Johan De Belser (Berlaar, BE): Engels x Kaasboer = national top level breed

The 231/86 of Engels gained a cult status in pigeon racing and the Kaasboer of Gaston Van de Wouwer is on its way to become just as famous. Johan De Belser from Berlaar shows that the two birds deserve their status.

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This should make it clear that Johan De Belser has been one of the big names in pigeon racing in Belgium. The two bloodlines that have helped him to become so successful are Engels, Putte and Kaasboer, Gaston Van de Wouwer, Berlaar.

His pigeon breed

Johan used Engels pigeons to form his own breed. He had, for instance two granddaughters of 178/94, which was a son of the stock sire from Engels, namely the 231/86. He also had three grandsons of the 178/94 (a son of 231/86), two granddaughters of the 231/86, five granddaughters of the 584/90, Den Dikke, a granddaughter of the 186/96, which is a son of 714/90 and a daughter of the 340/98 (in his turn, a son of 086/97). The 340/98 is a half brother of the 558/01 and sire of Marieke, the Olympiad Pigeon in Liévin. He also has two daughters of 888/01, which is a full brother of 558/01. Some time later he also added pigeons from Francois and Jef  “de kaasboer” Govaerts. Several pigeons of the Kaasboer-line of Gaston van de Wouwer were moved to the loft of Johan as well. These pigeons would prove invaluable: they have brought the De Belser team to a new level. More recently he also found some great pigeons from Wim de Troy (breeder of the 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB extreme middle distance 2007), De Coux & Zn. (superstars in the sprint and the middle distance) and Wim Storms (1st Nat. Montluçon against 17,423 p.) to join the team. From the lines of Engels he has bred Oskar (6423539/97). ‘t Fijneke’ (6429618/98) stems from the Goovaerts brothers. 

When the two birds were crossed they bred the 500 (6485500-00), the Goldwin and Beautiful Eye (6485570/00). The 500 managed to win no less than 11 national top 100 prizes. She has won, for instance, a 21st national Bourges against 15,716 pigeons, a 28th national Argenton against 4,955 pigeons, a 38st national Bourges against 36,506 pigeons and a 39st national Limoges against 23,661 pigeons. Not only was this 500 an astonishing racer; he has proved his value as a breeding pigeon as well. He is the sire of Junior 500 (6031645/07), who managed to win seven national top 100 places in three years. Goldwin, a nest brother of the 500, has been breeding outstanding descendants as well. He was paired with Dochter 1st provincial Blois (6540682/00) and is the father of De Blauwwitte De Belser (183083/02). This pigeon was given to Gaston Van De Wouwer as an egg but meanwhile he is back in the loft of Johan. He is the grandfather of two national winners and a national ace pigeon:

1st Nat. La Souterraine 17,005 pigeons for Schepmans-Hayen
1st Nat. Bourges 33,524 pigeons for Vos-Jennes
1st Nat. Ace pigeon grand middle distance 2011 KBDB for Casaert-Sénechal

A nest sister of the 083/02, and the 0842/02, appears to have similar qualities. She has bred Floorke (6027008/10), winner of the 1st national Argenton against 19,728 pigeons. She was also the fastest of 30,690 pigeons in the loft of Cleirbaut-Desbuquois.

Johan with his Goldwin, a nest brother of '500'

The 2012 season

2012 was yet another successful season with top results at provincial and national level. Johan did some one day long distance races for the first time and it proved a success. He basketed his pigeons for Libourne, Limoges and Tulle. In the Houtvense Fondclub the following prizes were won: first against 143 pigeons from Libourne, a third and 11th against 348 pigeons from Libourne and a first, 11th and 13th against 171 pigeons from Tulle. What follows is an overview of the top prizes of 2012 at provincial and national level:

19/1892 old birds prov.
5/ 1297 yearlings prov.
24/2139 p. prov.; 384/15,902 p. nat.
23/3284 p. prov.; 43/22,875 p. nat.
33/2222 p. prov.
17/2853 p. prov.; 32/22,384 p. nat.
6/984 p. prov.; 109/7975 p. nat.
Limoges yearlings:
4-49/2383 p. prov.; 5-201/17,735 p. nat.
5-24/4824 p. prov.; 13-50/33,524 p. nat.
Tulle yearlings:
13-62-72/1211 p. prov.; 94-568-640 10,251 p. nat.
13-14/862 p. prov.; 103-113/7046 p. nat.
La Souterraine:
18-23-30/518 p. prov.; 138-252-359/19,155 p. nat.
26/640 p. prov.; 71/3415 p. nat.

Two top talents

There are two more pigeons that have been shaping the family of pigeons of De Belser: Lady Kaasboer (6033902/06) and Xavi (6033682/06). Lady Kaasboer is a daughter of Kaasboer; Xavi is a full brother of the 500. Their descendants have had some remarkable results, including a 32nd national Argenton against 22,384 pigeons, a 109th national Libourne against 7,975 pigeons, a 94th national Tulle against 10,251 pigeons, a 43rd national Montluçon against 22,875 pigeons, a 93rd national from Argenton against 7,046 pigeons, a 58th zonal Chateauroux against 5,997 pigeons, a 20th Angerville against 1,051 pigeons, etc.

For next year Johan will also prepare a team of cocks and hens to do one day long distance races on a regular basis. Previously it had mostly been fanciers from east and west Flanders who dominated this competition but in recent years we see an increasing number of fanciers from Brabant and Antwerp who win top results as well. Johan will be less involved in the young birds competition, but he wants to focus more on the one day long distance races. Both the Engels and Kaasboer pigeons have proved that these longer distances are well within their capabilities. They might as well influence the outcome of the races. It is now up to Johan to continue his success of past seasons and to get the same results in the one day long distance as he had in the extreme middle distance races.