比利时狄萨尔父子(Antoine & Rudi Desaer)荣获2010KBDB全国长距离成鸽鸽舍奖冠军

比利时狄萨尔父子(Antoine & Rudi Desaer)荣获2010KBDB全国长距离成鸽鸽舍奖冠军,其中最大功臣布莱肯(Bleken)2010KBDB全国长距离鸽王4位已于PIPA网拍被中国唐山开尔鸽业拍得收藏!

.....after last year when ,through an administrative error or omission from the KBDB in drawing up the criteria for the national championships Long Distance (due to Tulle, which ultimately resulted in the yearlings being ‘valid’ for the Long Distance championship),to their surprise, they suddenly dropped from ‘pole position’… as tipped favourite… and finished in 2nd place.
Here below a film with a short presentation of a few of the top pigeons in the current auction of A&R De Saer.
By the auction self you will see films with a more detailed introduction per pigeon.
Without slating the merits of the Nihoul family from Senzeilles, who handled correctly, according to the set criteria KBDB!

Is this the title of ‘revenge’? Antoine and Rudi don’t want to take it that far, though they readily admit that last winter was one with "a" sour taste "! Something will have ‘burned inside’! Each new pigeon season is a ‘new start’ for every fancier… its course cannot be programmed in advance… but there in the West-Flemish Ruiselede they did their utmost best in 2010 to get the most out of the season, and finally in the last 3 national ‘extreme middle distance’ races of het season they managed to achieve the more than deserved title of 1° Nat Champion Long Distance KBDB! The 3 following national results were sent to the KBDB offices in Halle

      Race      Number     1° nom  2° nom 
     Limoges   10.448 p.  217      66
    Souillac   7.045 p.  189      16
    Tulle      6.695 p.   47     211
              Total coeff:  9,4721 % 

With which they then won the lawsuit and will be able to climb the highest podium in Ostend as 1° Nat. Champion Long Distance Old birds KBDB 2010… for Etienne Meirlaen from Deurle with 12,7754% (2° place) and Marc Pollin from Snellegem with 13.3481% (3° place).
The Vandenabeele pigeonslevel the path
It is a public secret that the Desaer colony is based on that noble Vandenabeele pedigree… whereby thelines of the 1° Nat Limoges (Desyn-Vd Meulebroucke)- Turbo- Kleinen and Wittenbuik demand a leading role in the stock building. In 1995 the first pigeons arrived from Dentergem… 10 in total. In 1997 reinforcements were obtained out the ‘Turbo’, together with 3 inspiring hens. The train immediately started rolling… Later there was a splash of fresh blood from fellow villager Dr Andre Gyselbrecht-Madeira, for crossing with the Vandenabele stock.


The Desaer loft is built up with 25 breeding couples… some of which are ‘steady couples’… although they are sometimes coupled with other pigeons, because they discovered there in Ruiselede that pigeon which were coupled together for ‘too long’ without any break… dared to produce youngsters of ‘less quality’, that’s why they break the cycle now and again. The youngest introductions into the breeding loft, the direct children of their own ‘Ace pigeons’… coupled with 4 pigeons originating from fellow villager Rik Cools (out the Bliksem line Vandenabeele) have immediately given hopeful results!

The racing loft, situated next to the house, offers room for 60 widowers, which are spread out over 4 compartments. All the old racing pigeons will later be sold via PiPa… so that more or less all the young cocks 2010 will be given a place in the racing loft, and later in 2011 they will start with yearlings only. As of now the intention is to only concentrate on the ‘national 1-day long distance races’, and to ‘ignore’ the provincial races, and only use them for preparation! These are choices that a fancier has to make for himself… and if, as fanciers so as Antoine and Rudi find that the  ‘hen specialists’ hold the lead in the provincial ‘grand middle distance’… and that you own pigeons know how to play a leading role in the national races starting from Limoges, Brive etc… then is this a logical choice, and an important step in planning their career for the future!


How do they do it?
The youngsters from the 1° + 2° round are darkened, and raced with the ‘sliding door’. The cocks are trained up to the provincial Tours races… wherefrom the complete at least 1 to maximum 3. The young hens are given the ‘national races’ for youngsters… according to Rudi it is also the hens that return to the loft best as youngsters. Their cocks seem to ‘ripen’ later… that’s why by the selection the results are only ‘partly’ taken into account, and the build and lineage of the pigeon is just as important. To illustrate, Rudi gives the example of 2005… the objective was to allow 30 young cocks and 30 old racing pigeons remain for the winter. If they were to have used only the results for the selection, then their best 2 yearlings in 2006 might not have survived the selection as youngsters, as they stood classified as 23° + 24° cock… in other words , by the skin of their teeth! It didn’t stop them ‘flourishing’ as yearlings, and growing to be the ‘leaders’ of the racing team… and at a later age even becoming real ‘cracks’! According to Antoine & Rudi it is a matter of experience… of getting to know the sort. Thus it appeared that the ‘Limogesline’ from Gaby only became better in the races from Limoges and further… and that these pigeons were only real ‘top’ once they were 3 years old... with which they mean… pigeons that could be relied on with the ‘precision’ of the clock… ‘always’ on time, and at the ‘front’ of the competition happenings… as only real ‘toppers’ can!

In preparation for the 2010 season they did not breed the old racing pigeons… but allowed themto brood twice. The yearlings raised 1 youngster in the early breed, this to get them used to their new loft… and just before the season they were allowed to brood once, before starting in widowhood. The hens are ‘never’ shown to the pigeons before they are basketted… only the dishes are turned over, and as soon as each pigeon has his dish the first pigeons are basketted. When they return from the preparatory sprint races they are only shown their hen for 15 minutes…once the long distance races are about to start then they stay together until the evening (depending on what time they get home). They sometimes used to show the hen before the cocks left… a matter of putting variety into the ‘game’… yet this often led to a ‘worse result’… that’s why they have stopped ‘showing’ before basketting. It was only in the race from ‘Tulle’ this year that they dared to go for ‘all’ or ‘nothing’… since this was the very last long distance race of the season, and that one necessary ‘top result’ was still needed to give them a chance of the national title… and for once they gave the ‘Tulle pigeons’ their hen for the entire day… with the known success, and the ‘national title’ as a result! According to Rudi this gave ‘extra motivation’… and because the pigeons were given their hen for the entire day, they were quite ‘calm’ when they were basketted! But showing them for a ‘short’ time (3 to 15 min.)… they haven’t done that for a long time by the Desaer household… according to them the pigeons become too ‘excited’, and then often spend too much energy in the basket, especially with 2 or 3 nights in the basket! Although of course this can be ‘inherent’ to their pigeons, and so be more ‘sort related’! Is this not the ‘art’ of being a ‘fancier’? Knowing which ‘image’ fits their pigeons best?

Where the feed is concerned, the first days of the week the pigeons are given a ‘low-protein’ mixture (the Vandenabeelemixture… how could it be anything else). When they return to the loft after training the pigeons find a spoonful of food waiting for them in a separate ‘eating dish’ in their box. After 20 minutes they are then fed in the collective eating dish. They are fed more for the last 5 or 6 meals before basketting with a mix of ‘Premium widowhood Beyers’ and ‘Super Special Van Robaeys’… whereby ‘extra corn’ is added for the last two days. Antoine and Rudi didn’t have such a good experience with the ‘energy rich’ mixtures which are ‘in’ at the moment. When they gave this to the pigeons they almost brought it all back up in their basket when they basketted them in the club… that’s why they have (temporarily) stopped using it! Qua medical guidance they have followed the system of their fellow villager, veterinary surgeon, Piet Blancke for 20 years… and followed his advice to the full… to their great satisfaction. Only after treatment with medication do they dare to give ‘Avitonikum’ to purify the liver and intestines… and a few other products from the firm Röhnfried are given to support the condition!
The brothers ‘Bleken’ and ‘Tours’ win ‘national title’
In the region they have for years experienced first-hand what the ‘Desaerpigeons’ are capable of… with an often ‘overwhelming’ game. This used to be more focused on the provincial classics, with sometimes an outburst towards ‘national long distance’… for the last few seasons they have turned more towards this ‘national extreme distance’ (or light long distance)… and they have done well by it! It is now the 2 brothers ‘Bleken’ and ‘Tours’ who signedfor their winning of the title of 1° Nat Champion Long Distance KBDB… both real super cracks in the long distance! Let’s take a closer look at these 2 classy pigeons:

-B07-3128456 ‘Bleken


 4° NationalAce pigeonLong distance KBDB 2010
3° ProvincialAce pigeonLong distance KBDB W-Fl 2010
In 2007:
    Clermont       156 p. 9
    Tours          270 p. 16
    Orleans        523 p. 42

In 2008:
    Ablis          209 p. 5
    Blois           76 p. 6
       Prov OB     678 p. 22
       Prov YL     507 p. 26
    Blois Prov   1.219 p. 80
       Prov YL   1.366 p. 55
    Bourges        102 p. 2
       Prov      1.484 p. 37
       Nat      16.771 p. 279
    Chateauroux    454 p. 38

In 2009:
    Arras          176 p. 15
    Roye           586 p. 16
    Tours          284 p. 1
       Prov      2.739 p. 2
    Poitiers        98 p. 2
       Prov      2.097 p. 98
    Bourges        595 p. 20
    Argenton Pro 1.273 p. 123
    Poitiers Pro 1.814 p. 85

In 2010:
    Clermont       419 p. 18
    Ablis          326 p. 23
    Brive          552 p. 78
       Nat      16.815 p. 1082
    Cahors Prov  1.194 p. 141
       Zone      2.734 p. 275
       Nat       8.651 p. 437
    Limoges        397 p. 5
       Prov      1.929 p. 30
       Zone      4.765 p. 54
       Nat      10.448 p. 66
    Souillac       288 p. 5
       Prov      1.568 p. 12
       Zone      3.495 p. 16
       Nat       7.045 p. 16
    Tulle          368 p. 7
       Prov      1.081 p. 12
       Zone      2.581 p. 27
       Nat       6.695 p. 47 

He is a full brother of the ‘Tours’… joint winner of the titles 1° + 2° Nat ChampionLong distance KBDB in 2010 and 2009! And then his descendants… simply the very best that Gaby Vandenabeele owns, was poured into one and the same form in Ruiselede, with (amongst others) the phenomenal super cracks ‘Bleken’, ‘Tours’ and ‘King’  as end result:

Father: B98-3240118 ‘Den 18’
Grandson of both the ‘Wittenbuik’ and the ‘1° Nat Limoges’, and so 100% Gaby Vandenabeele!
GF:B95-3211277 The ‘Geschelpte Limoges’… a direct Gaby Vandenabeele, as son of the ‘Limoges 420/86’ (1° Nat Limoges Yearlings by Deseyn-Vd Meulebroucke, and self grandfather of the 1° Nat Montauban) x ‘Laura 128/93’.
GM:B95-3211275 ‘Wittenbuikske’… a super breeding hen, direct Gaby Vandenabeele out the ‘figurehead’ from Dentergem, mister ‘Wittenbuik 112/88’ (3 x 1° Provincial and son of stock bear ‘Kleinen 253/81’) x ‘Moriska 648/85’

Mother: B05-3177035 ’t Goedje’
Also a 100% Gaby Vandenabeele, and ‘granddaughter’ of stock bear ‘Kleinen 253/81’.
GF:B93-3050291 ‘Son Kleinen’… so as his name suggests, a direct son of ‘the’ stock pigeon by Gaby: the ‘Kleinen 253/81’ x ‘Georgette 708/86’
GM:B97-3062343 ‘Dana 1’… daughter of the ‘Nicolaas 169/93’ (direct Vandenabeele) x ‘Lady Turbo 563/96 (direct Vandenabeele out the supercrack ‘Turbo 128/90’, self 1° Prov Ace pigeonLong distance KBDB ’93, 2° Prov Ace pigeonLong distance KBDB ’94…  x ‘Lady Blue 220/91’).
A lineage which many ‘top pigeons’ can only dream of… with this ‘line inbreeding’ to the ‘Kleinen’, refined with a touch of ‘Limogesblood’ (1° Nat Limoges).

-B06-3125960 ‘Tours

Full brother of the ‘Bleken 456/07’, and so also son of ‘Den 18’ x ‘t Goedje’ (granddaughter ‘Kleinen’)
8° Prov Ace pigeonLong distance KBDB 2009
Won 3 x 1° Prizes and further a.o.

 In 2007:
    Ablis           148 p. 3
    Tours           178 p. 1
       Prov       3.392 p. 49
    Tours           162 p. 3
       Prov YL    2.791 p. 28
       Prov OB    1.867 p. 42

In 2008:
    Blois           385 p. 12
    Chateauroux     236 p. 23
       Prov (2Y)    792 p. 37
       Prov       3.709 p. 148
    Brive Nat    14.251 p. 2503

In 2009:
    Tours           203 p. 1
       Prov       2.898 p. 6
    Tours           284 p. 2
       Prov       2.739 p. 3
    Brive           196 p. 4
       Prov       2.770 p. 30
       Nat       17.456 p. 47
    Cahors          122 p. 5
       Prov       1.044 p. 51
       Nat        7.347 p. 141
    Limoges         213 p. 14
       Prov       2.170 p. 151
       Nat       11.869 p. 444
    Souillac        140 p. 3
       Prov       1.444 p. 23
       Zone       3.290 p. 82
       Nat        7.597 p. 194
Joint winner title 2° Nat ChampionLong distance KBDB ’09
In 2010:
    Brive           552 p. 47
       Prov       2.868 p. 204
       Zone       6.470 p. 349
       Nat       16.815 p. 480
    Cahors Nat    8.651 p. 1002
    Limoges         397 p. 15
       Prov       1.929 p. 84
       Nat       10.448 p. 217
    Souillac Prov 1.568 p. 108
       Nat        7.045 p. 189
    Tulle Prov    1.081 p. 51
       Zone       2.581 p. 119
       Nat        6.695 p. 211 

Joint winner title 1° Nat ChampionLong distance KBDB ’10
Two phenomenal ‘supercracks’… also ‘full brothers’… who signed for the title of 1° Nat ChampionLong distance KBDB 2010… nice isn’t it! Whoever thought we were finished, will have to think again when looking at the honours lists of the other top racers in the Desaer loft… a very long list, which are the moment being offered for sale in a PiPa auction… from which we have selected the 2 most predominant pigeons in the form of ‘Jens’ and the ‘Zwarten As’!

-B05-3177041 ‘Jens

A pigeon which immediately demonstrated the ‘all round’ capacities of the ‘Desaerpigeons’! So was he in 2009 not only 1° Prov Ace pigeon Sprint KBDB, he was also joint winner of the title 2° Nat ChampionLong distance KBDB in that same 2009. Shining from sprint to long distance… fromApril to the end of July in one and the same year… admit it, it is not reserved for many pigeons, and more a case of exception instead of rule! The highlights out his immense honours list look like this
1° Prov Ace pigeon Sprint KBDB 2009
2° Prov Ace pigeonMiddle distance 2006
Joint winner title of 2° Nat ChampionLong distance KBDB

 In 2006:
    Quiévrain       185 p. 10
    Blois           113 p. 1
       Prov OB 1.319 p. 1
       Prov YL    1.463 p. 1
    Tours            86 p. 1
       Prov OB 2.501 p. 21
       Prov YL    3.497 p. 21
    Tours           100 p. 3
       Prov ob    2.594 p. 17
       Prov YL    3.497 p. 20
    Orleans         365 p. 6

In 2007:
    Clermont        417 p. 18
    Chateauroux     290 p. 9
       Prov 2-Y   1.091 p. 36
       Prov OB    5.712 p. 154
    Brive           217 p. 11
       Prov       2.216 p. 64
       Nat       16.007 p. 147

In 2008:
Chateauroux     236 p. 3
       Prov       3.709 p. 19
    Limoges         172 p. 8
       Prov       2.454 p. 118

In 2009:
Arras           474 p. 1
    Roye            120 p. 1
    Roye            518 p. 4
    Roye            596 p. 7
    Argenton        112 p. 5
       Prov       1.273 p. 25
       Zone       3.682 p. 86
       Nat        9.901 p. 594
    Brive           196 p. 6
       Prov       2.770 p. 38
       Nat       17.456 p. 59
    Argenton        261 p. 10
       Prov       3.387 p. 114

In 2010:
Chateauroux     242 p. 4
       Prov       2.211 p. 36
       Zone       6.254 p. 92
       Nat       17.109 p. 152
    Argenton        114 p. 7
       Prov       1.398 p. 91
       Nat       10.549 p. 332 

He is also a 100% Vandenabeele pigeon… his lineage in a nutshell:

B03-3220181 ‘Geschelpte Neptunus’
Direct Vandenabeele, and ‘half-brother’ of the 2° prize Sun City ‘One million Dollar Race’ South-Africa 2009… as son of ‘Neptunus 708/99’ (grandson of stock bear ‘Kleinen’ and of the ‘1° Nat Limoges’ Deseyn-Vd Meulebroucke) x ‘Zwart Antoine 069/94’ (sister of the 1° Prov Limoges).

Mother: B03-3220003 The ‘Pootje’
Full sister of the Goedje 035/05’… and so a 100% Gaby-pigeon out the ‘Son Kleinen 291/93’ x ‘Dana I 343/97’!

-B06-3125865 ‘Zwarten As


1° Prov Ace pigeonLong distance KBDB 2009
5° Nat Ace pigeonLong distance 2009 (over 4 long distance races)
10° Nat Ace pigeonLong distance KBDB 2009

 ’07 Tours        315 p. 8
          Prov    3.392 p. 30
    ’07 Tours       162 p. 7
          Prov O. 1.867 p. 65
          Prov YL 2.791 p. 58
    ’08 Limoges     172 p. 12
          Prov    2.454 p. 130
    ’09 Brive       196 p. 1
          Prov    2.770 p. 2
          Nat    17.456 p. 3
    ’09 Cahors      122 p. 3
          Prov    1.044 p. 35
          Nat     7.347 p. 96
    ’09 Limoges     213 p. 1
          Prov    2.170 p. 17
          Nat    11.869 p. 47
    ’09 Souillac    140 p. 2
          Prov    1.444 p. 21
          Nat     7.597 p. 179
    ’10 Tours       203 p. 2 (after loft companion) 

This clapper also has a lineage to make your mouth water, one which even lies in the same line as the ‘Bleken’ and the ‘Tours’, take a look:

Father: B99-3243699 ‘Perigueux’
Full brother of ‘Den 18’, who is then father of the ‘Bleken’ and the ‘Tours’… and so also a son of the top breeding couple ‘Desaer’: ‘Geschelpte Limoges 277/95’ x ‘Wittenbuikske 275/95’.

Mother: B01-3031189 ‘Corry’
A gigantic crack hen in breeding, direct Gaby Vandenabeele… mother of the 1° Prov Ace pigeonLong distance W-Fl KBDB ’09, the 3° Prov Ace pigeonLong distance W-Fl KBDB ’06, 4° Prov Ace pigeonLong distance W-Fl KBDB ’05! She is a daughter of thelong distancecrack ‘Turbo 128/90’ (1° Prov Ace pigeonLong distance KBDB ’93, 2° Prov Ace pigeonLong distance KBDB ’94) x ‘Black Beauty 307/95’ (a Rufin Heymans).

Antoine & Rudi Desaer have raced at the absolute top in their province for years, and the last 2 seasons now also at ‘national level’… you don’t just win titles of 2° + 1° National championLong distance KBDB in ’09 and ’10, you need ‘class’ and ‘quality’. They mainly found these in the nearby area, by maestro Gaby Vandenabeele in Dentergem… a ‘quality injection’ which started in 1995… and which, after years of racing magnificently in the ‘provincial’ grand middle distance and light long distance…has finally brought themto the highest ‘national podium’, and given them ‘national fame’! In the future they will concentrate on the ‘nationalhappenings’ in the ‘1-day long distance’ (read: Limoges, Brive, Cahors, Montauban, Tulle, Souillac) …  yes, they have clearly got the taste there in Ruiselede… and the opposition knows what time it is! Because it is always difficult to race against the ‘Saerkes’… it was so in the past, and won’t be any different in the future! Fine fanciers, with a loft full of ‘class pigeons’… and who also understand the ‘art’ of getting the best out of their pigeons, in other words… capable of getting the ‘maximum’ from their pigeons! Their ‘national titles’ are the best proof of this!