National Champions KBDB 2010 Antoine & Rudi De Saer’s entire racing team offered on-line, auction ends today!

Today the top auction of De Saer A&R ends! It is the auctioning off of the entire racing team of one of Belgium’s best long distance colonies. Bringing you no fewer than 4 x 1st Provincial Ace pigeon, an entire series of pigeons that flew top 100 National on several occasions and the entire lot of 26 racing pigeons (+1 breeding pigeon) for the most part originating from the Gaby Vandenabeele bloodline. Take a look at our offer by clicking ‘Pigeons for Sale’ in the main menu.

Moreover, there will be 2 other exclusive young pigeon auctions ending. On the one hand we bring you a scrutinously selected group of 11 young pigeons from the ‘Flanders Collection’. These last few years the ‘Flanders Collection’ has been painstakingly looking for the very best De Rauw-Sablon and Marcel Aelbrecht pigeons and succeeded in bringing together a unique collection of excellent breeding pigeons.

Additional information is found on the corresponding Auctions page.

Last but not least we’ll be offering a group of 32 of Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp’s young pigeons, making this the second year in a row that the family Eijerkamp is coupling their very best cocks with their very best hens to produce the young that are exclusively auctioned here at PIPA.

We received several references and testimonials for the De Saer pigeons, below a very small selection of the most impressive ones:

Below are some of the top pigeons for sale: