Frederik Motton - Tienen (BE) National youth champion KBDB 2010

Frederik Motton lives in Tienen and is 21 years young. He is studying “law” in Brussels and has raced with the pigeons for 5 years. Frederik races on his own, but it would be impossible without the help of his father.

When Frederik has to be at the university in Brussels, then his father takes over the chores in the loft. No-one else in the family races, or has raced, pigeons, so our youth champion entered the pigeon sport as a complete  "Layman".
Just like many others, he started  with a few pigeons above the henhouse. Followed later with the first small loft. The first two years were not so great where the performances were concerned. The perils of the bird flu in 2007 meant that he, just like everyone, was forced to race from Germany, and a great number of pigeons were lost in these races.
Frederik  said to his father: " ...either we stop, or we will have to start addressing it seriously... " which shows great ambition.
Half measures were not tolerated.
In 2007 almost all the loft (what was left) was liquidated and the lofts were then inhabited with pigeons from Van Avondt and son, Haacht; Veulemans – Perilleux, Vissenaken; Houben JLN, Itegem; Vervloesem and son, Rijmenam, Materne Florent (pedigree:Verbruggen), Tienen; Buelens and son, Tienen;..
They also came into contact with the Herbots family. It was agreed that for 2 months in the summer holidays he would be allowed to follow the doings of the colony. He was also allowed to actively help with the care of the pigeons, together with loft manager “Swa”. He did this during the summer holidays of 2006 and 2007 with great pleasure. He preferred to go to Halle-Booienhoven than stay at home. This “internship” taught him a great deal about caring for pigeons, training them, motivating them,... And what he learned could be put into use at home in his own loft. In 2006 and 2007 the Herbots family also gave him a round of late youngsters from the racers. Frederik used these late youngsters and the other pigeons obtained to put together his breeding loft  during the winter of 2008.
Since 2008 their results have gone crescendo. At the time he only took part in the 4 national races with the youngsters.. With the result 12th National Champion Youth 2008, 4 entries by the provincial Ace pigeons, 10th Nat. Ace pigeon the  “Duivenkrant” youngsters in the 4 national races ,

  Bourges        : 47th and 98th National Zone C Bourges 13350 youngsters
Argenton       : 25th and 81st National Zone C Argenton 7422 youngsters
La Souterraine : 95th National La Souterraine        21271 youngsters
Gueret         : 26th National Gueret                14784 youngsters 

In 2009 it was 7th National Champion Youth 2009 and 2 provincial victories, including a zonal victory from Argenton for yearlings.
In 2010 it was 1st National Champion Youth 2010 and also a provincial victory ..

Frederik with his father 

Racing system 
Frederik uses the widowhood game. The traditional widowhood with widowers and racing hens. The partner stays at home. At the moment there are 15 widowers (5 o.b. and 10 yl) and 10 yearling hens ready to start the 2011 season. The racing hens are raced with a nest at the end of the season.
Every year about 60 youngsters are bred and these are raced with the sliding door. They have to race the national races for youngsters.
There are further 17 breeding couples which have to take care of these 60 youngsters .

Feeding system
The pigeons are given the Beyers mixture. During the racing season it is half depurative and half sport mixture at the beginning of the week. As the day of basketting approaches they are fed more and pure sport mixture is given, supplemented with the fatty mixture from Versele-Laga .

Medical guidanc e
For medical guidance they are loyal customers of  veterinary surgeon Raf Herbots. He is contacted if there are any doubts about the health of the pigeons, and if necessary a consultation is made. Nothing is ever given just for the sake of ‘giving’ it. For the breeding and racing season a cure is given against paratyphoid. During the season they are also given something for the ‘head’ or tricho on the advice of Raf.
They are further ardent users of natural products. Several times a week a clove of garlic or tea is added to the drinking water. Apple vinegar is also given regularly. During the season they also give vitamins to raise the condition .

Motivating factors for returning home 
According to Frederik the motivation is a very important factor in achieving top performances. His discovered this in his own loft by his 3 provincial victories. It is also very important to check out the hierarchy in the loft. In his own widowers loft 2 widowers were never free at the same time during the 2010 season, as they fought until they bled. He opens every box separately several times a day. All the same, the widowers couldn’t stand the sight of each other and that mutual hostility remained throughout the season. Yet there was one widower (the "849") who didn’t respond, and they noticed this in his performances during the season. His achievements were poor compared to his colleague widowers.
They like to try out new “things” in the loft. He is now thinking of ways to motivate his pigeons to come home next season (More or less the showing of the partner, responding to the jealousy by the hens,…?)

 Pedigrees in the loft/Stock building/Inbreeding 
The pedigrees (outline) populating the breeding loft at the moment are mainly
Van Avondt and son, Haacht
Veulemans – Perilleux, Vissenaken
Materne Florent, Tienen (Pedigree : Verbruggen Gommaire and Flor Vervoort)
Herbots Gebroeders, Halle-Booienhoven
Buelens and son, Tienen
Further supplemented with pigeons from Vanwinkel Jef, Tielt-Winge; Vanvuchelen-Depré, Grazen; Tony Reniers, Neerlinter; Willy Henot; Orsmaal; Menten Ronny, Rummen; Tournelle Davy, Rummen and Matthias Coel, Rotselaar
Frederik rightly thinks that he cannot yet speak of a stock build. He has only been busy with the pigeons for 3 years and is now fully testing which pedigrees fit together best. A fancier from the area, Florent Materne, help with this a lot. He gives advice about the coupling and such things. Frederik visits him every week and always goes home with good advice. The tips from this man are also a source of inspiration during the season.
He is not yet really busy with inbreeding,, seeing as how he doesn’t yet know that much about his colony and he is still discovering it. This winter he tried to couple 2 grandchildren from 1 breeder (from which various first prize winners have been bred). They will see later this year what the result is .

The National Championship Youth KBDB  2010
For this championship the 1st nominated has to be at the top of the results 5 times. The championship is won by 3 pigeons, 3 widowers to be more exact .

 Bourges        22/05/2010    99th   22476   2031489/2008
Chateauroux    13/06/2010    7th    706     2057828/2009
Argenton       26/06/2010    1st    262     2057828/2009
Vierzon        17/07/2010    1st    896     2057828/2009
La Souterraine 21/08/2010    3rd    1093    2057849/2009  

The 2057828/2009 or “Den 28”  has accounted for most of this championship. He won 3 of the 5 prizes. Den 28 is a dotted white-eye 

Honours list   :

 1st  Provincial Vierzon 896 yearlings
1st  Argenton            262 yearlings
1st  Momignies            49 yearlings
2nd  Bourges             153 yearlings
4th  Toury               210 yearlings
5th  Chateauroux         252 yearlings
7th  Sens              615 youngsters
8th  Toury             248 youngsters
9th  Orléans             180 yearlings
21st Nat. Zone C La Souterraine 4000 youngsters
92nd Argenton         3218 youngsters
(wins 17 prizes wherefrom 11 per 20 )  

Lineage  : "Den 28" is a great grandson of the famous “Fenomenale”, which won self the title of 1st Nat. Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2002 .
Father : 2253783/2006 : 100% Herbots Gebroeders
Grandfather : 5175098/2004 : Crack Fenomenale : 1st Prov. Ace pigeon KBDB All Round
Great grandfather : 5118824/1999 : The Fenomenale : 1st Nat. Ace KBDB middle distance, 4x 1st Prov.
Grandmother : 2180313/2004 : Herbots gebroeders
Mother : 2034493/2008 : 100% Materne Florent (Pedigree : Verbruggen)/ The "493/08" is mother of 2012607/2010 : 1st Soissons 1109 youngsters and of 2057828/2009 : 1st Prov. Vierzon 896 yearlings .

A 4th necessary prize was won by the  "489/08" De Bourgesman.
He is a blue yellow eye. This pigeon is a full brother of the 2117014/2006 “The La Souterraine” with the 38th National La Souterraine against 4331 o.b. (1/1).

In 2010 the Bourgesman won in 5 consecutive weeks  :

 9th Toury                248 o.b.
1st Vierzon              262 o.b.
99th National Bourges 22476 o.b.
15th Chateauroux        1018 o.b.
16th Chateauroux         817 o.b. 

He was busy with a glory trail then, but unfortunately returned home injured from the following race. He was basketted one more time for Vierzon in July and he won his prize, but Frederik sensibly decided to keep him home with an eye to the following season.
A selection from his honours list in addition to the 5 prizes above  :

 15th I Prov. Argenton  2400 yearlings
17th         Melun    706 youngsters
20th I Prov. Bourges   3422 yearlings
27th I Prov. Bourges 4756 youngsters 

Raced a total of 27 prizes, wherefrom 15x per 10 .
Father :
2188610/2005 Chequer 100% Buelens and son
Grandfather : 2199607/2003 "Jonge Vierzon"
Grandmother : 2227533/2002 "Jong Witteke"
Mother : 2188645/2005 Blue 100% Buelens and son, won self 27th Interprovincial 3071 yearlings and is half0sister 1st Prov. Vichy yearlings 2009
Grandfather : 2340750/2000 "James Bond"
Grandmother : 4044304/2002 

The "849/09" took care of the much needed 5th prize. He is a chequer yellow eye. The ring number of this pigeon has been mentioned before in this report in the piece concerning the motivation. This pigeon didn’t respond in the loft and sat very still in his box for the entire season. When they wanted to coupled the widowers after national Argenton in August and so stop racing, Frederik thought of this "49". He shut all the widowers in for the whole week, and only he was allowed to go on the floor and in the trap, with an eye on the national La Souterraine 2 weeks later. Within a few days this pigeon had changed completely. It was clear that he had once again found his “moral”. He was the last chance for the much needed 5th prize. He was basketted for La Souterraine and he raced the 3rd prize against 1093 o.b.. As a youngster he was also his first pigeon from La Souterraine and raced the 20th in the Zone .

Other prizes from this pigeon :

 3rd  La Souterraine 399 youngsters and 20th Nat. Zone C La Souterraine 4000 youngsters
3rd  La Souterraine 1093 o.b.
4th  Pithiviers       390 yearlings
15th Argenton         184 yearlings
This pigeon is a 100% Veulemans – Perilleux-pigeon.
The  849/09 is a brother of the 2031488/2008 with a.o.:
7th  I Prov. Toury    2127 youngsters
2nd  Soissons          187 youngsters
6th  I Prov. Argenton 1346 youngsters
10th Soissons 244 youngsters 

Father :
2065660/2007 : 100% Veulemans – Perilleux, son out “De Montlucon”, won 1st prize from Montlucon.
Mother :
2022231/2008 : 100% Veulemans – Perilleux. Sister of 10th Seminat. Chateauroux 8216 o.b., 11th Seminat. Montlucon 7302 o.b., 45th Nat. C Bourges 5278 o.b...
Grandfather : 2282070/2004 = Father of a.o. 10th Seminat. Chateauroux 8216 o.b., 11th Seminat. Montlucon 7302 o.b., 45th Nat. C Bourges 5278 o.b...
Grandmother : 2273126/2005 : Silke : half-sister Argenton-hen : 1st Prov. Argenton 


More information over the 2 other provincial winners 
On the 4th of July 2009 the  1e Prov. Vichy was won in very tough conditions, against 860 yearlings with 1149m/m by      "the 2031533/2008". This was also good enough for the 2nd Semi-national Vichy against 4663 yearlings.
The 533 is a blue yellow eye. 4 yearlings were basketted for this race, wherefrom 2 flew prize.
A selection from his honours list  :

 1st  Argenton 212 o.b. (in 2010)
98th National Zone C Bourges 13350 youngsters
6th  Pithiviers 122 youngsters
98th I Prov. Toury 2127 youngsters
2nd  Bourges 130 yearlings 

Father :
2038697/2007 : 100% Van Avondt, Son “Blauwe Staart”. 697/07 is father of  :

 1st Prov. Vichy 860 yearlings, 2nd Seminat. 4663 yearlings
1st Argenton   212 o.b.
1st Pithiviers  390 yearlings (fastest of 784 o.b. and yl)
1st Soissons    122 yearlings 

Mother : 4044304/2002 : 100% Buelens and son “Sister Lompe”

On the 9th of August 2009 the 1st Prov. Argenton was won against 806 opponents, also in tough conditions, with a velocity of 1103m/m by the 2031500/2008 "Miss Argenton". This was also good enough for the 1st National in Zone C against 2659 yearlings and the 3rd National against 6444 yearlings. It was a yearling hen which ensured zonal victory. She had an 8-day old youngster and is a chequer white eye hen. 7 yearlings were entered for this race and 4 won their prize .

Lineage :
Father :
2065658/2007 "The Chateauroux" : 100% Veulemans – Perilleux
Is already father of  :

 1st Zone C Argenton 2659 yearlings
1st Soissons         179 yearlings
2nd Chateauroux      187 yearlings 

Mother : 2065525/2007 "Blue" : 100% Materne Florent (pedigree: Verbruggen). Sister of 2065550/2007 : is mother of 1st I Prov. Petit Club Toury 1482 youngsters.
Honours list  "Miss Argenton"

 1st Nat. Zone C Argenton 2659 yearlings
2nd Chateauroux           187 yearlings
5th Orléans               115 yearlings
7th Toury                 116 yearlings
48th Toury                660 yearlings
68th Montlucon           3881 yearling 

Won 24 prizes in 2 years, wherefrom 14 per 10 .
A few results  2010:

 Chateauroux 503 km 29/05 : 1018 o.b.       : 13,15 (2/2)
Pithiviers 353 km        : 390 yearlings  : 1,4,18,49,58,... (12/13)
Chateauroux 503 km 13/06 : 816 o.b.        : 17 (1/2)
                         : 706 yearlings  : 7,13,52,55,... (9/12)
Argenton 532 km 26/06    : 212 o.b.        : 1, 23 (2/2)
                         : 377 yearlings  : 2,15,30,57,62,.. (6/9)
Vierzon 451 km 17/07     : 210 yearlings  : 1 (1/2)
                         : 180 o.b.        : 19 (1/1)
Bourges 452 km 24/07     : 334 yearlings  : 2,8,12,17,59 (5/8)
                         : 1137 yearlings : 4,23,28,40,127 (5/8)
Argenton 532 km 09/08    : 188 yearlings  : 6,9,15,20,28,31,48,52 (8/8)
                         : 1494 yearlings : 19,29,58,94,... (6/8)
La Souterraine 568 km    : 140 o.b.        : 2,42 (2/2)
                         : 1093 o.b.       : 3,278    (2/2) 

Performances over the last 2 years
1st National Champion Youth KBDB 

 1st Nat. Zone C Argenton 2659 yearlings
7th National Champion Youth KBDB  2009 

1st Prov. Champion Youth KBDB  2010

 3 x 1st Provincial in Flemish-Brabant
1st     Prov. Vierzon Brabant Union   896 yearlings 2010
1st     Prov. Vichy Brabant Union     860 yearlings 2009
(2nd Semi national Vichy 4663 yearlings)
1st     Prov. Argenton Brabant Union  806 yearlings 2009
(1st    Nat. Zone C Argenton              2659 yearlings)
(3rd    Nat. Argenton                     6444 yearlings
1st and 2nd I. Prov. Toury Petit Club Fleurus 1482 youngsters 10