Van Dijck- Van Dijck (Begijnendijk, BE) winner of 1st National Limoges 17,731 Yearlings

De Pruts took the victory in the important classic from Limoges yearlings. Thanks to this win Luc van Dijck is now a well known name in international pigeon racing. The pigeon was named after the nickname of his brother, who passed away last month and with whom Luc used to form a partnership.

“What a shame Luc is not here anymore to experience this victory”, says Luc. “Since he was a kid we all called him ‘de pruts’. That is why the winning cock from Limoges was also given this name”. Luc’s winning pigeon was clocked at 13h54 covering 666.819 km with a velocity of 1518.95 m/min. This race from Limoges had some changeable weather conditions and the Sunday race was again spoiled by rain. On Monday it was sunny in the whole of France but soon our country was covered in clouds; rain came down regularly. Still, this year’s race from Limoges was a good race for the yearlings with all the prizes awarded within one hour. It seems once the pigeons have found a good route they won’t get confused by a shower in the last few kilometers.

Culmination of a great season
The international win did not come as a surprise; it was rather a crowning achievement of an exceptional racing season. Luc and Rudi started the season with 16 pairs of racing pigeons on total widowhood. They never have a nest, not before the season and not after the season. Luc thinks this is disadvantageous for the hens. This way they develop the urge to find a nest and then it won’t take long before they start to pair together. In February he starts his preparations for the new season with his racing pairs. He is a builder so he takes care of his pigeons at the weekends. He pairs them over the weekend and they can stay together for one night. He continues this practice for six to seven weeks until the pigeons are familiar with the loft. In the first weeks after the start of the season the hens are not shown before basketing. When the pigeons arrive home after a race they can join their hen until some time in the afternoon. Bourges was the first race where the hens were shown before the race but that was not fully reflected in the results. Soon after Luc noticed that the pigeons were flying very fast in the training tosses and this has lead to some great results. For Bourges and all the races that follow the hens are shown 30 to 60 minutes before basketing. From here on the two sexes are kept together after the race until the next day. Every week the hens have a race of about 500 km (with sometimes a shorter race in between); the cocks race every two weeks, including the national KBDB flights, the national from Argenton and now also the national from Limoges for yearlings.

The pigeons have a new training toss on Monday but that is usually a short flight. On Wednesday there is a more intensive training; they are trained for up to an hour, sometimes with the flag. The cocks have some intensive training as well, but the old racing cocks are now released together with the young cocks. This helps to motivate them, says Luc. Usually the pigeons train for an hour or an hour and a half without a problem. At the beginning of the week they are given a mixture that we have developed ourselves. It consists of Sport, Gerry-Plus and Super Diet. In the last days before the race we give them our widowhood mixture, which is also a mix of three different products. When the pigeons arrive home we add some Belgasol from Belgica De Weerd to their drinking water and we poor some garlic oil and beer yeast over the feed. On Mondays we provide red condition powder (which consists of vitamins and minerals) from Dr. Mariën and and in the last days we also add some Optimix and Herbots gel to the feed. Before the start of the season the pigeons were given a seven day treatment against tricho. About three weeks later there was a seven day treatment against head diseases with Soludox. Up to now we have not had to add any medication to the water or the feed. As long as the pigeons manage to make good results and to win first prizes there is no need for any medication, says Luc.

Loft buildup

At the moment the colony consists of 80% of pigeons from his good friend Eric Goovaerts from Baal. He is a middle distance fanatic and he was hard to beat at regional level, says Luc. When Eric decided to sell his pigeons for family reasons Luc bought a large share of his breeding pigeons, which are the basis of his loft to this day. He wanted to cross them with some decent pigeons which he found in the lofts of the Herbots family, Dirk Van Dijck, Luc-Bart & Jurgen Geerinckx etc. At the moment he has a total of 17 breeding pairs and 16 racing pairs. About 60 youngsters were ringed this year, 43 of which have been doing very well. They have won 2 x first from Pithiviers a few weeks ago and last weekend they took a 4th provincial from Blois against 3,838 pigeons. This is very promising for the next national races. For Limoges Luc had entered a total of seven yearlings, four of which were successful. He had a 1st, 16th and 19th locally against 130 pigeons and a fourth pigeon had a decent result as well. Eventually this resulted in a national victory against 17,731 yearlings. Take a look at the list of achievements for 2012 of this brand new champion:

-‘Pruts’ BE11-6221613

Limoges Nat. 17,731 YL 1  (666.819 Km)
Momignies       656 p. 27 (117.622 Km)
Momignies       302 p. 47
Pithiviers      403 p. 68 (366.722 Km)
Pithiviers      473 p. 138
Montlucon       404 p. 37 (544 Km)
       Nat.  22,875 p. 698

This wonderful chequered white head cock stems from the old Luc Van Dijck stem, which is based around the pigeons of Eric Goovaerts. He is an inbred of the stock couple Goovaerts: Geschelpten 859/98 x Willy Meuris-duivin 290/90

Sire: Geschelpte Witpen  BE08-2016257 Eric Govaerts… a son of 2036913/2007 Den blauwe witpen 913 BE07-2036913 (which is a son of stock couple Geschelpte 859/98 Jan Diels x Willy Meuris –duivin 290/90) x 365-hen BE05-2171365, which comes from Patrick van Hoof from Keerbergen.

Dam: ‘Het Blauw Witpenneke’ BE08-2016285 Eric Goovaerts… a daughter of Blauwen 037 BE06-2080037 (a grandson of the stock couple) x Geschelpte 117 BE06-2080117 Eric Goovaerts (which was bred from two pigeons of Hugo Vandeputte)

Congratulations Luc!