Chris Hebberecht, Evergem towered high above the rest once again in 2010 by winning 1° Nat Ace pigeon long distance KBDB and ...

... the title of 1° Nat. Champion ‘Grand Distance’ KBDB 2010. The name Chris Hebberecht from the East-Flemish borough Evergem, on the edge of Ghent… shined in the pigeon firmament as never before.

What Chris has managed to achieve in the ‘Long Distance’ and ‘Grand Distance’ over the last 10 sport seasons is almost inconceivable 

Especially when you take into account the circumstances there in Evergem in the Kapellestraat in which the pigeons are raced. Chris still earns his living as operator in a chemical factory, working in a 3 shift system… whilst wife Kathy runs a busy pet shop. Up until two years ago they could rely on the help of both their sons, Tom and Bart… but they are now leaving home and now have their jobs… as a result of which Chris and Kathy have had to divide the pigeon work between themselves, whereby the tasks have to be discussed in advantage by the absence of Chris… and by sudden occurring problems, the telephone is of course always at hand. The majority of the work is done by Chris then, who has his hands full taking care of the team of widowers, meaning that the game with the youngsters has had to take second place over the last few seasons. Whilst father Octaaf was still alive, Chris paid more attention to the game with the youngsters… but this is no longer possible due to lack of time. You can’t have it all… better to do one thing ‘good’ than two things fifty fifty. That’s why the game with the old birds has all the preference and attention. The youngsters are only trained, with the intention of getting them into the race routine for later… only hens are raced with a nest in the Nationals, out necessity… because in numerous championships (a.o. national championships KBDB) the races with the youngsters also count, and therefore the necessary ‘points’ must be gleaned! Yet Chris experienced better than anybody that it is difficult to compete with the youngsters against the real ‘specialists’ in such circumstances. But never mind… the performances achieved by the excellent team of old widowers over the last 10 seasons, More than prove that top performances as a youngster are not necessary to later shine as old bird in the national and international long distance races… quite the contrary !

Time-honoured strain with exceptional ‘breeding power ’!
It is still the time-honoured strain, created at the time by the hand of father Octaaf… which are still making everything well there in Evergem today. The full return came since 1999 when Chris took over the torch completely after Octaaf passed away. Naturally, he had the fortune to have the super breeder… which would later grow to be his absolute ‘stock bear’… the ‘Bjorn’. In combination with other stock lines of the ‘Zwarte Vereecke’, the ‘Wringer’, the ‘Krommen’ etc… these clappers bred a team of ‘long distance racers’, against which it has been very difficult to compete with over the last few seasons. A dash of fresh blood now and again is really necessary, and then preferably something coming from fanciers who also have a very strong strain. When such pigeons have come into contact with the more or less family cultivated Hebberecht blood, this has already delivered several superior ‘crack pigeons’… the recent 1° Nat Ace pigeon long distance KBDB… answering to the name ‘Ike’… is a perfect example. A clapper with all the trimmings… a real ‘dream pigeon’ in the hand… his achievements which you can read later, speak volumes!
It is also notable how many real ‘Ace pigeons’…even up to provincial and national level… have seen the light of day over the last 10 seasons in the Chris Hebberecht lofts! We give you a few random examples 

 -‘AXL’:      1° Nat AsdAce pigeon ‘Grand Distance’ KBDB ‘05
-‘Pancho’:   1° Prov + 2° Nat Ace pigeon long distance KBDB ‘04
-‘Champion’: 1° Prov + 2° Nat Ace pigeon long distance KBDB ‘05
-‘Tarzan’:   5° Nat Ace pigeon long distance KBDB ‘04
-‘Bonno’:    1° Nat Ace pigeon Cureghem Centre ‘07
-‘Gentleman: 4° Nat Ace pigeon long distance ‘Entente Belge’ 2004
             4° Prov Ace pigeon long distance KBDB  ‘04 

And then of course there are the 2 brand new Ace pigeons ‘Ike’ and ‘Jaws’, respectively 1° + 3° National Ace pigeon long distance KBDB 2010… more here over later!
But also in the national championships with the 1° + 2° nominated in both the long distance and ‘Grand Distance’ multiple top classifications were achieved. No wonder that the colony of Chris Hebberecht is described as the best long distance colony of our country over the last 10 sport seasons. The title win at national level by the KBDB in 2010 speaks for itself :

 1° National champion KBDB Grand distance 2010
1° National Ace pigeon   KBDB long distance 2010
3° National Ace pigeon   KBDB long distance 2010
6° National Champion KBDB long distance  2010  

The title of 1° National champion KBDB ‘Grand Distance’ 2010 was won by 6 different pigeons, and with the following achievements :

Barcelona    Nat 12.641 p.  260   859

-‘Sacco’ B05-4391912 won here the 260° prize national… he is a full brother of ‘AXL’ (1° Nat Ace pigeon Grand distance KBDB ’05) and the ‘Panda’ (winner 3° year old classification BBC).
-‘V-One’ B06-4081758 won 859° national… and is an inbred product to the same line, as son of the ‘Jef’ (father of ‘AXL’, Panda, Sacco etc…) x ‘Daughter Pancho 257/04’ (daughter 2° Nat Ace pigeon long distance KBDB ’04 ).

Tarbes       Nat  4.576 p.  100    106

-the ‘Hulk’ B04-4217110 won 100° national… and is a son of ‘Ro Bjorn’ (son of star breeder and stock pigeon ‘Bjorn’) x ‘Sister Ben’ 612/03. This ‘Hulk’ is a real super in the Grand Distance, and has already won 

A lbi      Nat       5.063 p. 50
Orange    Nat       6.035 p. 65
Irun      Nat       5.846 p. 14
          Intnat   15.627 p. 26
Perpignan Nat       5.547 p. 450 etc  

-‘Vico’ B06-4081862 won 106° national… he comes self out the ‘Ambiorix’ (self 19° Nat Barcelona 12.998 p. and son of the ‘Panda’) x ’Chequer Krommen  866/03’

Marseille    Nat  3.340 p.  108    122
-‘Joran’ B07-4373101 won here 108° national… he is a half-brother of ‘Vico’, as son of ‘Ambiorix’ x ‘Daughter Jelle 940/02’ (this ‘Jelle’ won 1° Prov Perpignan and is a son of stock pigeon ‘Bjorn’).
-‘James’ B07-4081876 won 122° national…. And he is then a half-brother of ‘Sacco’, as son of ‘AXL’ (1° Nat Ace pigeon Grand distance KBDB ’05) x ‘Sister Champion’ (sister 2° Nat Ace pigeon long distance KBDB ’05).
Which immediately demonstrates how important the input of the success line of ‘AXL’ (read stock couple ‘Jef’ x ‘Francine’) for the ‘Grand Distance’… in crossing with the old stock lines… in the achievement of this title of national champion ‘Grand Distance’ !

1° + 3° National Ace pigeon long distance  KBDB 2010


But the 1.apotheosis of the year in the Chris Hebberecht residence was of course the winning of the 1° + 3° National Ace pigeon long distance KBDB in 2010… or in other words…  no less than 2 of the 3 best long distance racers which our country was enriched with during the last season, reside in the lofts in Evergem! Ace pigeons which were also the result of a series of striking performances, achieved week after week, with 1° prizes tolling off the conveyor belt… even the 1° + 2° prize several times… even the first 3 or first 4 prizes at club level! The competition in the ‘casino’ in Lokeren was occasionally flat-rolled. And that has consequents… because some of the competition in the Lokerse Fond club have difficulty with the mastership with which the Hebberecht pigeon is currently dominating their fond club… so much so that many of them prefer to see Chris leaving than coming… threatening to exclude the Hebberecht colony from the club in Lokeren. The price of fame… of racing ‘too’ well… anything but sportsmanship! Especially when you know that for Chris this is only the second time that the doors for participating in ‘all’ long distance races was completely opened… Now, after 2 years of weekly ‘thunder’ and ‘lightning’… in other words overwhelming ‘domination’ of the modern Hebberecht pigeon… it seems like the storm clouds are threatening to remain above Eksaarde-Lokeren… and the ‘long distance doors’ will probably be hermetically closed or nailed shut again for the Hebberecht pigeons! Who can understand… and this during the times of the so-called ‘modern pigeon sport’… clubs which want to take part in ‘reduction’ instead of ‘expanding’ ?

This aside… but not nice to hear when your ‘friends’ (?) in your basketting club want to suddenly get rid of you! After all, it is the ‘toppers’ which radiate… and assess the strength of… a basketting club !
Of course we all want to ‘win’, that is the aim of the game itself… and everybody dreams of having pigeons of the calibre ‘Ike’ or ‘Jaws’ in the lofts… but when they are in one and the same colony, and don’t just shine in one and the same racing season… well yes, then it is difficult to race against such ‘class’… although it could be seen as an ‘honour’, to gauge yourself against such ‘super birds’… against the ‘best’ of our country!  Admittedly, in 2010 they left a trail of destruction through the pigeon peloton, not only at local level, but even up to national level! In the end it resulted in prestigious ‘Ace pigeon titles’ of 1° + 3° National Ace pigeon long distance KBDB 2010! Let’s take a closer look at the ‘fireworks’ with which  both these clappers bombarded the opposition :

-‘Ike’ B08-4351119
A summer youngster 2008 which was trained up to Clermont (212 Km). His further honours list looks like this :

 In 2009:
Etampes         395 p. 129
Etampes         846 p. 194
Argenton        783 p. 9
    Prov      5.627 p. 117
    Nat      21.092 p. 778
Tulle           213 p. 57
    Prov      1.281 p. 283
In 2010:
1° National Ace pigeon long distance KBDB 2010
Vierzon         922 p. 26
    Prov      7.030 p. 199
Brive           315 p. 3
    Prov      3.004 p. 11
    Zone A    6.470 p. 31
    Nat      16.815 p. 45
Cahors          177 p. 4    (after 3 loft companions)
    Prov      1.703 p. 25
    Zone A    2.734 p. 36
    Nat       8.651 p. 46
Limoges o.b.    278 p. 1
    Prov      2.754 p. 2
    Zone A    4.765 p. 11
    Nat      10.448 p. 11
    Derby 2-Y   199 p. 1
    Prov      1.750 p. 1
    Zone A    2.786 p. 8
    Nat 2-Y   5.607 p. 8
Souillac        137 p. 1
    Prov      1.829 p. 1
    Zone A    3.495 p. 6
    Nat       7.045 p . 6 

He is also living proof that ‘Ace pigeons’ descend from ‘Ace pigeons’… it is anchored in the genes!
Father: ‘Jempy’ B07-4373192… a half-brother of ‘Champion’ (1° Prov + 2° Nat Ace pigeon long distance KBDB)
GF: ‘Pancho Jelle’ B04-4437282… son of ‘Pancho 210/99’ (1° Prov + 2° Nat Ace pigeon long distance KBDB)) x ‘Sister Branko 940/02’ (a daughter of the 1° Prov Perpignan winner ‘Jelle 494/95’ x ‘Vooruitje 213/99’).
GM: ‘Chequer Kromme’ B99-4262223… mother of ‘Champion’ (and daughter of the ‘Krommen 629/91’ x ‘Daughter Bjorn 996/94).
Mother: ‘Chequer Joosen’ B06-6185492… owned by international Marseille winner 2010, Jos Joosen from Brecht… which temporarily resided in the lofts of Chris Hebberecht by means of ‘joint breeding’, from which the youngsters were divided between Chris and Jos.
GF: ‘Son Bonga’ B97-6101055… son of stock breeder ‘Bonga 475/85’, the line which also bred the 1° Intnat Marseille 2010!
GM: ‘523-Hen’ B02-6051523
This ‘Ike’ is not just any old pigeon… in the 4 national races in which he participated he always ended up in the ‘top 46’ national… phenomenal, and rarely achieved before! With this, ‘Ike’ managed to follow in the footsteps of his illustrious predecessors in the Hebberecht lofts, so as ‘AXL’ (1° Nat Ace pigeon Grand distance KBDB ‘05), ‘Pancho’ (2° Nat Ace pigeon long distance KBDB ’04), the ‘Champion’ (2° Nat Ace pigeon long distance KBDB ’05)! Admit it… not many can manage to breed, race and ‘win’ such a series of Ace pigeons… in their own loft! For ‘Ike’ this also means the end of his racing career, he will soon move to the other end of the world .

-‘Jaws’ B07-4081813
A phenomenal topper… no wonder that he was often basketted as 1° nominated in 2010! The following shining performances decorate his honours list :

 In 2008:
Chateauroux     517 517 p. 1
    Prov      3.602 p. 66
Limoges         801 p. 1
    Prov      3.908 p. 9
    Zone A    7.823 p. 4
    Nat      16.012 p. 83
In 2009:
Brive           418 p. 1
    Prov      3.080 p. 3
    Zone A    6.089 p. 8
    Nat      17.456 p. 8
Souillac        175 p. 1
    Prov      1.780 p. 3
    Zone A    3.290 p. 2
    Nat       7.597 p. 12
In 2010:
3° National Ace pigeon long distance KBDB
Cahors          177 p. 2    (after loft companion)
    Prov      1.703 p. 13
    Nat       8.651 p. 26
Limoges o.b.    278 p. 2
    Prov      2.754 p. 15
    Zone A    4.765 p. 48
    Nat      10.448 p. 58
Souillac        137 p. 3    (after 2 loft companions)
    Prov      1.829 p. 14
    Zone A    3.495 p. 32
    Nat       7.045 p. 32
Tulle           106 p. 33
    Nat       6.695 p . 1096 

Father: ‘Pokémon’ B99-4262348… Self 1° Prov Brive 3.433 p. and 12° Nat Brive 22.026 p… as son of the ‘5-star breeder’ in the Chris Hebbrecht lofts, the golden stock breeder ‘Bjorn 551/90’ (self 1° Prov + 5° Nat Narbonne 5.006 p., 81° Nat Narbonne 5.929 p…) x ‘Mieke 640/96’ (a direct Gebr. Herbotd)
Mother: Chequer ‘Daughter Krommen’ B04-4217179… a daughter of the ‘Krommen 629/91, self 117° Nat Cahors 8.851 p… (and son of the ‘Wringer 300/88’ x ‘Prinseske 412/90’) x ‘Chequer Bjornke 955/01’ (a daughter of star breeder and stock father ‘Bjorn 551/90’ x ‘Vooruitje 213/99’, self 1° La Souterraine 402 p…).
This top athlete will soon be able to demonstrate his talents in the breeding loft of Chris Hebberecht, as a result of which the 2 leading players from 2010 will disappear from the racing team for 2011. But never mind, because if you read the performances of the colony Chris Hebberecht in 2010 which we have listed at the end of this article, you will soon notice that a ‘new generation’ of superior racing pigeons is waiting…. to fill the gap that ‘Ike’ and ‘Jaws’ will without doubt leave !

Best long distance racer of our land ?

Because of course, this wasn’t everything. The Chris Hebberecht colony floated on a cloud in 2010… the pigeons were in an exceptional racing condition for the entire season… in pigeon terms it is often referred to as ‘super form’! This also resulted in a record number of classifications within the ‘Top 100’ national in 2010 for Chris, something which had never occurred before in own loft! And something special? There is nothing to report. The pigeons are always given a mix of the racing mixtures Champion Plus, Superstar Plus and Petit France. This is given for the last 10 meals, the last two feeds are supplemented with ‘Energy Plus’ Versele. By the homecoming they are given this mix for the first 2 or 3 days, 2/3 of this mix supplemented with 1/3 mix depurative and ‘Super Diet’. The following days 1/3 racing mixture + 2/3 light mixture. Some electrolytes in the drinking water when they arrive home, followed by a cure for tricho. Normally they are cured once a year with Soludox after the Vierzon at the middle of May (just before the 1st national long distance race from Brive, this year Limoges)… and for the rest Chris only listens to the advice of veterinary surgeon, who is only  consulted when Chris suspects something is not right. And yes, the pigeons are still given their ‘Angel drink’ or ‘Airway mixture’ from Blubke three times a week. It has been this way for years… and a fixed pattern which has contributed to the enormous long distance successes, as a result of which the pigeons are apparently ‘fit as a fiddle’ and easier to keep in good condition… but this is no secret! It is always the pigeons themselves which have to do it in the end… let their ‘surplus’ of ‘class’ speak… and these should be expressed in ‘results’ in the competitions!  And over the last 10 seasons this doesn’t seem to have been a problem for the Hebberecht pigeons… the supremacy of the modern Hebberecht pigeons repeatedly fleeced ‘high tops’! No wonder that people consider Chris Hebberecht one of the best, if not the best long distance fancier of our country anno 2010. Whoever looks at the results will see… that there is no flaw in that argument! Congratulations Chris and Kathy… keep it up !

The new ‘personal’ record out 2010, with 22 pigeons within the ‘top 100’ National !

 ·     2° national Cahors         8.651 p.
•     3° national Narbonne       6.332 p.
•     6° national Souillac       7.039 p.
•     6° national Tulle          6.585 p.
•     8° national Limoges Derby  5.607 p.
•    11° national Limoges       10.448 p.
•    13° national Tulle          6.585 p.
•    25° national Orange         4.491 p.
•    26° national Cahors         8.651 p.
•    28° national Montauban      6.654 p.
•    30° national Souillac       7.039 p.
•    31° national Souillac       7.039 p.
•    37° national Cahors         8.651 p.
•    45° national Brive         16.815 p.
•    46° national Cahors         8.651 p.
•    48° national Tulle          6.585 p.
•    50° national Limoges Derby  5.607 p.
•    58° national Limoges       10.448 p.
•    74° national Souillac       7.039 p.
•    82° national Limoges       10.448 p.
•    93° national Cahors         8.651 p.
•    100 national Tarbes         4.576 p . 

The impressive honours list  2010

Tulle 31/07/2010 (635 Km)

 Regional   106 o.b.:   1-2-12-24-33-35 (6)
National 6.695 o.b.:   5-46-239-746-1096-1187 (6)
Regional     196 yl:   1-3-5-12-14-38-42-51 (16)
National   8.323 yl : 13-169-304-530-544-1291-1401-1678 (16) 

Perpignan 31/07/2010 (925 Km)

 Regional   133 o.b.: 9-13-23-33 (10) 

Narbonne 24/07/2010 (887 Km)

 Regional   123 o.b.: 1-5-10-12-34 (10)
Internat 13.535 o.b. : 4-86-593-784-1832-2923 (10) 

Libourne 24/07/2010 (750 Km)

 Regional   105 yl: 6-32 (3) 

Souillac 17/07/2010 (710 km)

 Regional   137 o.b.: 1-2-3-5-6-10-12-14-24-27-44 (16)
National 7.045 o.b. : 6-31-32-79-131-423-465… etc. 

Marseille 17/07/2010 (905 km)

 Regional    57 o.b: 3-6-7 (3/4) 

Tarbes 11/07/2010 (920 km)

 Regional    91 o.b.: 1-2-7-13-14-21-24 (6/7)
National 4.576 o.b. : 100-106-309- ... 

Limoges 03/07/010 (614 km)

 Regional       278 o.b.: 1-2-5-16-17-18-23-33-44-55-70-71-93 (13/22)
National    10.448 o.b.: 11-58-82-289-290-291-440- ...
Regional   199 2-yl: 1-3-14-21-29-34 (6/11)
National 5.607 2-yl : 8-50-243-425- 

Barcelona 02/07/010 (1091 km)

 Regional    290 o.b. : 2-10-19 (3/6) 

Soustons 02/07/010 (902 km)

 Regional    295 yl : 19-26 (2/4) 

Orange 26/06/010 (781 km)

 Regional     88 o.b.: 1-6-13-17-18 (5/7)
Provincial  556 o.b.: 6-42-95-115
National  4.466 o.b. : 24-197-576-705-734 (5/7) 

Argenton 26/06/010 (528 km)

 Regional   431 o.b.:   32-68-138 (3/3)
Regional 848 yl : 25-44-121-136-257 (16) 

Montauban 21/06/010 (807 km)

 Regional     134 o.b.: 2-5-10-12-32 (5/6)
Provincial 1.291 o.b.: 10-36-90-113-282
National   6.654 o.b. : 28-174-471 

Pau 20/06/010 (918 km)

 Regional  165 o.b.: 5-8-19-54 (4/5)
Int.prov. 458 o.b. : 7-16-49 

Montrichard 20/06/010 (458 km)

 Regional 408 yl : 18-27-40-77-156-158 (6/8) 

Cahors 13/06/010 (753 km)

 Regional     177 o.b.: 1-2-3-4-8-11-30-43-57 (9/12)
Provincial 1.703 o.b.: 1-13-20-25-44-56-223-358
National   8.651 o.b : 2-26-37-46-93-134-699-1169-1566-1722 (10/12) 

Montelimar 05/06/010 (734 km)

 Regional   124 o.b.: 14-17-27-30 (7)
Provincial 803 o.b.: 60-71-122-161 (4/7)
National 7.187 o.b. : 353-465-910-1235 (4/7) 

Brive 29/05/010 (684 km)

 Regional    315 o.b.: 3-20-22-24-26-46-63-66-67-68-
Zonal     6.470 o.b.: 31 etc…
National 16.815 o.b.: 45-764-832-974 etc  

Vierzon 15/05/010 ( 450 km)

 Regional 922 o.b.: 3-6-7-12-16-16-19-21-24-26-33-35-37-39-44-55-57-73-84-85-94-116-117
                    -127-159-178-184-193… (33/38)