2011: an overall success for Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp (Brummen, NL)

On the eve of the next season, the world's most renowned loft can look back at an exceptional 2011, with Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp winning in diverse disciplines, from NPO Concours over the Europe Cup to one loft races and references world-wide... Wherever Eijerkamp participated, the results were excellent.

Eijerkamp View Day

At the prestigious Teletext races, the flyers of Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp, under the command of caretaker Gerard Boesveld, impressed us for the first time in 2011, with many a top pigeon. They had outstanding results, and no less than 17 teletext notations on the one-day NPO classics and the middle distance teletext races... The list of achievements is once more expressive. What did you expect?

14-5 Morlincourt (358 km)
      Regional against  5,785 pigeons; 2-3-4-5-7-8-25-26-30-31-32 etc. (121/57)
      Teletext against 14,598 pigeons; 2-3-4-5-7-8 etc.
21-5 Pommeroeul (251 km)
      District Zutphen against 1,626 pigeons; 2-3-4-10-12-20-32 etc. (121/58)
28-5 Orleans ( 556 km)
      District Zutphen against 655 duiven; 12-22-31-33-37 etc.
      Region 2 against 2,332 pigeons; 21-46-62-64-73 etc.
      NPO against 5,406 pigeons; 105-249-316-318-347 etc. (64/34)
11-6 Peronne (332 km)
      District Zutphen against 820 pigeons; 1-4-6-8-44 etc. (49/19)
11-6 Chateaudun ( 564 km)
      District Zutphen against 596 duiven; 1-14-15-30-31-34-36-39-40 etc.
      Region 2 against 2,064 pigeons; 3-50-21-43-47-50-52 etc.
      NPO against 5,000 pigeons; 4-55-57 etc. (64/28)
19-6 Nanteuil (408 km)
      Region 2 against 2,865 pigeons; 4-13-18-38-39-48-49 etc. (49/25)
      Teletext against against 6,188 pigeons; 4-25-62 etc.
26-6 Peronne (332 km)
      Region 2 against 3,415 pigeons; 4-5-7-9-12-20-36-47 etc. (48/32)
26-6 Blois (611 km)
      District Zutphen against 560 pigeons; 3-5-11-18-22-31-35 etc.
      Region 2 against 1,943 pigeons; 3-5-14-22-27-39-44 etc.
      NPO. against 4,212 pigeons; 7-11-37-56-69-94 etc.
      Nat. against 24,774 pigeons; 16-38-51 etc.
02-7 Breuil le Vert (403 km)
      Region 2 against 2,576 pigeons; 2-4-5-11-12-13-21-22 etc. (48/32)
      Teletext against 5,848 pigeons; 2-4-6-15-16-17-29 etc.
09-7 Peronne (332 km)
      Regio 2 tegen 2,383 pigeons
; 2-4-5-6-16-18 etc. (47/25)
09-7 Bourges (620 km)
      District Zutphen against 407 pigeons; 2-8-9-10-11-17-20-23-27 etc.
      Region 2 against 1,462 pigeons; 3-10-11-12-13-20-24-27 etc.
      NPO against 2,975 pigeons; 3-13-14-15-16-25-38-47 etc. (52/24)
16-7 Mantes de Jolie (467 km)
      Region 2 against 1,806 pigeons; 1-4-65-66-86 etc. (50/23)
      Teletext against 4,088 pigeons: 1-10 etc.
24-7 Chateauroux (671 km)
      District Zutphen against 365 pigeons; 2-4-5-6-10-12-14-15-19 etc.
      Region 2 against 1,241 pigeons; 2-4-5-6-10-12-14-15-19 etc.
      NPO against 2,957 pigeons; 2-4-5-6-10-12-14-16-22 etc. (55/39)

Nat. ace pigeon middle distance Europa Cup; ‘Lisa’
This season’s finest was the NL08-1100200, ‘Lisa’: a super flyer, finishing on top time and time again in 2011, this bird is to represent The Netherlands in the Europa Cup 2012 in Dortmund as the first Dutch middle-distance pigeon. ‘Lisa’ is a mix of the excellent Eijerkamp-Janssen basis and the fast pigeons from Vorselaar, which Eijerkamp obtained through Heremans-Ceusters. The father is a direct son of the wonder couple ‘Rossi’ x ‘Spinneke’: world-famous, and father of many other top flyers since its move to Eijerkamp. The mother is a daughter of ‘Flits’, the olympiad pigeon 1995 of Eijerkamp, and another grandchild of the old strain couple ‘Fameuze 05’ x ‘Bange 780 duivin’.

The sheer quality in the breeding centre of Eijerkamp is evidenced in the long list of references from all over the world. Eijerkamp has a reputation to maintain, and obviously, he managed to do so in 2011. At a weekly basis, fanciers expressed their gratitude, for victories at club level to ace pigeons in big races. At the highest level (National), no less than twenty (descendants of) Eijerkamp pigeons were able to hit the first place:

      1° Int. Pau 8.601 p. (D. Bullen & Zn - New Addington, UK)
      1° Nat. ace pigeon Jong NPO (Mevr. T. van Panhuis – Meppel, NL)
      1° NPO Chateaudun 7,879 p. (A. Brak – Wormerveer, NL)
      1° NPO Peronne 5,282 p. (Mevr. T. van Panhuis – Meppel, NL)
      1° NPO Bourges 5,685 p. (Comb. Doldersum – Almelo, NL)
      1° Nat. ace pigeon Italy Continental Cup Cat. D  (Iosif Adrian Iarinca – Treviso, Italië)
      1° Nat. Barcelona 1,912 p. (Wilden Lutz – Aachen, Duitsland)
      1° Nat. Sct North Croddy Nom 5,766 p. (Cosmin Talas – Oxford, UK)
      1° Nat. ace pigeon The Netherlands Jeugd (Corrie Hakvoort – Urk, NL)
      1° NPO Orleans 3,164 p. (A. Hendriksen – Lunteren, NL)
      1° NPO Chateaudun 4,096 p. (Roos v.d. Kamp – Elten, NL)
      1° Nat. Ace pigeon speed Romania FRSC (Stefan & Madelin Toncu – Prahova, Romania)
      1° Semi-Nat Dresden (Peter  Pedersen – Saeby, Denmark)
      1° Nat. Bourges 13,673 p. (August & David Balk – Möngengladbach, Germany)
      1° Nat. ace pigeon Croatia Continental Cup Cat F (Ante Filipovic – Pozdran, Croatia)
      1° Nat. Ace pigeon one-day middle distance Best of the Best (Beute & Son - Wilhelminaoord, NL)

3 one loft races; 3 successes

In addition to the regular races, Eijerkamp likes to put his breeding pigeons to the test in international races, and one loft races are particularly suited for that. Team Eijerkamp, together with manager Henk Jurriëns, carefully selected three races: The Sun City Million Dollar race, the Grat Wall Golden Top race and the Derby Zagorje in Croatia. “These are three professionally organised races”, says Henk Jurriëns. “As they take place in three different continents, we can learn a lot about our pigeons’ versatility.”

Henk Jurriëns is the coordinator for The Netherlands, and for many years now, he has been visiting the most prestigious one loft races in the world. “We have been entering our pigeons in these OLR for several years, and we now know a lot more about which lines perform the best in difficult circumstances. This is for instance the ‘Black Giant’ line and the descendants of ‘Van Loon’, which perform very well on extreme middle distance and overnight middle distance in the Netherlands as well. And the crossing of Van Loon and Hebberechts and the De Rauw-Sablon proved to be a success as well. We can find evidence for Henk’s observations in the results of 2012:

27° prize final race Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2012 with ‘Mystic Moon’
      Father: ‘Leon’ (from grandchild ‘Black Giant’/’Kleine Donkere’ x sister ‘Drogba’)
      Mother: ‘Daughter ‘Gesto’ (super son ‘Chicago’ x ’Denver’, super couple Van Loon)
76° prize final race Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2012 with ‘Maarsella’
      Father: ‘Junior Prins’ (purchased on total auction of Pros Roosen and a son ‘Blauwe Prins’)
      Mother: ‘Zus Missouri Girl’ (1° Olympiad pigeon Poznan from a son ‘Atilla’ x daughter ‘Don Leo’)
77° prize final race Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2012 with ‘Puzzle Peaces’
      Father: ‘Gehamerde 37’ (from a new super couple ‘Michelangelo’ x ‘Odessa’, Van Loon)
      Mother: ‘Hebberecht 96’, also mother of ‘Naomi’ (3° Nat. Bordeaux)

At the Great Wall – Golden Top one loft race on 23 November 2011, Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp managed to win the 23rd prize against 2,598 pigeons. The NL11-1341775 finished as the second European pigeon. He is a grandchild of ‘Ché’ x ‘Hester’, and of ‘Kaïn’ x ‘Mooie Blauwe’.

At the final race of the Derby Zagorje in Croatia, the Eijerkamp team did a fantastic job as well. This one loft race’s first edition was in 2011, and it is open to youngsters from different countries. The Eijerkamp pigeons took the entire top-three in the ace pigeon competition... In the final race, they finished 2nd, 6th, 8th, 12th, 19th 23th, and nine out of the ten pigeons entered were classified. Over all the races, NL11-1342440 ‘King of Croatia’  was the ace pigeon, which is bred from an inbred cock of ‘La Prima Vera’ and a grandchild of ‘abel’.

As to conclude, Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp have had another great season, and it is their ambition to do equally well in 2012, or to do even better. PIPA will be watching the two giants of Brummen closely.