European Cup 2010 - Celebrating the Champions on the 29th of Jan 2011 in Brecht. Place of honour Herman Van Rompuy

The celebrations took place in the E 10 Hoeve in Brecht on 29-01-2011. Big winner was Jos Joosen from Brecht

The celebration was organised in combination with "The Padvinders" from Sint-Job-in't Goor. For the first time we went to the north of the province Antwerp to attend a celebration, and we have to say, they know how to hae a good time. Standing, together with ambiance.
The E10 Hoeve in Brecht, where it all took place, exudes class. Good food in a beautiful setting.
It has been known for a long time that there is a band between "The Padvinders" and La Colombe Joyeuse. Roger Geysen, Chairman of the Padvinders also sits in the governing board of "La Colombe", hence the successful marriage. This celebration took place at the same time as the Olympiad in Poland, meaning that a few tenors were not present.
The place of honour European Cup Herman Van Rompuy was handed over by Senator Peter Van Rompuy, son of the chairman of the European council .

Jos Joosen winner end classification European Cup 

The governing board of "La Colombe Joyueuse", founders of the European Cup,
from L. to R : the gentlemen Roger Geysen, Emiel Audenaerde and Chairman Danny Vanbael 

Roger Geysen during his speech 

Mr. and Mrs. Joosen were presented the European Cup by Senator Peter Van Rompuy 

End classification European Cup
1. Joosenn Jos, 2. Batenburg van der Merwe, 3. Vanwildermeersch-Vincke, 4. Serrurier Alain, 5 . Sack-Schipperen, 6 . Stevens Rik, &
Tronquoy Philippe, 8. Laurent Andre, 9. Depasse-Lardenoye, 10. Frenken Brothers 

Places of Honour, Brussels Pau