincial
12th Provincial Ace Pigeon Friesland
Menen      1/  167 pigeons (= 10th NPO 14,998 pigeons)
Hasselt    4/ 2499 pigeons
Heteren    5/ 2591 pigeons
Boxtel     5/ 2591 pigeons
Wychen     6/ 2479 pigeons
Pithiviers 7/  721 pigeons

You have probably figured out that the family of pigeons of Jacob Poortvliet is based on top quality lines. This is illustrated by a long list of references every year. This is a breed that consists of the best pigeons of the moment, capable of winning titles and top prizes. We have seen it season after season and we reckon next season will not be an exception! We wish him all the best for 2013!