‘Miss Joice’ from Andre Verbesselt at the basis of ‘interprovincial victory’ by Stella Rossa, and ‘national top’ by Jef Van Winkel!

Over the last few seasons the ‘Miss Joice’ from Andre Verbesselt seems to have developed into a breeding mother with ‘airs and graces’, a real ‘breeding phenomenon’! She also lies a the basis of the ‘interprovincial victory’ by Rocco Toscani, and national toppers by Jef Van Winkel!

The Andre Verbesselt colony enjoy name and fame as the largest branch Marcel Aelbrecht. Over the last few seasons Andre himself has shined in various ‘one-loft-races’, something which has already widely been reported on in the pigeon press. A striking feature here… how greater the distance, how tougher the weather conditions… how better the Verbesselt pigeons performed! With speeds of 1200 metre and less, when it comes down to ‘power’ and ‘stamina’… there seems to be no stopping them… and the performances are top. It is precisely such climatic conditions characteristic of the majority of ‘one-loft-races’ in China and Thailand… often flown in high temperatures with headwind. Hence the plausible explanation for the strong performances of the Andre Verbesselt pigeons in these ‘one-loft-races’ for youngsters! It often resembles a war of attrition… or a ‘battle of the strongest’… as not all pigeons can handle such extreme conditions. The national Chateauroux and Limoges on the 4th of June also demonstrated this in our country… and this with more experienced old birds on full power!

Now we have mentioned this national Chateauroux on the 4th of June… Jef Van Winkel from Tielt-Winge clocked his ‘Andrea’ first in this very tough race. She is a yearling hen whose father is a direct Andre Verbesselt… a descendant out the line of ‘Miss Joice’, a breeding line which has repeatedly proven that such extreme weather conditions suit them down to a tee! 

-‘Andrea’ B10-2044213

11° Nat Zone C Chateauroux  5.564 yl
51° National Chateauroux  25.263 yl 

In her pedigree we see that she is a daughter of the ‘Jeff’ B09-4018005, a direct Andre Verbesselt out inbreeding to the famous ‘Bak 17’ Marcel Aelbrecht, as son of… ‘The King’ B08-4117604 (coming self out ‘Son Bak 17’ B07-4373754 x ‘Miss Joice’ B05-4130439… see further) x ‘Olympic Queen’ B07-2222206 Jef Van Winkel (1° Olympiad bird Belgium at C, 1° Prov + 5° Nat Ace bird KBDB 2008). 

As we wrote earlier… ‘far’ and ‘tough’… speeds of 1000 m/min or just over, criteria in which the Verbesselt pigeons (read: Aelbrecht pigeons) can assert their ‘power’. Rocco Toscani also proved this in Italy, where he is active under the name ‘Stella Rossa’-team! The current topper, in other words ‘crack’ in the ‘Stella Rossa Loft’ is ‘Il Ragno’! This superior yearling managed to achieve two marvellous results in just as many weeks in very tough conditions… he performed as follows: 

-‘Il Ragno’ IT10-025321

1° Interprovincial Molfetta  3.372 pigeons(594 Km with 1113 m/min on the  29th of May 2011)

2° Provincial Brindisi (723 Km with 1039 m/min)

4° Interprovincial Brindisi     3.403 pigeons (on the 12th of June 2011) 

In his pedigree we see that his father is a direct Andre Verbesselt, and then a direct ‘Son Miss Joice’ B09-4322753 (out ‘Son Bak 17’ B07-4373754 x ‘Miss Joice’ B05-4130439) x ‘Graziella’ B03-3001648, hen originating from Etienne Devos (and granddaughter of ‘Vital’ Noël Lippens x the golden ‘Didi-line’). 


It is more than clear that the descendants of ‘Miss Joice’ are gradually enjoying ‘world fame’ with such sensational performances! That Andre Verbesselt  has in her a ‘lump of gold’ which he spoils a great deal certainly needs no further explanation… the performances below achieved with direct descendants of this ‘breeding jewel’ prove why!   

Miss Joyce B05-4130439

Has now grown to be the ‘golden nugget’ of the Andre Verbesselt colony… she is a.o.:

Grandmother ‘Il Ragno’:
1° Interprov Molfetto 3.372 pigeons 2011 (by Stella Rossa)                                        
4° Interprov Brindisi 3.403 pigeons 2011 (by Stella Rossa)

Grandmother ‘Miss Arwen’: 8° Prize ‘Final Race’ One Million Euro Race Shanghai  2008

Grandmother ‘Miss Long’ : 12° Prize ‘Finale Race’ Grand Pigeon Race Thailand 2009

Grandmother ‘Miss Celine’:  45° Prize ‘Final race’ One Million Euro Race Shanghai 2008

Great-grandmother ‘Soubalon’: 2° Prize ‘Final Race’ Million Euro Spring Race 2010

Great-grandmother ‘Miss May’: 10° Prize ‘Final Race’ Grand Pigeon Race Thailand 2009

Great-grandmother 26° Prov Argenton 3.395 youngsters in 2010 (by Jef Van Winkel)

Great-grandmother 51° Nat. Chateauroux 25.263 yl 2011 (by Jef Van Winkel)