Kleine-Schaars Hein, "Seventy five years old and just starting with the pigeon sport (2008)"


Hein KLEINE SCHAARS, Broekland (NL)


Hein was born in September 1932 and worked in the Agrarian sector and later in a flour milling/cattle fodder company until he had to claim disability benefit because of a bad back. Last season Hein became a member of P.V. De Zwaluw in Wijhe and has participated in the pigeon races for the youngsters. Hein is a real animal lover, but when he told me about all the animals he has bred, I was flabbergasted. I can understand if someone has show pigeons, has bred hens, roe-deer, goldfinches, Hexagrammidae and siskin, but what do you think about wild rabbits, magpies, Flemish Jays and wood pigeons? He took the youngsters from a nest of wood pigeons, ringed them and fed them himself. He tamed the wood pigeons and when they were old enough he let them fly out. He amazed his friends, because when he whistled, the wood pigeons - just like racing pigeons - flew to him. His favourite hobby was training police dogs, which he did for more than forty years. He has trained various dogs, such as Belgian shepherds, Bouvier des Flandres, German shepherds, Dobermans etc. He usually trained dogs that no-one else could handle. He always took his son Tino with him every time when there was something to do with dogs. Hein taught a police dog the basics within ten to twelve months. X-rays of the dogs were then taken to make sure they didn't have hip dysplasia. If the dogs were healthy, they were passed on to Tino who trained them further. Hein has fully trained no less than seventeen dogs. He has won all prizes possible with the dogs. In addition, Hein was also an avid hunter, but now he limits himself to a "Jachtbittertje"! In his neighbourhood a few people made him excited about pigeon sport. In 2007 he registered by the pigeon club in Wijhe. Club members and friends helped him dismantle lofts by other fanciers and rebuild them by Hein. He couldn't do it himself because of his back. He is very grateful for everything that everyone has done for him. Hein takes care of the pigeons himself, but if he can't, due to sickness or when he has been admitted to hospital, then his wife Mies takes care of the pigeons. Hein still has to learn everything about the pigeon sport, but has two fine teachers: Henk Jacobs and Gerard Schuiling, who are always available for advice and support. Recently Hein watched the video of Gert-Jan Beute and he repeats everything that he has seen in the video, for example, about the eye-theory, but adds: "I will have to live to be 150 before I understand everything."


The lofts
Hein has seven lofts (if I counted correctly!). He keeps his breeding pigeons on grids in beautiful aviaries. During my visit the hens seemed very well and the youngsters were growing well. He also has a garden loft for the old pigeons and a salonwagen for the youngsters.

Medical matters
Hein gives his pigeons a cure for tricho once they are breeding for seven days. During the season he only gives the pigeons something when necessary.

Hein performed well with the youngsters in his first season. He had a red cock who returned early from the race, but Hein hadn't seen him.
The neighbour, Jacobs, saw the pigeon sitting on the salonwagen and phoned him. Hein stood on a chair so that he could see the roof of the loft. Hein saw the red cock and phoned Jacobs back to tell him that the red cock was standing, and not sitting on the roof (that is humour!). All in all, he wasted about six minutes. The red cock, that had been looking for water on the roof, was still 24th in the club. If he had gone inside straight away, then he could have won the fourth place.



Goals for the future
Hein enjoys himself in his club. It is always good company, even without a drink. He hopes that he will be lucky and that he can stay healthy. Hein is going to enter his widowers in the races and he will wait to see what happens. He hopes that he can end in the top ten of the club a few times.




Hein would like to say that he has a very special wife who is very understanding. His wife, Mies, supports him fully in his new hobby, namely pigeon racing. Hein's enthusiasm for the pigeon sport has led to the fact that three young fellows, who came into contact with pigeons through him, are now junior members by the club. I was a guest by a very enthusiastic man , who - although he still has to learn everything about the pigeon sport - bursts with ambition and will place his home town, Broekland, on the map. Hein, I hope that both you and Mies can enjoy our pigeon sport for many years to come!