Liliane Demely - Moorsele (BE) 1st prov. La Souterraine old birds in West-Flanders.

The “Liliane” 3165983-09 from Liliane Demely from Moorsele won 1st prov. La Souterraine old birds in W-Flanders. The crowning to a beautiful season!

The combination Liliane Demely  consists of father Filip & mother Liliane plus son David. The care is mainly in the hands of mother Liliane,  but due to an illness by her at the beginning of 2010 questions were raised about the ins and outs of the colony for the coming season ’10. All in all it was an exceptional year, including  17 x 1st and various top results.

As witness to this, some figures from the 2010 season:

With the old birds:

Arras     198p:  1 -15 -19 (3/5)
Arras     164p:  4 -5 – 7 -10 ( 4/6)
Clermont  253p:  2 – 7 – 9 ……..(6/11)
Clermont  214p:  2 – 3 – 4 – 5 -…..(8/9)
Ablis     119p:  1 – 13 (4/6)
Ablis     102p:  1-10-17 …(5/9)
Ablis     440p:  3-6-11-21-26….(8/10)
Ablis     451p:  1-4-16-48…(5/6)
Ablis     389p: 19-36-42-54…..(6/6)
Ablis     257p:  1-14-19-26-30-31….(10/10)
Ablis     390p:  7-8-9-17-21….(10/11)
Tours     193p:  3-6-10…(4/5)
Limoges   310p: 17-44 (2/2)
Tulle     291p: 15-49 (2/3)
Blois Fond club Guldensporen race : 141d : 1-2-3-4-6-10-18….(7/8)
Blois Fond club  139p: 1-3-8-9-…(6/6)

With the youngsters:
Clermont 1362p:  4 -16 -17 -18 -24 -38….(21/35)
Clermont  998p:  2-3- 20- 43….(9/9)
Clermont  731p:  3-4-15-17-43-45…(14/17)
Ablis     878p:  2-3-5-6-7-16-40….(20/26)
Ablis     473p:  4-7-12-20-22-23-26…(12/16)
Ablis     393p: 12-14-25-31…(13/16)
Clermont  674p:  9-15-27-40…(13/15)
La Souterraine 298p : 12 -15 -29  - 44 - 57 (5/6)

The provincial victory in the Coastal Province from La Souteraine was achieved by “Liliane” , a hen with a nest….Within 8 days she won the 11th St Junien from 15p and the 1st La Souterraine 350p .
She returned to the loft with another hen at the end of July after the game with the widowers was ended. The 2 ladies initially resided in the loft for the youngsters, but soon formed a couple and so they were placed back in the aviary…. until the end of July then….they were quickly trained and basketted for, amongst other things, St Junien and La Souterraine….the other hen is called “Lisbeth” “980-09” and won from St Junien the 1st prize and from La Souterraine the 8th prize.

The “Liliane” didn’t race much as a youngster due to a smallpox epidemic, she has the following lineage :
Father: “the Houfflijn 677/07”
Comes out a son of the “Blauwe Fideel 584-96” and is for 100% origin G. Vandenabeele
Mother= “Marcelleke” 882-07”
A direct Marcel Aelbrecht  with as father a son out the “Marseille x Fijn Blauw” and as mother a product out the line 1st nat Perpignan x Bak 17.

The “Lisbeth” won as youngster a.o. the 7th  Roye  581p – 17th Ablis  574p – 10th Tours  130p and 1st Blois 362p.
Father= “Brother Draaier 845-07” ( 100% A & H Reynaert)
The “Draaier” won 4 x 1st and 18 x in top-10
GF: “Jonge Schicht “ ( 7 x 1st)
GM: “Bontje Reynaert”
Mother = “Sister Freddy” ( 100% F & J Vandenheede)
GF: “Sjah” (out “Limoges 261-91 x Goudklompje 874-98)
GM: “Engels duivin” (100% Engels)

Apart from the above mentioned, the breeding loft contains more class lineage from the country’s top colonies.
This was the 7th provincial victory for this loft since they started in ’90. In 2009 for example they won the 1st prov. Limoges and in ’08 a.o. the 1st prov. Tours….a provincial victory every season…not bad….
Our warmest congratulations to Liliane ,Filip and David.