Gaston Van de Wouwer (Berlaar, BE) once again very strong as 1° Provincial & 4° National Champion Long Distance Youngsters KBDB 2011

Prominent titles which reflect the mastery which the Van de Wouwer pigeons have developed over the last few seasons… with a ‘world breeder’ at the basis of it all, namely the golden ‘Kaasboer’!

Gaston Van de Wouwer shows the way!

The fairy-tale began around 2007… when Gaston was flagged as 1° National Champion KBDB Long Distance Youngsters! Before this, Gaston had been a real topper in the sprint and small middle distance for many years… but as is often the case in our sport in the shorter races, his magnificent performances only enjoyed interest at club level, and escaped the notice of the specialised pigeon media. When Gaston took up the challenge of his friends to race the national races with youngsters, everything suddenly accelerated. He managed to surprise ‘pigeon land’ with a select group of young hens… he immediately raced himself into the national spotlights… and everyone suddenly found their way to Melkouwen in Berlaar!

In the meantime the success train in Berlaar carried on in ‘express train’ speed, resulting in national victories from Gueret in 2009, ‘Bourges I’ in 2010… and the first results in the 2011 championships have just been made public with once again the name Gaston Van de Wouwer at peak position… a short overview :

1° Provincial Champion long distance Youngsters KBDB 2011 (province Antwerp)
4° National Champion long distance Youngsters KBDB 2011
1° Champion Youngsters Fond club Antwerp 2011
1° Champion Union long distance Youngsters 2011
1° Ace bird Union long distance Youngsters 2011
1° Champion Union Youngsters-1e nominated 2011
1° Champion Union Youngsters- 2 first nominated 2011
2° Criterion long distance Fond club Antwerp 2011
5° General Champion Fond club Antwerp 2011 

But what is also remarkable is that the performances of the Van de Wouwer pigeons in other lofts… where they lie at the basis of ‘national victories’ and ‘national Ace birds’ so as 

1° National Ace bird Grand middle distance KBDB 2011 by Casaert-Sénéchal!
1° Nat Argenton 19.278 Yl in 2011  and fastest of 30.690 pigeons by Cleirbaut-Desbuquois!

This in addition to numerous other top references in other lofts, as will be proven later in this article.

But that everything would evolve at such speed, not even the boldest prophets had dared or could have predicted, says Gaston! We went to visit Gaston to ask how he experienced this. According to him you can list the pigeons in order of importance with 3 main points:  (1) the  ‘Ability’ of the pigeon in question, (2) Health, (3) Motivation!

 ‘Point 1’ is of the greatest importance here. Wonder products which can turn a ‘donkey’ into a ‘super crack’… simply don’t exist! The inborn ‘class’… in other words the ‘performance capability’ of the pigeon… is the first requirement for achieving ‘top performances’! Look and read about it in so numerous reports and pedigrees… the pigeon game at the absolute top, is always based on a superior ‘family’ of pigeons! At that level of performance capability Gaston is sitting on a bed of roses… with a pigeon stock which is generally based on his ‘golden stock bear’…  call it one of the best breeding pigeons in the international pigeon sport where the middle distance is concerned… being the ‘Kaasboer 690/98’! A pure ‘dominant breeder’, a pure lump of granite… a stock bear out thousands… in short, a ‘world player’ on the level of heredity, and such a powerful breeding pigeon is very rarely encountered!  A chap from which real ‘top racers’ are bred generation after generation! Aren’t we all in search of such pigeons? No wonder that such ‘white crows’ as this ‘golden Kaasboer’ by Gaston Van De Wouwer… lie at the basis of often overwhelming ‘dominance’ at club, provincial and even national level…  allowing Gaston to make a ‘rush’ towards national top, to then remain there for years! Everything ‘falls’ or ‘stands’ with this! In the 24 breeding couples in the Gaston Van de Wouwer-colony, at least 1 or both parents have the blood of this ‘Kaasboer’, being a direct son or daughter or grandchild! 

‘Girl power’!

When we visited Gaston 2 years ago, the finishing touches were being made to a new loft which was to house the hens (old + yl) in widowhood. Just over 2 years later Gaston can say that he has been more than successful, so much so that at the moment he is thinking of stopping racing the old and yearling cocks in widowhood. I’m not getting any younger, says Gaston, and with those hens I can take part perfectly every week, and it is much less work!

Gaston goes about it like this. Nearly all the young hens race the 4 national races for youngsters, with 3 short races in the weekends between the nationals. After Gueret they are then placed in their new loft where they are allowed to brood for 6 days, a period in which they also get used to their new loft. They then move to the open aviary and stay there for the whole of the winter (usually until about the 1st of March). The preparatory races are Quiévrain, Noyon, and then the  small middle distance from Melun, Angerville, towards provincial and national grand middle distance with the opening classic from Vierzon and the national ‘Bourges I’ ! Before being basketted for the first few races they are allowed to see their cock for 5 minutes, for Noyon 10 to 15  minutes, for Vierzon half an hour, to sometimes even three quarters of an hour, a matter of having some variety in  the motivation! By the homecoming they are allowed to see their loved ones for 2 hours, later 3 hours… and after Vierzon and Bourges they can even stay together until 9 o’clock in the evening, after which they are separated.

As Gaston has already said, the care is not as much work. They train once a day, usually around half pas six in the evening… unless circumstances prevent it, then they are let out earlier! They are fed something 15 minutes before they are let out… and the rest of the menu follows after the training, and that’s it. What Gaston doesn’t do, as opposed to some of the  ‘so called specialists’… is take his pigeons away to train during the week… give them one or more extra short races during the week. According to Gaston this is more a ‘hype’ than a necessity… his wondrous performances, including a few  1° National victories… prove that it can also be done this way! No arguing with that… especially when someone with the calibre of a Gaston Van de Wouwer can prove this with banging performances with ‘national victory’ from Gueret 2009, Bourges 2010, and a title of ‘1° Nat. Champion long distance Youngsters KBDB’ 2007, 4° Nat. Champion long distance Youngsters KBDB 2011, 1° Prov. Champion long distance Youngsters KBDB Antwerp 2011 …

The pigeons have to adapt themselves to the fancier, and not the other way round, says Gaston! Something ‘good’ soon shows itself! Gaston can and may largely attribute his current successes to the discovery of his absolute stock breeder the ‘Kaasboer’. The impact of this chap on the competition happenings within our (inter)national pigeon sport is extremely impressive, not only in the Gaston Van de Wouwer-lofts self, but also numerous other lofts float on the cloud propelled by these series of successes! 

Gaston explains his racing system to  Dirk Deroose

The ‘Kaasboer’, deliverer of ‘Ace birds’ and real ‘winners’

We can rightly describe this stock bear ‘Kaasboer’ as the ‘creator’ of a superior breeding line, which at the moment is leading the provincial and national grand middle distance. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the most prominent pigeons… let’s say the pigeons which have done well over the last few seasons:

-‘Kim’ ring BE09-6111514, is a granddaughter of stock breeder the ‘Kaasboer’ , and without doubt one of the best youngsters which flew in Belgium in 2009! She comes out ‘Father 1° Nat Gueret 240/03’ (son Kaasboer, and also father of the 1° Prov Montluçon)  x ‘734/06’ Frans Rijmenands x Theo Huysegoms. The following performances shine on her honours list: 

1° Ace bird Cureghem Centre Youngsters
1° Ace bird LCB Youngsters
Super pigeon ‘Beyers’ Bourges + Argenton
20.06 Angerville        934 p. 286
27.06 Angerville        804 p. 63
04.06 Angerville      1.268 p. 342
11.07 Orleans   Prov  7.510 p. 203
18.07 Angerville      1.161 p. 26
25.07 Bourges Nat    37.357 p. 87
08.08 Argenton Nat   23.900 p. 38
29.08 Salbris  Prov   1.080 p. 4
05.09 Gueret   Nat   14.245 p. 1 

A ‘Half-sister Kim’ is mother of the 1° Nat Argenton 19.278 Yl and fastest from 30.690 pigeons in 2011 by Cleirbaut-Desbuquois!

One of the top hens in the Gaston Van de Wouwer racing lofts was without doubt the ‘Barbara’, which has no less than 3 x 1° Provincial victories on her honours list. She won a.o. 

-‘Barbara’ BE09-2035886 won:

Montluçon Prov  1.483 p. 1
Vierzon   Prov  3.409 p. 1
        I.Prov 11.062 p. 2
Argenton  Prov  1.213 p. 1
        Zone B  3.740 p. 1
          Nat  11.001 p. 3
Noyon             695 p. 11
Noyon           1.004 p. 13
Blois    I.Pro    793 p. 15
Gueret    Nat   2.953 p. 17
Angerville        649 p. 28
Dourdan         1.275 p. 29
Montluçon Prov  1.630 p. 46
Angerville        955 p. 53
Doourdan        1.145 p. 91
Melun           1.186 p. 116
Bourges   Nat  14.145 p. 224 

In the pedigree of ‘Barbara’ we also come across the ‘083/02’ which is also grandfather of the 1° Nat Ace bird Grand middle distance KBDB 2011 by Casaert-Sénéchal.

The new discovery of 2011 is without doubt the ‘Asduifke 2011’, once again a granddaughter of the ‘Kaasboer’, and last summer she performed as follows:

-the ‘Asduifke 2011’, the BE11-6119152, won :

1° Ace bird Union Antwerp 2011
Gueret         Prov 2.222 p. 9
               Nat 14.362 p. 84
La Souterraine Prov 2.498 p. 127
               Nat 16.665 p. 289
Blois          Prov 1.679 p. 51
             I.Prov 5.000 p. 63
Bourges        Prov 1.450 p. 80
             I.Prov 2.263 p. 81
Dourdan             1.910 p. 121

Father is cock ‘Van Eynde-Goovaerts BE10-6163736 (first used for breeding in 2010’)

Mother is ‘Daughter Kaasboer 699/08’ (out ‘Kaasboer ‘ x ‘Sister Mirthe 110/07’)! The ‘SisterMirthe’ won:

Bourges  Nat 31.824 p. 211
Argenton Nat 20.844 p. 31

-‘Mirthe’ B07-6033149 comes self out ‘Son Kaasboer 231/03’ x ‘Blue 209/03’, and is a powerful 1° prize winner with the following honours list:

1° Ace bird Youngsters Fond club Antwerp ‘07
2° Ace bird Youngsters ’Light long distance’ Zuiderkempen ‘07
2° Ace bird Youngsters ‘Fond club Houtvenne ’07
’07 Salbris Z.K.    314 p. 1
            Prov  1.337 p. 5
’07 Arlon           348 p. 2
’07 Gueret  Prov  1.774 p. 10
            Nat  12.586 p. 18
’08 Toury           334 p. 11
’07 Melun         1.323 p. 16
’07 Noyon           279 p. 17
’08 Chateauroux P 2.179 p. 25
’08 Montlucon Pro 2.152 p. 35
’07 Melun           938 p. 53
’07 Argenton Prov 2.712 p. 61
             Nat 20.844 p. 146
’07 Bourges  Prov 4.290 p. 71
             Nat 31.824 p. 263
’08 Argenton Prov 1.965 p. 84
’07 Toury         1.649 p. 141 

When we ask Gaston which is his favourite pigeon in the loft, his ‘pet pigeon’ qua build, lineage and achievements… without hesitating he points to the ‘Goed Jaarlingske’… which closed this season with a 2° Nat La Souterraine 2011!

-The ‘Goed Jaarlingske’ B08-6177661:

This superior racing pigeon comes out the ‘Top breeder 098/03’(son ‘Kaasboer’, and regarded by Gaston as the successor to his father the ‘Kaasboer’) x ‘Leo Verhaegen hen 318/07’, and has already won the following honours list :

2° Ace bird long distance Club
’11 L.Souterraine Nat 3.562 p. 2
’11 Vierzon      Prov 3.409 p. 4
’11 Chateauroux  Prov 2.055 p. 5
’11 Dourdan           1.145 p. 6
’10 Montluçon    Prov 1.260 p. 2
’08 Pithiviers          711 p. 2
’09 Argenton     Prov 1.026 p. 8
’10 Gueret       Nat  2.953 p. 11
’10 Dourdan             994 p. 19
’09 Bourges      Prov 3.292 p. 20
’10 Vierzon    I.Prov 8.869 p. 26
’08 Salbris Z.K.        441 p. 27
’10 Bourges    Nat   22.476 p. 42
’09 Argenton     Prov 2.343 p. 43
                 Nat 21.092 p. 140
’08 Bourges      Prov 5.974 p. 48
                 Nat 41.723 p. 380
’09 Issoudun     Prov 2.139 p. 51
               I.Prov 5.848 p. 126
’10 Chateauroux       1.832 p. 108
’08 La Souterraine Pr 3.310 p. 109
                 Nat 21.258 p. 321
’09 Limoges Prov      2.909 p. 192
                 Nat 16.893 p. 747
’10 Chateauroux  Nat 17.109 p. 694 

Her father, the ‘Top breeder 098’ is also grandfather of the ‘Gaston’ by Uwe Berg, which won 

2° Olympiad bird  All-round Germany 2009
1° prize - 1.786 p.
2° prize - 2.056 p.
2° prize - 2.038 p.
2° prize - 1.597 p.
2° prize - 1.330 p. 
2° prize - 1.226 p. 

In 2009 Gaston Van de Wouwer finished the sport season in style, with national victory from Gueret (with ‘Kim’)… in the very first national race of 2010, the national ‘Bourges I’ it was ‘bingo’ once again… this time with ‘Laura’ who brought the national victory by the yearlings to Berlaar!

-‘Laura’ B09-6111538

Winner 1° Nat Bourges 2010, and daughter of the ‘Summer youngster Kaasboer 129/07’ x ‘Geerinckx hen 169/08’ (direct Luc, Bart & Jurgen Geerinckx out the ‘Late Willy’ x ‘Chateaurouxke’). She won :

’10 Bourges Nat   17.061 p.  1
’09 Bourges Z.K.     523 p.  2
        Prov       2.312 p.  7
’09 Angerville     1.268 p.  5
’10 Noyon          1.371 p.  23
’09 Salbris Prov   1.080 p.  25
’09 Angerville       934 p.  27
’09 Bourges Prov   4.601 p.  45
            Nat   37.357 p.  74
’09 Gueret  Prov   1.933 p.  63
            Nat   14.245 p.  273
’10 Angerville     1.275 p.  71
’09 La Souterraine 2.215 p.  112
            Nat   17.814 p.  422 

The fact that there is real breeding talent hidden behind this couple was also proven in 2011 at the PEC (PiPa Elite Center), where a  ‘Son Kaasboer’ BE09-6111600 (a ‘Half-brother 1° Nat Bourges’… out ‘Kaasboer’ x ‘Geerinckx hen’)… coupled with a ‘Sister New Freddy’ (sister 1° Nat Ace bird Grand middle distance KBDB 2010)… produced a superior youngster, who performed as follows in the lofts of Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede: 


Bourges    753 p. 6
    Prov 6.361 p. 10
Orleans    399 p. 1
    Prov 3.042 p. 7
    Prov 3.091 p. 9

When we look at the lineage of the absolute toppers of the loft, then we come across the ‘Blauwe asduif 2004’ several times, a wondrous stock mother with a prominent role in the stock building:

-the ‘Blauwe asduif 2004’ BE04-6307210, won 7 x per 10: 

1° Ace bird 2004!
Bourges        Nat 48.553 p. 326
Argenton       Nat 23.078 p. 327
La Souterraine Nat 16.297 p. 32
Vichy          Nat 11.278pd. 2233

This ‘Blauwe asduif 2004’, coupled with the ‘Kaasboer’ is a.o.:

-grandmother of the 1° Nat Bourges 17.061 p. ‘10

-grandmother of ‘Kwimby’: mother of ‘Palme D’Or’  BE10-9039333, now christened  ‘Amalia’, and in the lofts of Casaert-Sénéchal she won: 

1° Nat Ace bird Grand middle distance KBDB 2011
 1° Bourges                   188 p. ’10
 1° Intprov Vierzon         6.659 p. ’11  (fastest of 17.706 p.)
10° Nat Zone A La Chatre    7.487 p. ’11
 1° p.H. Argenton           1.283 p. ’11
 2° Nat Zone A La Souterraine 868 p. ’11 

Gaston together of the photo with Sébastien Casaert, the winner 1° Nat Ace bird Grand middle distance KBDB 2011

The golden ‘Kaasboer line’ doesn’t only lie at the basis of 1° prizes and wondrous ‘Ace birds’ in the aforementioned lofts PEC, and  Casaert-Sénéchal… the ‘world class’ of this breeding line comes to the front more and more in several other lofts. We are thinking, for example, of the ‘Tornadokoppel’ Van Eynde-Goovaerts, formed by a ‘Grandson 231 Engels’ BE04-6356585 x ‘Daughter Kaasboer’ BE05-6341163… they are the parents of:

-‘Mega Mindy’(grandchild ‘Kaasboer’):
1° Ace bird ‘Light long distance’ Houtvense Fond club 2007 + 2008
1° Ace bird Zuiderkempen light long distance 2007
Won a.o. Bourges nat. 835/26.984 youngsters, Salbris prov. 216/1674 youngsters, Marne La Vallee 4/1392 YL, Vierzon interprov. 917/10.616 YL, Bourges nat. 385/9021 YL, Arlon 1/65 o.b., Le Mans 11/772 YL, Argenton club 2/157 YL - Nat. 5/5927 YL, Noyon 6/145 o.b., Melun 7/796 o.b., Le Mans 6/322 o.b. etc...
-‘Tornado Tom’: won 3 the first prize three weeks in a row with1° Intprov. Blois 2.512 youngsters
-‘Tornado Queen’: won in 2011 

Argenton  Prov 1.936 o.b. 1 (fastest of 4.742 pigeons)
Bourges  Union 1.084 o.b. 3
         Nat. 24.676 o.b. 59...

In the Michel Vanlint lofts in Zoutleeuw there is another powerful 1° prize winner from Gaston Van de Wouwer-origin! Namely the ‘Blue hen BE10-2048456’: this hen was raced in double widowhood and was basketted every week for races between the 400 and 600 km. She stems from 2 star racers from the Gaston Van de Wouwer loft, namely the ‘Tom’ x ‘Asduifke 2005’... she won:

In 2011 :
08/05 Soissons       938 p. 178
14/05 Toury        1.879 p. 80
21/05 Orleans      1.321 p. 69
28/05 Bourges        985 p. 46
04/06 Chateauroux    928 p. 16
11/06 Chateauroux    608 p. 93
18/06 La Chatre    1.091 p. 286
25/06 Montluçon      924 p. 16
02/07 Argenton     1.168 p. 1
             Prov. 2.183 p. 1
        Nat. Zone C ???? p. 2
             Nat  19.782 p. 13
30/07 Bourges        769 p. 102
06/08 Blois          243 p. 39
13/08 Argenton       355 p. 16
20/08 Blois           97 p. 1
27/08 La Souterraine 297 p. 5

Click here for a preliminary overview of the most important victories in 2011.

No wonder that within the shortest space of time Gaston Van de Wouwer has grown to become a real  topper in the grand middle distance, with such a wealth of super pigeons in the lofts… something which has been imitated in several other lofts! Pigeons which apparently have an untameable ‘victory drive’ , are not afraid to leave the ‘pack’ … to fight on their own against wind and all weather, in a rush towards 1° prizes and top performances! Aren’t these exactly the type of pigeons we need in order to be victorious, to ‘shine’ or stick out of the crowd in our pigeon sport… pigeons which distinguish themselves from the rest at all levels? Gaston Van de Wouwer has paved the way, laid down the basis… those who have already jumped on the bandwagon have already profited! Want to bet that many more will follow?

Gaston Van de Wouwer with important visitors !