Alwin Petrie; two weeks in a row invincible against thousands of birds (2010)

After his super season 2009, Alwin Petrie showed he prepared his troops perfectly to excel on the first two regional battles of 2010 … Alwin grabbed 2x 1. prize in big competition directly and listed a whole bunch of top positions against over 7,000 birds (twice). What a top class!

Alwin Petrie; two weeks in a row invincible against thousands of birds
10-4    1-4-6-16-17-18-20-22-etc.Meer 7,134 birds (45 entered / 31 prize cards)
17-4    1-2-3-6-10-11-13-15-etc. St. Job 7,333 birds (45 entered / 35 prize cards)

1. Meer 7.,34 b.
Alwin basketed 45 pigeons on the race from Meer and his NL08-1096310 ‘Lancelot’ was the first to cross the distance of 121 km and proclaimed the regional victory! Not his first top position, as he already won 1. regional Pommeroeul against 6,824 birds in 2008 already. ‘Lancelot’s list of honor is impressing:
1. Meer against 7.134 birds
1. Pommeroeul against 6,847 birds

3. NPO North Breuil le Vert against 5,800 birds
9. Peronne against 8.824 birds
The stunning blue cock is bred from a direct Maurice Hasendonckx male, that already bred several good racers when paired to the mother of ‘Lancelot’, and that is ‘Beauty Star’, a direct daughter to the Alwins new wonder breeder ‘First Knight’, super son to founding pair ‘Masaratti’ x ‘Blue Dahlia’. Very striking; the nest mate to ‘Lancelot’ was Alwins second pigeon on this race… this NL08-1096311 ‘Blue Star’ adds a 4th prize against over 7,000 birds to a 4. St. Quentin against 4,262 birds, 6. Morlincourt against 5,280 birds, 6. Peronne against 3,676 birds and 7. Breuil le Vert against 1,190 birds. The magician from Brummen really seems to own a new super pair!!

1. St. Job 7,333 b.
On the second race of 2010, the NL08-1096381 ‘Loval’ rushed towards new regional victory for Alwin Petrie. As yearling this cock was a very steady factor winning 14 prize cards and 6x top 30 in Zutphen Fed. 2010 he opened winning 16. Meer against 7,134 birds., this week he was first in the result. ‘Loval’ is bred from a grandson to Alwins top pair ‘Masaratti’ x ‘Blue Dahlia’, when he was paired to a direct Hasendonckx hen. Runner-up is ‘Doran’, regional already winner of 7. against 5,280 b., 7. against 3,587 b., 11. against 4,946 b., 12. against 3,788 b., 17. against 4,262 b. and 17. against 3,676 b. A superbird he is, also full brother to many more top prize winners. His father is again direct Maurice Hasendonckx and mother is a full sister to Petrie icon ‘Mister Bond’.