Gaston Van De Wouwer, Berlaar wins 1° Provincial Vierzon 3.409 pigeons and achieves an incredible series!

Over the last few seasons Gaston Van de Wouwer has been undeniably ‘the’ man from the grand middle distance classics in Belgium. The first big confrontation of 2011 from Vierzon has just taken place and once again Gaston shines in 1st place provincially! Time then to pay a visit to the ‘wizard’ of Berlaar!

It is just incredible what Gaston Van De Wouwer has achieved over the last few seasons. It began with the ‘national title’ long distance youngsters KBDB in 2007… another ‘highlight’ followed in 2009 when Gaston booked ‘national victory’ in the closing Gueret against 14.261 youngsters. A national victory that he repeated last year in 2010, this time in the opener of the national racing calendar… namely ‘Bourges I’ by the 17.061 yearlings! Unbelievable, especially when you know that Gaston races with anything but the mass… and that the winners are all related to each other… as direct descendants of the legendary stock bear ‘Kaasboer’ by Gaston Van De Wouwer!

This must be the first year that I have maximum occupation… and that is 20 racing cocks and just as many racing hens, wherefrom 1 has already been removed, says Gaston. Before Vierzon the cocks enjoyed a week of rest and only the entire hen team (19) was entered! And with what a result! 

21/05/2011 Vierzon (472 Km) Provincial 3.409 pigeons: 1-4-13-69-70-71-542 (from 8 pigeons) Gaston had his 2-1-3° nominated in this order by the 13° prize provincially!

21/05/2011 Vierzon Provincial  2.564 yearlings: 36-87-147-257-383-420-463-613-677 (9 from the 11) 

In total 19 hens were entered then for Vierzon, and no less than 8 achieved a ‘Top 100’ notation at provincial level, with 16/19! The provincial winning hen by the old birds answers to the name ‘Barbara’, this was her 2nd provincial victory, as last year she also won Montluçon: 

-‘Barbara’ B09-2035886

In 2011: Vierzon   Prov   3.409 p. 1 Angerville       1.145 p. 91 Melun            1.186 p. 116 Noyon              695 p. 11

In 2010: Montluçon Prov   1.483 p. 1 Gueret  Nat      2.953 p. 17 Blois   I.Prov     793 p. 15 Bourges Nat     14.145 p. 224 Limoges Nat     14.211 p. 1983 Chateauroux Nat 22.718 p. 2386 Noyon            1.004 p. 13 Angerville       1.275 p. 29 Melun            1.372 p. 90

In 2009: Angerville         649 p. 28 Angerville         955 p. 53 

As a youngster she also won prizes in the 2 provincial Bourges races, Blois and Salbris!

This hen is actually quite something, a nice anecdote… if you please! Gaston tells us:

A few years ago Franske Wouters (family of Jos Wouters-Cooremans) built me a new fence, he was also successfully active in the pigeon sport under the name Wouters-Wouters in Tremelo… so the discussions were always about ‘pigeons’! Until we finally agreed to joint breed. I gave him an excellent daughter of the ‘Kaasboer’ to take home, the ‘Blauw’ B04-6307259, which had flown together an impressive honours list with 

Bourges   Nat  21.940 p. 63
Argenton  Nat  23.078 p. 36
Montluçon Prov  2.499 p. 180
Vichy     Nat  11.278 p. 1050
La Souterraine Nat 1908° prize, 17° Noyon 1.355 p. Etc 

This hen is also grandmother of the 1° Nat La Souterraine 2010 by Schepmans-Hayen in Grazen. Frans coupled her with his ‘Schone Blauwe’ B05-2079799 (out the line 1° Intprov Argenton Lodewijkx)… the first round from this coupling came to Berlaar, one of them was then ‘Barbara’… the second round remained in Tremelo, where a son also ensured success! We can speak then of a successful experiment! 

At full strength to  Bourges

The ‘panache’ is clearly in the racing team Van De Wouwer, and we don’t have to explain further that Gaston will be defending his national victory from Bourges just over a year ago! Something for which he will enter his entire racing team… the cocks will be on full power after a week ‘mandatory rest’, whilst the hens from Vierzon have already proven  that they ‘mean businesses! The entire Van De Wouwer-team is standing ‘sharp’… that could result in ‘fireworks’ over Berlaar! Gaston is not a man of many words… but he is definitely hatching a ‘plan’!

We will know the result within a few days… the message is… wait and see! But if you ask us for a prognosis for Bourges… then we are 100% sure that the name Gaston Van De Wouwer will definitely be there!