Alwin Petrie (Brummen, NL) in ‘pole position’ for 100-700 km

Alwin Petrie is about to hit his third decennium at the top of pigeon racing. A period of unprecedented success with one family of pigeons that has been dominating for over 20 years now. As Alwin is planning to move, he looks back on a successful career.

Alwin Petrie is in all aspects a perfectionist, aiming for the best… as a businessman, he runs a leading company in Europe with his brothers, Petrie riding boots. And together with his wife Hester, he has founded a wonderful family. As a pigeon fancier, he has had a highly successful five years. He has been awarded at about every important race. A very brief summary:

      Europa Cup Participant Dortmund 2012
      1e prov. GOU ace pigeon general sprint 2011
      3e prov. GOU ace pigeon middle distance 2011
      2 consecutive years first NPO middle distance with ‘Gigi’

On top of that, he has won no less than 34 first prizes in big races over the past five years. This is quite impressive, especially when you consider that in 2007, Alwin had stopped basketing after only six flights because of birth complications with his second daughter. And in 2008, he only raced young birds. “My birds seem to have an instinct for winning first prizes”, says Alwin. “This is a unique feature of the ‘Famous 05’ basis, which I obtained in 1986 and 1989 with two rounds of youngsters of Cees Suykerbuyck. Cees says that they are “pure gold”, and he seems to be right. These pigeons can beat any opponent and are very good at inheriting the good qualities… the fact that my top pigeons of today are descendants from my basis from back in the eighties says it all”.

Best kept ‘05’ stratin

It is no exaggeration to say that Alwin Petrie’s pigeon colony could be considered the best kept ‘05’ strain… worldwide. All breeders and racers have been inbred, and that is why Alwin does not only win first prizes – he wins large series of first prizes. The prize percentages in his beloved speed and middle distance races are staggering. 70, 80 or even 90% are not an exception, but rather a daily routine. “The logical result of one strong family of pigeons”, Alwin says. “If one pigeon flies ahead, the others will quickly follow. That is why I can always make a good selection. For example: pigeons with 13 prizes on 13 races could be left aside if they have not been leading in races regularly. This is what makes the colony strong, and what gives me such satisfying results!”

Legends from the past that have reached the top with the help of Alwin Petrie are ‘Big Boy’ (reserve Olympiad Utrecht with 8 x first), ‘Porsche Bond’ (first Ace pigeon Rijn-Ijssel 1996) and ‘Mister Bond’ (first NPO Bourges 10,221 p.)… Each one of them has been raised at the lofts of Alwin Petrie and they were to become treasurers of the old ‘05’ lines in the breeding lofts of neighbour Hans Eijerkamp. Alwin has sold the harvest but he kept the basis itself. The basis kept growing stronger with new input from Koopman and Van Loon. The new harvest was even better thanks to fast pigeons of Maurice Hasendonck from Belgium. Descendants were thoroughly tested first, and only the true talents were to become part of the basis. As a result, the basis in the lofts of Alwin Petrie remained the ‘famous 05’ line… This ultimately led to the millennium-couple ‘Masaratti’ x ‘Blue Dahlia’… the basis of many successes since Alwin’s move to the Cortenoeverseweg 113 in the 90s. 

The basis: millennium-couple ‘Masaratti’ x ‘Blue Dahlia’

The basis for the present success is the millennium-couple ‘Masaratti’ x ‘Blue Dahlia’. ‘Masaratti’ is a first prize winner and descendant from among others ‘James Bond’ (1. Nat. Ace pigeon middle distance WHZB 1984), ‘Fameuze 05’ (1. Nat. Ace pigeon middle distance WHZB 1981) and ‘Glamourboy’ (first NPO Etampes 13,842 p.). In ‘Blue Dahlia’, the lines of ‘05’ have been crossed with those of ‘Porsche Bond’. The millennium-couple ‘Masaratti’ x ‘Blue Dahlia’ has had an incredible number of descendants. To begin with, there were nest brothers ‘Majesty’ (2x first Ace pigeon and 3x first prize) and ‘First Knight’ (2x first prize); these icons would become new top breeders themselves, and their origins can be found in almost any top pigeon of today. A brief summary of the best descendants of this exceptional couple:

The best children:

- ‘Majesty’; 2x 1° ace pigeon district Zutphen, 1° Hensies 10,973 p., 3x first prize
 - ‘First Knight’; 3° ace pigeon natour district Zutphen 2001; 3x first prize;
 - ‘Mike’; 1° ace pigeon district Zutphen 2004; 7° Nat. ace pigeon Best of the Best 2004, 4x first prize
 - ‘Michaela’; as youngster 2x first and 2x second prize (after a loft companion)
 - ‘De Brummenaar’; 10x first prize (approx. 1,000 p.)
 - ‘Princess’; 2x first prize
 - ‘Chanel’; 1° prov. GOU ace pigeon speed 2011, 2° prov. GOU ace pigeon speed 2011, 4° Nat. ace pigeon speed/middle distance Best of the Best 2011, 6x first ace pigeon in big races
 - ‘Rossi’; 1° Peronne 4,229 p. (2° Nat. 23,000 p.)

The best grandchildren:

- ‘Camelot’; 1° Hensies 8,510 pigeons, 3x first prize
 - ‘Marshall’; 1° ace pigeon speed district Zutphen 2009, 13° Nat. yearling Best of the Best 2009, 3x first prize
 - ‘Santoro’; 1° Peronne 6,485 p., 3x first prize
 - ‘Royal Blue’; 1° ace pigeon district Zutphen 2006, 2x first prize
 - ‘Dalida’; 4x first prize
 - ‘Manice’; 1° Boxtel 10,478 p.


At the moment, the pigeons of Alwin Petrie have been leading other pigeons to the top as well (even nationally). What follows is a summary of some of the best references of Petrie pigeons that have demonstrated their excellent breeding capacities far beyond Cortenoever.

Nico-Jan Koenders (Westervoort, NL) obtained ‘Blue Lagoon’ (half sister ‘Porsche Bond’) in loan, which bred his stem father ‘Zlatan’ … ‘Zlatan’ became a top flyer and was honoured as:

      2° Nat. ace pigeon speed/middle distance Best of the Best 2003
      1° prov. GOU ace pigeon middle distance 2003
      3x first prize

Together with his full brother ‘Thomas’, ‘Zlatan’ has had some exceptional descendants … The descendants of ‘Zlatan’ have won 3x first NPO and the descendants of ‘Thomas’ have won 3x top-10 NPO… Together with a full sister of ‘Mr. Bond’, the list of achievements of Petrie descendants in Westervoort have continued to grow, with such accomplishments as 2° Nat. ace pigeon speed/middle distance Best of the Best 2003, 3° Nat. Ace pigeon speed NPO 2008, 6° Nat. ace pigeon one-day fondspiegel 2008-2009-2010, 1° I-prov ace pigeon one-day middle distance, 1° prov. GOU ace pigeon Natour 2011, 2° prov. GOU ace pigeon one-day middle distance, 1° NPO Blois 7,917 p. (At W. & F. Ebben), 2° NPO Peronne 9,758 p., 3° NPO Orléans 6,081 p., 3° NPO Gien 3,241 p., 7° NPO Chateauroux (1° - 396 p.), 7° NPO Chantilly 4,340 p., 10° NPO Bourges, 1° Pommeroeul 10,652 p., 1° Strepy Thieu 8,652 p., 1° Menen 2,190 p., 1° Epehy 1,463 p., 1° Arras 1,727 p., 1° Moeskroen 1,002 p.

Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp (Brummen, NL) knew what they needed to give their Janssen pigeons an extra touch of class: they purchased among others ‘Porsche Bond’ and ‘Mister Bond’ from Alwin. ‘Porsche Bond’ has been breeding a whole lot of top pigeons, such as his grandchildren ‘Mr. Bond’ (1° NPO Bourges 10,221 p.), ‘Catharina Amalia’ (1° NPO Troyes 10,281 p.) and ‘Miss Antonia’ (1° NPO Bourges 10,040 p.), but also grandchild ‘Ché’ (1° NPO Orleans 14,285 p.), which came to be the present stem breeder… The top hen ‘Diva Bond’ (sister ‘Mr. Bond’) was borrowed to Eijerkamp and there, she has bred the direct ‘Hester’ (2° Nat. ace pigeon one-day middle distance WHZB & Best of the Best 2007)… another descendant of ‘Porsche Bond’ (‘Gideon’) has even won a seat in the Olympiad.

Henk Bussing (Zetten, NL) is seen as a great fancier by Alwin, with whom he has traded many pigeons. Via Henk, Alwin was able to add some great Van Loon x Koopman pigeons to his lofts, and Henk in his turn was successful with descendants of the ‘Millennium couple’ of Petrie. A direct son, ‘De Brummenaar’, appeared to be invaluable and won 10x first against 1,000 pigeons on average. His great talents were also used in the breeding lofts: thanks to two children of ‘De Brummenaar’, Henk was awarded 1° Nat. champion one-day middle distance one-day fondspiegel 2010 (Cat. 4). Furthermore, an inbred grandson ‘Royal Prince’ (a son ‘millennium couple’) of Alwin Petrie won 4 x first, 6° NPO Chateauroux 2,990 p. and 7° NPO Orleans 6,147 p.

Erik Plant (Brummen, NL) is a club member of Alwin and saw that the lines of ‘Porsche Bond’ are invaluable. A grandson of ‘Porsche Bond’ became the cock of his ‘National Couple’, of which the descendants excelled in big races, with amongst others 1° Nat. Mantes La Jolie 12,999 p., 3° NPO Peronne 9,255 p. (after ‘Gigi’ and ‘Secret’ Alwin Petrie), 1° Morlincourt 26,748 p., 1° Pommeroeul 7,262 p., 1° Peronne 612 p. 

Dick van Oort (Zaltbommel, NL) has found his way to the lofts of Alwin Petrie as well, to obtain a son of super hen ‘Sanne’... this cock ‘Shining 550’ demonstrated exceptional breeding qualities and became, among others, father and grandfather of three different NPO top-10 winners... his best descendants have won for example 1° NPO Ablis 6,817 p., 6° NPO Nanteuil 6,683 p., 1° ace pigeon middle distance region 2009, 1° Blois 1,620 p. (17° Nat. 25,597 p.), 2° prov. Breteuil 20,797 p., 3° Pommeroeul 3,866 p.

In 2010, Alwin gave away two nest pigeons from a half sister of ‘Sanne’ for vouchers… The ‘344’ moved to Comb. Mantel (Bergum, NL) and the ‘345’ moved to Jacob Draaisma (Dronrijp, NL), both became top pigeons. The ‘344’ became second young ace pigeon in cooperation (samenspel) with for example 1° Hazeldonk against 1,655 p. … The ‘345’ won 1° St. Quentin 771 p., 3° Duffel 162 d., 13° Pithiviers 741 p. And 14° sHeerenberg 2,316 p. ... these fanciers from Friesland could have hardly had a better voucher…

Jacob Draaisma (Dronrijp, NL) knows that the ‘345’ is not his only top pigeon; he has reached the top especially with the help of Petrie pigeons. Two children of ‘Doran’ (from ‘Bond Princess’, a full sister of ‘Mr Bond’) x ‘Shiva’ (from half sister ‘Sanne’) performed very well: for example, ‘Rypster alwin’ won 3° NPO Troyes 7,543 p.n 1° Pithiviers 901 p. and 62° prov. Hasselt 22,031 p…. nest brother ‘Rypster Fenna’ even won 1° Pommeroeul 2,702 p., 1° Den Bosch 2,198 p., 1° Hasselt 117 p., 7° Duiven 2,705 p., 29° Prov Hazeldonk 9,525 p., 30° prov. St. Quentin 13,232 p. From the super cock ‘Joval’, Jacob obtained his ‘Goeie 657’, 1° Orleans 613 p., 8° Pithiviers 741 p., 64° prov. Boxtel 23,536 p., 12° Signy Signetz 1,099 p., 20° Sens 1,025 p.

With his ‘Avantgarde 108’, Hendri Diks (’t Goy, NL) obtained a true top breeder: in the lofts of Alwin Petrie, this cock was bred from his ‘Diva Bond’… and Henri has bred children and grandchildren which have all won first prizes: 1° NPO Salbris 7,599 p., 3° NPO Salbris 5,989 p., 6° NPO Salbris 5,008 p., 3° prov. Nanteuil 14,308 p., 7° prov. Pommeroeul 11,302 p., 10° prov. Breteuil 10,523 p., 19° prov. St. Quentin 16,248 p., 21° prov. Nanteuil 10,359 p., 24° prov. Breteuil 10,523 p., 34° prov. Breteuil 9,842 p., 51° prov. Breteuil 5,900 p., 64° prov. Nanteuil 12,802 p., 1° Bourges 948 p., 1° St. Quentin 466 p., 1° Nanteuil 364 p., 1° Bourges 150 p., etc.

Marcel Sangers (Eefde, NL)and Alwin are opponents every week again, but whereas Alwin focuses on speed and middle distance, Marcel aims for the one-day middle distance. A very good breeding hen of Marcel stems from Alwin Petrie (full sister ‘Marvelous’), and she bred ‘amber’. This top pigeon won 1° prov. GOU youngsters (NPO) 2009 36,981 pigeons and 6° prov. GOU ace pigeon one-day middle distance 2011 10,510 p. She has won among others 4° NPO Blois 8,496 p. (7° Nat. Blois 27,491 p.) and 4° NPO Mantes la Jolie 4,024 p. (8° Nat. 12,995 p.). The famous ‘Tom’ originates from ‘Porsche Bond’. ‘Tom’ has never missed an NPO flight (17/17), and has won for example 1° Nat. Orleans 4,530 p. (fastest against 6,025 p.), 2° prov. GOU yearlings one-day middle distance 2009, 5° prov. GOU ace pigeon one-day middle distance 2010, 16° prov. GOU ace pigeon one-day middle distance 2011.

Among this impressive list of references, W. & F. Ebben (Beneden-Leeuwen) should not be forgotten. They obtained the Petrie-lines via Nico-Jan Koenders, with the top pigeon ‘Danara’ (grandchild ‘Blue Lagoon’), who has won a first and second NPO… And ‘the 5000’ of Ap Jurriëns (Zutphen, NL) is a top bird as well (grandchild ‘Millennium-couple’), and the only worthy opponent of the Petrie colony in district Zutphen, with first prize-winners and several ace pigeon winners. The Petrie stem is an all-round colony, which proves the excellent qualities of this strong colony.