A & R De Saer (Ruiselede, BE) national winner from Souillac against 7,756 birds

This national first prize from Souillac is the second national victory for this top class loft from Ruiselede this season. They have already won the 1st national from Limoges in June of this year.

They have done it again in the national from Souillac, this time with Antonio 10-3020860, a two year old cock who has already proved its value in the lofts of Ruiselede. He was basketed as a second nominated bird and he did the job with a velocity of 1203.52 m/min in a race of 698.642 km. Unfortunately though, father Antoine is no longer there to enjoy this victory, but Rudi knows more than anyone else how lucky he was to have his father as his mentor and teacher.

This is a short summary of the most important wins at the moment:

- 20 provincial victories
- 1st national Limoges  against 13,781 pigeons in 2012
- 1st national Souillac against  7,756 pigeons in 2012
- 1st national champion long distance KBDB in 2010
- 2nd national champion long distance KBDB in 2009

As you can see, this loft has quite an impressive list of achievements already!

“Over the years I noticed that you have to be a bit patient with my pigeons in their first year”, says Rudi. “But as soon as they are fully grown they can get to the top with ease, with top prizes, both in sprint and long distance races. In the race from Arras for instance (almost 100 km) we won a first and second prize against 191 pigeons. Believe it or not, the exact same pigeons have now both won a first national!”

The national race from Souillac was once again a day to remember for the birds of A & R De Saer. Take a look at the results:

Fondclub 137 pigeons: 1-4-5-7-11-19-20-22-23-24-28-29-32-36 with 14 out of 20 pigeons
Provincial 1527 pigeons: 1 -13 -42-72-121-223-226-256-257-258-291-297-305-349 (also 14/20)
National prognosis: 7,756 pigeons: 1 -17 – 52 -99

  • A portrait of the national winner!

The Antonio is without a doubt one of the best racers of the A & R De Saer loft. Up to now he has had some decent results in the four national races, but in the race from Brive he finished only 1519th national against 11,130 pigeons. “This might have motivated him to do better in the race from Souillac, who knows?”, says Rudi. “It seems he wanted to make up for his last result!”

Up to now Antonio has had some remarkable results:

1st   Souillac    7,756 p.
41st  Chateauroux 3,486 p.
142nd Cahors      8,348 p.
204th Limoges    13,781 p.
2nd   Arras         199 p.
2nd   Clermont      267 p.
2nd   Clermont      459 p.
3rd   Ablis         346 p.
3rd   Ablis         547 p.

His parentage:

Sire: Zoon Groten: 02-3185762
He was a long distance racer and winner of: a 35th Chateauroux  4,308 p., a 64th Limoges 5,804 p., a 31st Brive 1,251 p., a 34th national Brive  9,466 p., a 264th nat. Brive 20,310 p., etc.
GF: Groten: 98-3240120 (has won 3 x 1st, 2nd, 6th, 7th, etc. in long distance races)
GM: Rebecca : 98-3240153, a daughter of Geschelpte Limoges: 277-95 x Wittenbuikske: 275-95
Dam: ’t Goedje: 05-3177035, a top class breeding hen and a granddaughter of Kleinen of Gaby Vandenabeele
GF: Zoon Kleinen: 93-3050291
GM: Dana - 1: 97-3062343

Another important fact: Antonio is a full brother of New Tours (802/10) who was winner of a first provincial from Tours last season. This season he is one of the true stars of De Saer.

In 2011, that same New Tours has won for instance:

1st   provincial Tours 3,526 p. and 1st Fondclub 518 p.
15th  provincial Bourges    1,388 p.
19th  provincial Bourges    1,341 p.
122th nat. Zone A Bourges   4,873 p.
120th prov. Chateauroux     4,072 p.
520th national Chateauroux 25,283 p.
5th   prov. Argenton        3,125 p.
87th  national Chateauroux 19,782 p.
3th   prov. Limoges         2,890 p.
6th National Limoges       14,673 p

Results of New Tours in 2012:
1st   Arras    264 p.
3rd   Arras    191 p.
24th  Clermont 231 p.
14th  Clermont 265 p.
18th  national Limoges 13,781 p.
214th national Cahors   8,348 p.
81th  national Brive   11,130 p.

You could say that New Tours is yet another big star that lives in the lofts in Ruiselede. The mother of Antonio and New Tours is ’t Goedje: 05-3177035. She is also the dam of Tours 960/06, who has won 11 national races at least per 10 in the last two years. Another younster from her is Bleken 456-07, winner of for instance a 4th national ace pigeon long distance KBDB in 2010. These two pigeons, Tours 960/06 and Bleken, were responsible for the national long distance title KBDB in 2010! These are top class pigeons. The mother of these birds, ’t Goedje, is for sure a priceless breeding hen in the lofts of De Saer.

This was our report on the latest national winner of the amazing loft of A & R De Saer from Ruiselede in West-Flanders. Many congratulations to Rudi!