Chris Hebberecht (Evergem, BE) wins 1st Prov. St-Vincent and dominates the race from Souillac!

St.-Vincent was his second provincial win within three weeks time this season time after having won the 1st prov Montauban. In the race from Souillac Chris had some astonishing results. An impressive feat!

We wonder when he’ll be winning his first national victory. No one deserves it more than Chris Hebberecht. Season after season he manages to win first prizes at provincial level in middle distance races. It would be the logical next step for him to grab a national victory sooner or later, but that has not happened so far. Three weeks ago Chris Hebberecht took a 1st provincial Montauban with his super champion VIP (click here for our PIPA report). Last weekend he had another success from St. Vincent against 1,082 old birds. It was the five year old middle distance champion BE07-4081835 which took the provincial win from St. Vincent. He has had the following results in the past few years:

’12 St.Vincent Prov  1,082 p. 1
               Nat   5,431 p. 3
’12 Montauban  Lok     135 p. 12
               Nat   6,822 p. 382
’11 Montauban  Lok     140 p. 9
               Nat   9,091 p. 432
’10 Pau        Nat   2,183 p. 223
’09 Brive      Lok     428 p. 21
               Nat  17,446 p. 768
’09 Pau        Nat   1,984 p. 204
’09 Perpignan  Prov  1,106 p. 25  
             I.Nat  18,354 p. 228 etc…

We know from experience that the Hebberecht pigeons will always be in front of the pack. These top class pigeons have won a whole lot of provincial wins, provincial and national ace pigeons and provincial and national titles. The pigeons that have to compete against the Hebberecht loft have a hard time trying to beat them. This is especially the case in hard and demanding races where the really talented pigeons stand out. Last weekend we witnessed their talents in the middle distance club Eeklo in the race from Souillac. The pigeons did an amazing job there, leaving behind all of the other pigeons, including some big names. This is not an exaggeration: the results below speak for themselves.

Souillac Lokaal  431 old birds:
1-2-3-4-5-8-10-12-13-28-29-36-53-73-76-104-110-113-119-133 (20/28 per 3)
Nat. 7,756 old birds: 21-50-63-79-86... (provisional top-100 national)

In middle distance club Eeklo they have become accustomed to great achievements, but this result is unprecedented. It is the first time in the history of the club that one fancier dominated a race in such a way. A phenomenal feat!

It demonstrates that Hebberecht pigeons have been performing excellently in the past few weeks, showing their great strength. We had already published the results from Montauban in a PIPA report on his provincial win. This time we would like to give you some of Chris’s best results in the past three weeks, including his amazing feat from Souillac and some first prizes. Whenever Chris has one of his pigeons basketed for a national middle distance race you know he is the man to beat. He is in a different league!

16/7 St.Vincent  99 old birds:
1-7-9-12-13-30-32 (7/8)

16/7 Limoges  984 yearlings:
1-5-14-18-44-65-94-103-128-165-172-210-296 (13/25)

07/7 Brive  474 old birds:
3-13-18-21-34-35-54-78-89-96-135-153-157 (13/31)

30/6 Bordeaux-Agen  84 old birds:
2-7-24 (3/4)

30/6 Bordeaux-Agen  66 yearlings:
1-7 (2/2)

30/6 Orange  44 old birds:
5-8 (with 1st + 2nd nominated of three pigeons)