3rd national champion grand distance KBDB 2010 Alex Dauwe - Ronsele (BE)

Alex Dauwe from the far Meetjesland (East-Flanders) managed, in the difficult year 2010, to position himself between the greats (possibly what exaggerated) of the national long distance specialists.

He only tolerated Chris Hebberecht and Ronsijn JO and Steven going before him, but was better than Provost-Spiers, Etienne Devos, Frans Deschepper. For this Alex used his best results with the 1st and 2nd nominated in the following races :
Tarbes 4576 p. :  395-30
Marseille 3340 p. :  125-187
Narbonne 6330 p. :  609-31

This resulted in a nice coefficient of 28,73%. A good reason to take a trip to Ronsele .

Alex Dauwe (L) and Martin Dhooge

Alex and his pigeon pedigrees 
He has kept pigeons for more than 40 years, but over the last 10 years in particular he has raced, according to him, quite well. Since Alex took early retirement 2 years ago the results are starting to get better and better....so, according to my host, more time for the pigeons is well an advantage to racing well.
The turning point came 10 years ago when he bought pigeons from Georges Bolle and Noël Peiren and was immediately successful with them. From the first year he bred good pigeons from them and he practically took off straight away.
He obtained 2 nest-brothers from celebrity Georges Bolle out his 1° Nat Cahors  (‘the Generaal’) and he cross bred them with his old sort from Roger Quickenborne, which up until then wasn’t 100 % successful, but in crossing with the Bolle cocks it was instantly “Bingo”....
The first crack to roll out was the ‘147/98’ (was from 2000 but ringed with an old ring) and raced  in 2004 from Cahors the 8° national against 7340 pigeons and from Dax the 17° national against 6138 p......and with this was 1° Ace pigeon Ave Regina and won the 1° Grand Distance prize East-Flanders. Piquant detail :he couldn’t win the National Championship because of a regulation “that did not fit”...but the National Ace pigeon from Jozef Bracke from  Zegelsem was 2° in the Grand Distance prize E-Fl... which I won....so Alex did have a good chance of a national Ace pigeon in 2004 .

At the end of the season Alex obtained two eggs from that other celebrity, Noël Peiren, out the 1st national Limoges. He succeeded formidably. Out one of these eggs came the hen ‘288/2000’ and she is a.o. mother of his ‘784/2003’ which flew a 32° Nat from Perpignan in 2006 as well as having various other early prizes to his name.
His nest-brother the ‘785/03’ raced 12 national prizes, wherefrom 8 x per 10.   In crossing with a Bolle cock she produced various good pigeons.
The stock mother of the colony is in fact the old hen from Roger Quick, the ‘045/93’ which came out a father  x daughter coupling and she has produced very good racing pigeons (so as the ‘147/98’) but qua breeding it is in particular in the 2nd generation that she was super as grandmother of several good racing and breeding pigeons.... something which was frequently the case according to Alex....also in other lofts...he once coupled her with her grandson and this ‘316/01’ is now a top breeder in the current successes . The ‘045/93’then sits in nearly all the good pigeons  .....the ‘Quick hen’....In  2006 she produced her last (good) youngsters....so another good quality .

During the winter there are never more than 150 pigeons here. Small fancier? Do you ever count our own pigeons? He only races the traditional widowhood with 30 old widowers, half of these are two year olds without much experience. Once they are three years old, the cocks here are raced fully in the races from 600 km to 900 km. He also races Barcelona, but definitely not with his best pigeons.....
The yearlings race to maximal a Limoges and this as “bachelors” , the majority only race up to 2 x Bourges (in 2010).He doesn’t expect a good performance from here, they have to stay healthy and come home fresh from the trainings races.
Alex  doesn’t start breeding with his 10 breeding couples until the middle of April and he rings 50 youngsters for own use . He trains them up to 30 km and that is all they do in their birth year. The majority of these youngsters don’t even moult completely.
I let Alex explain it himself:
“I can say that I try to follow the system of Noël Peiren where racing is concerned and try to keep them healthy with as little medicine as possible....and by Georges Bolle I saw his drinking pots for the first time and I’ll never forget it....as green as grass...never rinsed off....just more water poured in.
By me, the old birds are actually 3 year olds, because I am very careful with them as 2 year olds...especially if they have a good lineage or come out the best pigeons..pigeons I have my doubts about are sometimes given a Narbonne or Perpignan...as ultimate test....
I am also a great advocate of long rest periods between 2 races, I’m not afraid for example to let my pigeons remain home for 4 or 5 weeks between 2 grand distance races...yes, I don’t even give them a smaller race between two grand distance races...no, just a few weeks at home...rest, and training at home...
I’d like to emphasize that my entire care of the pigeons is based on “keeping things as simple as possible”, \I like to keep the care and feeding as simple as possible. Now (beginning of  February) my pigeons are given a standard mixture costing ten euro’s per sack and I supplement this with another 40% barley...during the season only the widowers are given a normal racing mixture from Vanrobaeys and all the rest are given the standard mixture.
My breeding pigeons are however given a breeding mixture from Mariman and also from Paloma which I am satisfied with. My racing pigeons are fed in the communal feeding dish during the week, yet for the last das they are fed in their boxes (only those which are to be basketted) 

BE 07-4378541 this clapper won the title “3rd National Champion Grand Distance 2010”  and then with the following results: Bourges : 803/22476 p – Cahors: 424/8651p- Tarbes : 30/4576p and Perpignan : 105/6257p......or 4 x early nationally in one season....this topper comes out the ‘784/03’ (Bolle x Peiren) and out the  ‘149/02’ hen ( Maurice Criel x old Quick stock mother).So out the best lines of this loft .

Conclusion by Alex
“My great aim in the pigeon sport, in addition to amusing myself with the pigeons daily, is to ever win a 1° National, although I know it is a slim chance ....one can dream...I have to say that I am usually satisfied if I can beat Chris Hebberecht or Etienne Meirlaen in a big race.... yes, that gives me great satisfaction.... I am very pleased that a few people have already done well with pigeons from me, so as Martin Dhooge from Ursel and Serge D'Hondt from Deinze.
I would like to name a few fanciers from whom I ever obtained a pigeon and which I was successful with in crossing with my own sort. First and foremost the late Maurice Criel from Evergem, also a hen from De Paepe Romain from Evergem and a hen from Ludwig Vandecasteele from Oekene which gave me great pleasure and good pigeons. The hen from Ludwig gave me, with my ‘316/01’ (inbred to the old Quick hen) a pigeon which has already raced the 31° National Narbonne....promising then....
Many thanks to all the people who have served me well and provided me with great pleasure in my hobby .