Johan de Belser - Berlaar (BE) in form from National La Soutteraine 2010

With two hens in the National top 10 and possibly 5 in the top 100, wonder man Johan de Belser performed superbly in the National race from La Souterraine …

Both front pigeons, winners of 6. and 7. National from 17.005 pigeons, are grandchildren of the wondrous ‘Den 500’ … plainly a strong continuation of a very successful blood line!

As the cliché goes, figures speak volumes … whoever is given the La Souterraine result from Johan de Belser will agree with me:
La Souterraine              431 pigeons: 1.-2.-7.-16.-19.-26.-29.-32.-42.-46.-63.-76.-77. (17/33)
La Souterraine prov.  2.507 pigeons: 2.-3.-27.-45.-50
La Souterraine Nat.  17.005 pigeons: 6.-7.-58.-94.etc. (prognosis)
The 33 pigeons basketted were the greatest ‘die hards’ of the 110 youngsters weaned; from all the breeding couples 4 early youngsters and a round from the best racers. After two races from Quievrain (100 km) the sexes are separated and the pigeons are raced with the sliding door. So also the two head racers of this weekend, which, like the majority had also raced twice Quievrain (100 km), twice Noyon (200 km) three to four Angerville (360 km) as preparation. Hens are raced in all the National competitions; cocks are then given also middle distance, provincial Bourges join the ‘National women’ from La Souterainne. . 

6th Nat. La Souterraine
Winner of 6. National was the hen BELG10-6031041 … who was certainly not in front for the first time … After Noyon (206 km) the 101. against 1.643 pigeons (13 June), three consecutive Angerville (364 km) the 437. against 1.610 pigeons (26 June), the 45. against 1.472 pigeons (17 July) and the 526. against 1.678 pigeons (31 July), the young lady won from Argenton (551 km) the 70. provincial from 3.008 pigeons, and also 97. Fleurus 6.036 pigeons … National results are not yet available … Father of the wonder girl is of the pedigree De Coux & Son, whilst the mother is a direct daughter of the ‘Den 500’ x a 100% Engels hen, bred out 1. prov. Blois x ‘Mother 1. Nat. Argenton’.

Stock pigeon ‘Den 500
With ‘Den 500’ we directly arrive at the absolute stock pigeon in the loft of De Belser … ringed BELG2000-6485500 and son of ‘Den Oskar’ x ’t Fijneke’. ‘Den 500’ already had a strong career as a racing pigeon, with a.o. a good series of National top prizes to his name:

21. National Bourges  against 15.716 pigeons
28. National Argenton against 4.955 pigeons
35. Interprovincial Chateauroux against 6.494 pigeons
38. National Bourges  against 36.506 pigeons
39. National Limoges  against 23.661 pigeons
45. National Bourges  against 11.089 pigeons
56. Interprovincial La Souterraine against 5.551 pigeons

The ‘Den 500’ soon proved that he had fabulous genes ... which amongst other things was expressed by his son ‘Junior 500’… already winner of a few very strong prizes:

12. Nat.  Zone Bourges III 2009 against 4.133 pigeons (26. Nat. 11.756 pigeons)
1. prov.  Bourges II 2009       against 1.728 pigeons
34. Nat.  Argenton I 2008       against 6.177 pigeons
37. prov. Chateauroux 2008      against 1.554 pigeons
82. prov. Argenton II 2008      against 1.965 pigeons
98. prov. Bourges I 2009        against 2.181 pigeons

Out this same line (out brother of ‘Den 500’) comes the powerful ‘Mr. Belgium’ … in 2007 best youngster of Belgium over 4 Nationals with a.o. 376. Nat. Bourges (475 km) against 31.824 pigeons; 90. Nat. Argenton (551 km) against 20.844 pigeons, 73. Nat. La Souterraine (588 km) against 19.0587 pigeons en 36. Nat. Gueret (580 km) against 12.586 pigeons … Finally then; a grandchild of ‘Den 500’ won the 1. Nat. Zone Bourges 2007 (also 3. Nat. 31.428 pigeons) by fellow townsmen Paul and Jelle Roziers… If this is not a line of pure gold, then there will never be one!

7th Nat. La Souterraine
The BELG10-6031006, winner 7. National La Souterraine 2010 … achieved a performance which had sort of been announced in the previous weeks. After two small prizes from Angerville and Marne this fearless cock showed what he was worth, especially from Bourges with the 5. prize in the South Campine against 414 pigeons, also 17. Interprovincial against 2.260 pigeons. Her lineage shows on father’s side a 100% Engels cock, out grandson x granddaughter of the famous ‘Den 231’. Mother once again comes out ‘Den 500’, now paired with top breeding hen 568/00, already mother of the 2. prov. Chateauroux against 3.417 pigeons, as well as the 9. prov. Montlucon against 2.589 pigeons. She is once again 100% Engels, out half-brother ‘Marieke’ (Olympiad Lievin) x granddaughter ‘Den 231’. A strong stock then, which has produced yet another wonderful racer! Who will follow from National Gueret?? Only the hens which haven’t moulted very much … have lost a maximum of three pens … will defend the Berlaars honour with verve.