Jaap van der Velden on the way to winning all of the Grand Slam

First it was Barcelona, the race of all the races won. The king’s race of the afternoon liberations, St. Vincent. And now Jaap has won the marvellous classic Pau.

Jaap raced together with his father Chris for years. After Jaap lost his father last year, he has to face it alone. Everything that Jaap had to know, the ins and outs, have been passed down to him over the years from craftsman Chris. It’s not then surprising that Jaap has taken over the baton and the job of performing on the highest level of the extreme long distance has been done by him on his own 

The extreme long distance has been raced for more than 2 decades, in which Jaap has a.o. seven National victories .

1st nat. Pau ’11
1st nat. St. Vincent ’08
1st nat. Barcelona ’03
1st nat. Mont de Marsan ’02
1st nat. Bergerac ’00
1st nat. Cahors S.2 ’96
1st nat. Carcassonne S.2 ’94
the rest of the top 10 since 1995 in the National races
2nd nat. Tarbes ZLU’08 (4.011 p.)
2nd nat. Bergerac’98 (16.843 p.)
2nd nat. Bergerac’96 (16.828 p.)
2nd nat. Cahors S.2’95 (7.747 p.)
2nd prov. Carcassonne’95 (897 p.)
3rd nat. Cahors’10 (6.397 p.)
3rd nat. Bordeaux S.2’01 (5.965 p.)
3rd nat. Tarbes S.2’96 (1.541 p.)
3rd nat. München S.2’00 (630 p.)
4th nat. Perpignan’05 (6.300 p.)
4th nat. Bordeaux S.2’04 (8.854 p.)
5th nat. Bordeaux S.2’02 (8.152 p.)
5th nat. Montauban S.2’95 (4.059 p.)
6th nat. Perpignan’08 (5.622 p.)
6th nat. St.Vincent’05 (6.621 p.)
6th nat. Dax’97 (5.315 p.)
7th nat. St.Vincent’10 (5.336 p.)
7th nat. Tarbes’07 (5.210 p.)
7th nat. St.Vincent’06 (6.830 p.)
7th nat. Dax’00 (4.578 p.)
7th nat. Cahors S.2’95 (7.747 p.)
8th nat. Dax ZLU’06 (3.260 p.)
8th nat. Bordeaux S.2’05 (9.277 p.)
9th nat. St.Vincent’01 (6.330 p.)
9th nat. Bordeaux S.2’99 (11.622 p.)
9th nat. Marseille’95 (3.571 p.)
9th nat. Montauban S.2’96 (5.108 p.)
10th nat. Bordeaux S.2’05 (6.738 p.) )0

The pigeons with which he started in 1987 have now become his own strain. The van der Velden strain is also called the “Blue Sort”. It is not surprising then that the National Winner Pau 2011 is a blue cock. Here below the honours list of the 06-1055475, in other words the Paulo”:

1st       national Pau 2011
19th      national Pau 2009
123rd     national Tarbes ZLU 2010
198th     national Tarbes ZLU 2009 

The “Paulo” is a widower.  The widowers train twice per day, once in the morning and then in the evening. This in contrast to the nest pigeons. These are only trained once a day. The nest cocks in the morning and the nest hens in the afternoon.  As preparation for Pau the National winner was given the following races: Quievrain, Peronne, Noyon, and 2 X Dourdan.  The last Dourdan was 17 days before the basketting for Pau.  Jaap entered ten pigeons for Pau. They had the following arrival times:  20:49;  22:29; 05:54; 06:59; 07:31; 08:21 and with this possibly six from the ten pigeons have won a prize. This indicates that Jaap’s pigeons are in good form. The extreme long distance season has only just started. The opposition has been warned. Jaap is not planning to keep it at seven national titles.