Witpen Rivaldo of Etienne Devos (Deerlijk, BE) takes 1st prov. from Perpignan and possibly wins the title of ace pigeon grand distance KBDB 2012

Witpen Rivaldo of Etienne Devos had won the 1st provincial from Pau 2012 (with a 15 minute lead) and he did even better in the race from Perpignan, where he covered 893.977 km with a velocity of 1229.26 m/min.

This is the second provincial victory this season for the excellent long distance racer from Deerlijk, but there is more: Witpen Rivaldo has also won a 5th place both national (against 6,661 birds) and international (against 16,921 birds). Earlier this season he took an 18th national against 1,989 pigeons and a 97th international against 8,382 birds from Pau. After a few successful seasons in the extreme long distance Witpen Rivaldo has now added another two top results to his list of achievements. According to our information he has also won the title of first ace pigeon grand distance thanks to these achievements.

The Witpen Rivaldo had been at home for three weeks before his trip to Perpignan. In his last flight before Perpignan, the race from St. Vincent, he had only arrived home at 10 o’clock in the evening. “Before St. Vincent it would often happen that he stayed away for two hours during training tosses and I don’t like that. He spent too much time with other pigeons from around the area. If you call the widowers home they should be in the loft immediately. I also noticed that he was in a better shape shortly before Perpignan”, says Etienne.


Let’s take a closer look at the pedigree of Witpen Rivaldo:

Sire: Half brother Rivaldo: 04-3002584 (The Rivaldo 98-3100356 has won a 1st in the Barcelona Masters, has won 6 x Barcelona, 6 x Perpignan and also a 57th Nat. Barcelona 12,998 pigeons ’05, a 41st Nat. Perpignan 7,611 pigeons ’05, a 167th Nat. Barcelona 13,021 pigeons ’02 etc.)
GS: Didi Junior: 95-3336619 (a son of the legendary Kleine Didi, winner of 1st national Dax and 2nd National  Perpignan)
GD: Florie II : 97-3301433 (bloodline of Gouden Vleugel BBC of R. Florizoone)

Dam: Sister Tik : 02-3003060 (Tik has won a 9th prov. Limoges and a 10th Nat. Limoges against 12,044 pigeons etc.)
GS:  Artiest Houben: 00-6549125
GD: Zus Super Prins: 96-3001806

Witpen Rivaldo has quite an impressive list of achievements. A short overview:

69th  nat. Perpignan       6,257 p.
51th  zone A Montélimar      979 p.
285th nat. Orange          4,466 p.
321st nat. Marseille       3,179 p.
385th nat. Tarbes          4,576 p. and much more...
In the previous seasons he has won:
1st   Pau Fondclub           226 p.
1st   Pau provinciaal        471 p. (with a 15 min. lead)
18th  nat. Pau             1,989 p.
97th  Internat.  Pau       8,382 p.
1st   Perpignan Fondclub     191 p.
1st   Perpignan prov.       1128 p.
5th   Nat. Perpignan       6,661 p.
5th   Internat. Perpignan 16,921 p.

It is interesting to know that Witpen Rivaldo has three brothers that are also part of Etienne’s racing team: Witslag Rivaldo (which has an impressive list of achievements as well), Stijn (winner of an 8th Nat. Brive) and Bamby (winner of 1st Poitiers). They belong to a bloodline of ace pigeons with excellent breeding qualities. Some of the top class flyers in the Devos loft include Kleine Didi, Zidane, Rivaldo etc. They perform very well at the long distance and they all belong to the bloodlines of the phenomenal Didi (a national ace pigeon) of Jef Vandenbroucke.

In the race from Perpignan, Etienne had five prizes with his seven birds; his first and second nominated were also the first two back to the loft. In that same weekend his top class yearling Cavendish took a first prize from Toury and he also took a first prize from Nantes in the long distance club of Rekkem. Up to now he has won three provincial first prizes and two victories in the “three provinces” this season. So this is quite a promising season for the fancier from Deerlijk.

Many congratulations on the victory in one of the big classics of the long distance season. This champion has already had numerous successes in pigeon racing and the possible title of ace pigeon long distance would be the crowning achievement of the season. This fancier will have plenty of reasons to celebrate in the coming months.