Gertie de Vos - Enschede (NL) 1st national Blois province 9 against 2.277 pigeons.

They are real Tukkers: Gertie and Wilma de Vos, living in the town district ‘Het Ribbelt’ in Enschede. For the last half of his working life, the now 65 year old Gertie worked by the Grolsch brewery.

  When he was just 7 years old, Gertie was, together with his father, member of the ‘De Koerier’, which later merged into the current ‘Luchtsport’. The passion for the pigeon sport is immense y our main character. In search of good pigeons, finding the right caring method, how to motivate the pigeons, all things that this seasoned champion is busy with every day. For Gertie the pigeon sport also means friendship and enjoying each other’s success. Every Saturday morning there is the traditional breakfast with sport friends Jachy Basserman, Jan Visser, Andries Kaspers and the comb. Berg-Huizinga. Gertie and these other men take it in turns to make breakfast and of course there is a great deal of pigeon talk. ‘And a lot of incredible stories’ his wife Wilma adds! Gertie de Vos is the man who is well-known in Enschede and far afield as a great champion with a small basket. With 16 widowers, 30 youngsters and 3 breeding pairs, he has belonged to the best fanciers of the region for decades. The complete provincial programme is raced with these pigeons. And with great success! In 2009 he was 1st Champion Middle Distance Province 9 and Super champion of the C.C. Enschede/Losser. It is also going very well this year and Gertie is at the top of the list in Province 9 in the discipline Sprint N.N. In the Teletext races he also held his own: 1st NPO Ablis 2006 – 9th NPO Ablis 2007 – 3rd National Blois 2008 and then now 1st National Blois 2010! On average he races 75% prize and not many can say that. The basis pigeons come from: the old sort from father M. de Vos – Jacky Basserman – Jan Visser and Egon Reuvers, Overdinkel. These pigeons are crossed with each other. Last Saturday morning during the traditional breakfast Gertie predicted it: ‘Chaps, ‘the 775’ will be at the front today. He is in marvellous condition. I left him with his hen for an hour.

When I removed him he was very upset’. When there hadn’t been any reports by 15h00 Saturday afternoon, Gertie went indoors to watch the Tour de France. With one eye, because he was also keeping one eye on the loft, which he could see through the window. All at once he saw a shadow and he heard his neighbour Winters shouting: 'you’ve got a pigeon'. Gertie ran outside and saw his favourite, 'the 775', just landing on the roof, after which he went straight inside. The pigeon was not tired at all. The display read 15h57.57, which from a distance of more than 653 km. gives a velocity of 1.214,62 mpm. After reporting the pigeon it was immediately clear that this was a very early pigeon. Seeing that Gertie doesn’t have internet, he remained devoid of information for a long time. At around a quarter to five that afternoon the telephone calls from club secretary and sport friend Richard Beestman added to the tension. Whilst they were opening the clocks that evening the top ten from National Blois in Province 9 suddenly appeared on teletext. And yes, there it was: winner Gertie de Vos, Enschede! It does something to even a seasoned and successful fancier: ‘This victory gave me a great feeling. It is as if this has made the relationship with the pigeons even stronger. This was the last race of the year for ‘the 775’ . I’m not ruling out racing this pigeon next year. He can easily race another year'.  

NL 07-1301775 from Gertie de Vos, Enschede. 1st National Blois Province 9 against 2.277 pigeons!

The winner is real class
The NL 07-1301775 is a beautiful cock which has already won many top prizes. As a yearling he won 3rd National Blois Province 9! His speciality is Extreme Middle Distance. This season he raced in this discipline in the C.C. Enschede/Losser:  13th Pithiviers against 2.142p. – 57th Orleans against 2.186 p. – 81st Chateaudun against 1.811 p. – 4th Bourges against 1.459 p. – 2nd Orleans against 965p. and then now 1st National Blois. So 6/6 in this tough season 2010! The father of  ‘the 775’ is ‘De Genaaide’, a cock with three first prizes in District 2. He comes out ‘De Schalie’ from Comb. Visscher x a Meulemans hen from Richard Beestman, Winterswijk. The mother is the NL 06-2168924. She comes out the breeding cock ‘He He 187’, already father of 5 Ace pigeons x a direct from Jacky Basserman. Our primus from Blois was coupled in the middle of January – raised youngsters – were separated – coupled again and then put into widowhood after brooding for five days. Up until Pithiviers he was basketted weekly, then he was raced every fortnight. He trains in the morning for half an hour and in the evening for an hour. Towards the race fed more and more Gerry Plus, Widowhood mixture from Versele, breeding food, peanuts and P40

As little as possible is given medically. Weekly disinfection with Potassium permanganate or Buisman and every 4 to 6 weeks B.S. from Belgica de Weerd. Further a lot of Naturaline, vinegar and garlic. In the autumn a Parastop cure. Since his retirement, Gertie can often be found with his pigeons. Gertie finds that lengthy observation of the pigeons can provide a great deal of useful information. No internet, computer, pedigree programme etc. but only a small notebook in a loft with great pigeons. Who would want to change places with him.