Alwin Petrie, The Golden Boy of Brummen (NL)

Alwin Petrie also regularly appeared on the honours podium in 2011. As we are used to with this topcoach, because for years he can consider himself by the elite of our popular sport.

A great deal has been written about the season 2011, though not over the express train Alwin Petrie from Brummen. To refresh your memory I dived into the history of this top fancier who was and still is also called The Golden Boy. His success began as an adolescent teenager with the top lines from pigeons so as ‘Fameuze 05’, ‘James Bond’. Although he still feels like he is a teenager, we are now 16 years further on and he still flaunts the top of the results regularly!

Success doesn’t just happen by chance for ‘years’, no it is hard work. Always looking for better, increasing the chance of success and not leaving anything to chance in the care of the pigeons. We mean of course regularity, good food, excellent strain of pigeons and a top accommodation and a fancier with feeling, sensitivity…. for pigeons.

It seems that it was easy for Alwin to search for better in his younger years, as he regularly visited Cees Suykerbuyk. He came away twice with a round of youngsters, these birds would later form his golden stock. Think of the pigeons so as ‘James Bond’ (1. Nat. Acebird Middle Distance WHZB 1984), ‘Glamourboy’ (1. NPO Etampes 13.142 p. and 7x 1. prize) and ‘Commander Bond’ (6x 1. prize). Anno 2011 we would like to talk to him about his current top pigeons and performances! Because his success last season can once again be called superior: 

1° Breuil le Vert against 2.510  ( also 3rd-19th-24th-45th-etc…)
= 1° and 3° NPO against 5.848
1° Pommeroeul against 2.643  ( also 2° and 14° etc…)
1° Peronne against 2.577   ( also 8th-12nd-17th-20th-28th-etc…)
2° Peronne against 3.415   ( also 3rd-10th-17th-etc…)
6° Nanteuil against 2.887   ( also 7th-8th-11st-15th-33rd-etc…)
9° Mourlincourt against 5.785  ( also 20th-24th-29th-33rd-41st-42nd-etc..) 

In 2011 Alwin raced no less than 15x1° prize.

For years he has shined at the top of the Dutch Pigeon sport. His good stock of pigeons guarantee high quality. Occasionally he introduces new blood and this nearly always takes well. It doesn’t matter what you put against my pigeons, as long as it’s good. It works very well, they are great breeders (* characteristic of stock pigeons!) This “Brummen Champion” always used to only race cocks, but Alwin was in search of a challenge and started ( also to get more out of his pigeons) racing in total widowhood (so also with hens). He limited himself to the Sprint and  Middle Distance and does this for a few reasons. He has a young family, would like to go on holiday, and the current racing programme doesn’t allow ‘according to Alwin’ you to excel in the Extreme Middle Distance races as Alwin prefers to give his attention to his family.

Yet his pigeons have the ability to compete in these races. Although Alwin himself doesn’t fully race this discipline, there are several fanciers who have also performed extremely well in the Extreme Middle Distance with his pigeons. And not only that, the ‘Petrie-pigeons’ are also very strong in the 1-loft races. Recently in the Golden Top one loft race- China a good result was booked by Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp ( neighbours of Alwin Petrie ) with a pigeon which on father’s side consists of  Petrie-blood and which classified as 3° European bird. . . In short, versatile pigeons. And in combination with this versatile fancier it is a success formula which also caused furore in 2011. Because the titles achieved in 2011 from the whole of province 8( 101 clubs, 3.022 members) can be called particularly good! 

1° General Sprint Acebird (08-1096355) with 20 prizes (100% prize )
2° Acebird Sprint Prov. 8 (08-1096355)
3° Loft Champion Sprint nominated Prov. 8
3° Acebird Middle Distance Prov. 8 (09-1832063)
5° Loft Champion Middle Distance nominated Prov. 8
6° General Sprint Acebird (09-1832063) with 14 prizes!
7° Loft Champion Middle Distance not nominated Prov. 8
7° Acebird Middle Distance Prov. 8 (10-1269298)
10° General Sprint Acebird (08-1096311) with 17 prizes. 

Let us take a look at a few of his top pigeons! 

The pigeons above (with added performances) give a marvellous picture of the quality housed in the lofts of the Petrie family in Brummen. Not forgetting how well others perform with his pigeons. His introduction of Hasendonkxs pigeons also seems to have been a good move. The opposition for 2012 has been warned, because Alwin will once again do his best, and amaze us with his pure ‘Petrie-Quality’.