Petrie Alwin, "Makes a dream start with 3 regional victories in a row."

Alwin Petrie, the wizard of Brummen (NL)
In region 2 from division 8 GOU 1st Lommel against 10.290 pigeons
1st Duffel against 9877 pigeons 1st Haasrode against 8350 pigeons (2007)

Alwin can't give any explanation for his phenomenal opening this season. It came as a total surprise to Alwin, more so because, due to different circumstances, his zest for the sport was gone and at first he wasn't from plan to race at all. Since the racing season had already started in the other divisions (division 8 Gouda started 28-04) he received telephone calls from all over the country, but it was Bas Verkerk and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp who finally convinced him to change his mind. The first preparations began two weeks before the opening of the season on the 28th of April. From the on, he began to train the pigeons regularly and took more care of them. Who knows, maybe there are hidden benefits in starting late with the preparations. Whatever you believe, it is a great achievement, because winning regionally 3 times in a row has never happened before in this strong district.

The fancier
Alwin (37) entered into the world of pigeon racing through his friendship with the late Martin Eijerkamp. Consequently he used to spend a lot of time with Martin in the lofts of the Eijerkamp family. In 1984 he became a member of the flying club P.V. De Valk in Brummen. Alwin takes care of his pigeons himself. His role models in pigeon racing are the late Anton Witjes and Cees Suykerbuiyk from Eefde. Anton Witjes was a real topper for Alwin he taught Alwin a great deal. Alwin learnt from Henk Bussing from Zetten how it is possible to achieve great results with only the minimum of effort.

Alwins loft is situated in his beautiful garden and is 12 meter long and 2,5 meter deep. The loft also has a large roof. The front of the loft faces east. In front of the loft are aviaries with a slanting gauze roof to ensure that the pigeons land directly at the loft entrance. All the sections have electrical conveyers so that only the floor has to be cleaned daily.

Stock birds
Alwin started with two rounds of youngsters from Cees Suykerbuyk (1986 and 1989). These birds, replenished with pigeons from Henk Bussing, Zetten and W.A. de Bruijn, Reeuwijk, still form the basis of his breeding. Alwin's pigeons characterize themselves through their mediocre build and their enormous vitality (never a feather out of place!). If Alwin buys anything it is usually a complete round of youngsters from a superior player. Alwin prefers to enter races which can be completed in a day. According to Alwin, most people, especially in the one day long distance races, have become specialised and because they know how to make the most of the short comings in the racing program from division 8 Gouda, they are able to dominate the whole of the one day long distance races.

Alwin has 8 breeding couples, which are led by the Majesty and Mr. Bond (winner Bourges NPO 2001) line. Alwin doesn't shy away from inbreeding. Successful examples of this are: Porsche Bond (best breeder by H. Eijerkamp & son). Children and grandchildren from Porsche Bond have won several NPO competitions. Alwin couples both breeders and flyers at the beginning of January. There are roughly 70 birds bred for own use.

The system
This season started with 44 pigeons. Alwin uses the total widowhood system. Nothing extra is done to motivate the pigeons. Simply, they train well. Through luxury so as Alwin says. Before the start of the season, Alwin trained his pigeons 10 km and 35 km (taken with him on a visit to Henk Bussing). The cocks are fed in pots in their nesting boxes. The hens are given a dessert spoon vliegvoer (racing food) from Garvo every morning and evening. Wednesdays Alwin empties the pots, as there is always some barley left over. Alwin doesn't step up the feeding before racing. Neither lighting or darkening is used by the old pigeons. The pigeons train once daily for 75 to 90 minutes. During our conversation I saw for myself how the pigeons trained. It was a sight for sore eyes! Apart from the normal food the pigeons also receive grit and minerals.

Medical support
The pigeons must ensure that they stay healthy! When necessary they are given something, but this is put off for as long as possible, because antibiotics are bad for the condition. In addition there is nothing given after the races for decontamination. Alwin compares it to children who have been to school: they are not disinfected when they come home, even though they have had contact with plenty of other children.

The regio winners
1st Lommel against 10.290 pigeons is a chequered hen, whose father is the “Crack”, directly from Henk Bussing, and whose mother is a daughter from First Knight from Alwin. The Crack was in 2001 ace youngster in de CCZ and flew 38 prizes in his pigeon career. The daughter of First Knight was in 2001 3e ace pigeon after races in the CCZ. As a youngster she also flew the 10th prize against 10.478 pigeons. The regional winner Lommel also knows how to win prizes: besides these regional victories, she also achieved 2nd Breul/Clermont against 4305 pigeons; Arras 7th against 9641 pigeons; Pommeroeul 6th against 3139 pigeons; Harchies 12th against 5807 pigeons.

1st Duffel
against 9877 pigeons is directly from W.A. de Bruijn, Reeuwijk. The father is from the Heremans – Ceusters strain, and his father flew 4x a first prize and was 2nd ace pigeon velocity. The mother is the strain W.A. Bruijn and her mother won the 1st national Munchen sector 2. This regional winner from Duffel had already won among other things, 14th Haasrode against 6321 pigeons; 8th Pommeroeul against 3139 pigeons; 11th Pommeroeul against 3890 pigeons.

1st Haasrode
against 8350 pigeons is a chequered cock and answers to the name “Shining Star”. The father is “Zoon Sterduivin” from Henk Bussing and comes from his breeding hen “Sterduivin”, a direct C. and G. Koopman out of the national ace lines. The mother also comes from Henk Bussing and stems from an inbreed from the famous “Zitter” from C. and G. Koopman. “Shining Star” is a super racer by Alwin and has already won 3x a first prize in big races.

Championships 2006
District Zutphen 1st champion not nominated speed, middle distance youngsters and after races P.V. de Valk All disciplines 1st champion not nominated with exception of overnight long distance. 21 x 1st prize in the club.

Other fanciers who perform well with pigeons from Alwin are: • Henk Bussing, Zetten
• Hans Eijerkamp and sons., Brummen
• Nico-Jan Koenders, Westervoort

Alwin is a man who reads a lot about pigeon racing and then thinks it over, but doesn't automatically accept what he has read. Alwin handles pigeon racing like a manager runs a company. According to him there must be a vision behind the racing. Alwin has only one goal for the future: having fun with the sport of pigeon racing! Alwin, congratulations with this more than tremendous start to the 2007 season. Good luck for the rest of the season!