The ‘golden stock bear’… the ‘Kaasboer’ of Gaston Van De Wouwer - Berlaar (BE) one of the best breeders in the international pigeon sport in the middle distance!

Gaston Van De Wouwer (65 y.) has raced very well over the last few seasons, even gaining national and international fame.

Not surprising when you can produce exploits so as 1° National Champion Long Distance youngsters KBDB 2007 1° National Ace pigeon youngsters Cureghem Centre 2009 1° National Gueret 14.245 youngsters in 2009 (with super hen ‘Kim’) 3° National Bourges 37.357 youngsters in 2009. 
This is only a small selection out the very long honours list that we have before us… which immediately proves that Gaston Van De Wouwer is not just any old fancier.  Gaston has raced pigeons for 37 years from his current address in Berlaar, and was originally a passionate ‘Sprinter’, and shiner in the races Quiévrain and Noyon.
It was when he was working as a diamond worker… an activity which he retired from when he was 50 years old… when there was not much work in ‘diamonds’. He worked for another five years by the council… and stopped with everything when he was 55. He took up the challenge of some sport friends to concentrate on the middle distance and grand middle distance… with just as much, let alone ‘more’ success than he used to have in the sprint races. The title of 1° Nat Champion KBDB youngsters 2007 and the ‘National victory’ from Gueret in 2009 form the icing on the cake! 
Gaston started with pigeons from his father, which still today can be found in a great deal of the current pigeons. Gaston went mainly looking for reinforcements by strong racing fanciers out the area (Eddy Janssens, Luc Geerinckx, Theo Yskout, Frans Rijmenands, Theo Huysegoms, Johan De Belser etc..), mostly via a ‘voucher’ from the local auctions or via exchanging of pigeons.
He once exchanged a cock with Jozef Goovaerts (better known in the area as the ‘Cheese farmer’)… wherefrom he couldn’t have known at the time that he would develop in Berlaar to a ‘golden breeding pigeon’… even to one of the greatest breeding pigeons in the world for the middle distance. This stock breeder was christened by Gaston as the ‘Kaasboer’ (ring BE98-6335690)… and at the moment is still active in the breeding lofts Van De Wouwer… what’s more, the 24-head breeding team contains no less than 17 children of this super breeder, that speaks volumes!

Loft accommodation
The first thing our notice when you visit Gaston Van De Wouwer is the fact that he has thoroughly thought through his racing lofts. The racing loft for his old racing pigeons has no windows at the front, only a walk-in plank with a small opening. Gaston has place many small windows on the side of the loft. He has done this to avoid extreme warmth in the loft during the middle of summer. The sun can shine continuously on the loft from the early morning to late in the evening, hence this construction. For 2010 this loft will house a total of 15 racing cocks (7 old and 8 yearlings). After the racing season they move to the aviary where they can start moulting, and can remain for a large part of the winter. In the meantime the lofts are given a thorough cleaning and painted white.
At roughly 120 degrees from the racing loft for old birds Gaston has erected his loft for the youngsters and breeding pigeons. The breeding pigeons reside at the back of the loft, the youngsters at the front. The loft for the youngsters has been divided into 2 identical lofts containing the same number of living boxes. During the breeding period the ‘stock couples’ reside here.

The 24-head breeding team and the stock couples are coupled at the same time. The eggs from the breeding pigeons are then moved (straight after the laying of the 2° egg) so that the breeders can directly start with a 2nd nest. This gives Gaston 80 ‘early youngsters’ of about the same age. The stock couples are used later in the year as partners for the youngsters, which are raced in widowhood… and so already have their ‘permanent box’ in the youngster’s loft. For 2010 Gaston will now also try for a team of ‘yearling hens’ (10)… for this purpose he has built a new loft at the back of his garden behind the conservatory, where the ‘yearling ladies’ in all peace and quiet… somewhat isolated from the rest… can later take on the provincial and national ‘extreme middle distance’! Gaston hasn’t said so in so many words, but the ladies are the ‘strong sex’ in this discipline… and often race a decisive role in the winning of ‘Ace pigeon titles’ and other ‘national titles’. A fact that hasn’t escaped his ‘vigilant eye’!

When the youngsters are weaned the sexes are separated as much as possible. They are darkened until the period of the 10th of June, after which lighting is immediately used. Gaston always wants to take part in the first races for the youngsters… the only requirement for this is: youngsters that are in a perfect condition at the time. The young hens reside in the ‘best loft’ for youngsters, the cocks ‘in the worse loft, according to Gaston… this despite the fact that they are only separated from each other by a corridor measuring one and a half metres. The windows are not from glass, but ‘wooden laminate panes’ so that plenty of fresh air and oxygen can enter the lofts. The medical picture is in the hands of Dr. Mariën… although we shouldn’t place too much emphasis on this, says Gaston… because he only uses medicine when necessary. In 2009 the cocks were only treated once for their ‘heads’… but for the rest medical matters were restricted to 1 Belgamagix Deweerd (against ‘tricho’), and only weeks later ¼ Flagyl. Use is made of condition supporting products such as Belgasol, Apple vinegar, Sedochol … ‘condition powder Mariën’ over the food now and again, consisting of 3 sorts… being fishmeal, minerals and iron (this latter especially by the homecoming). When the pigeons return home they are given plenty of ‘super diet’, whilst towards the basketting they are fed more and more racing mixture (which is a mix of 5 types of racing mixture readily available on the market). Many fanciers always look too far says Gaston. According to him, the performance of the pigeons rests on 3 main points in the following order of rank:
1.    The  ‘Ability’ of the pigeon in question
2.    Health
3.    Motivation

Especially ‘point 1’ is of the greatest importance here. A wonder product that can turn a ‘donkey’ into a ‘racing horse’… just doesn’t exist! The born ‘class’… say the ‘performance ability’ of the pigeon… is the first requirement for achieving ‘top performances’! You see and read about it in so many reports and pedigrees… pigeon racing at the absolute top, is always based on a ‘classy family’ pigeons. More or less everything ‘falls’ or ‘stands’ on this! A good and strong stock of pigeons is usually easier to keep healthy… it is preferable to remove a ‘weakling’ directly from the loft than to have to cure an entire loft. Gaston keeps his pigeons close to nature (use of natural products, staying in ‘open air’ in the aviary after the season etc…). The motivation during the season is the widowhood… with young cocks against the ‘old hens’ of the stock couples… and vice versa the young hens against the ‘old stock cocks’! The young cocks normally race the middle distance, whilst the hens are entered for the provincial and national races for youngsters!

The golden stock bear ‘The Kaasboer’
On the level of performance capability, Gaston is in any case sitting pretty… with a pigeon stock that is based  on his ‘golden stock bear’ say… one of the best breeding pigeons in the international pigeon sport where the middle distance is concerned…being the ‘Kaasboer 690/98’! A purely ‘dominant breeder’, a solid lump of granite… a stock bear in thousands… in short, a powerful breeding pigeon which you don’t easily come across! A chap that has produced generation after generation of real ‘top racers’!

Isn’t it this type of pigeon that we are all looking for? Simply because fanciers who have ever been lucky enough to have discovered such a ‘golden stock breeder’ so as this ‘Kaasboer’ in their loft… directly climbed to the highest regions of our (inter)national pigeon sport… often used them to lay  their basis to overwhelming ‘domination’ at local, provincial and even national level…  and thus injecting a ‘rush’ towards national top, to stand there for years with the descendants of their ‘golden raven’! There are enough examples from the past, but also from the current pigeon sport, so as… the ‘Motta’ from G & M.Van Hee, the legendary ‘As’ Van de Velde by Gommaire Verbruggen, the ‘Old birds Flippe’ and the ‘Bange’ by Van Hove –Uytterhoeven, the ‘Witpender 231’ by the late Flor and sons Jos & Jules Engels, the ‘Artiest’ by  Jef, Luc & Nadia Houben, the ‘Kleinen’ by Gaby Vandenabeele, the ‘gold bird Grijze’ by Thomas Peeters, the ‘Electriek’ by Andre Vanbruaene, the ‘Panter’ by Jos Vercammen, the ‘Gouden Bol’, the ‘Uno’ and the ‘Topstar’ by R & X.Verstraete, the ‘Bjorn’ by Chris Hebberecht, the ‘Zieken’ by Fr. & J.Vandenheede, the ‘Chipo’ by Benny Steveninck, the ‘Supercrack’ by Eddy & Maarten Leutenez, the ‘Super Ludoduivin’ by Frans Waerniers’, the ‘Late Donkere’ and ‘Jonge Supercrack’ by Ludo Claessens, the brothers ‘Limoges’ by De Rauw-Sablon (and later Vandenheede) and the ‘Superkweker 548/91’ by Marcel Aelbrecht, a.o. the ‘Sumo’ and the ‘Sars’ by Jos Thoné, the ‘Chateauroux’ and the ‘Top breeder Freddy’ by Pros Roosen, the ‘Freddy’ and the ‘Witneus’ by Roger Florizoone, the ‘Zorro’ by Filip Norman…  this is just a selection of the far from complete list of ‘amazing stock breeders’ that we can think of at the moment… who for the last quarter of a century up to the present day have clearly left their mark on the competitions in the international pigeon sport! It is such ‘white blackbirds’ which have often stood at the cradle of the origin of a ‘super pedigree’, so as is often described in pigeon media.  
It is no different by this golden stock breeder ‘The Kaasboer’ by Gaston Van de Wouwer, who directly shot towards ‘national top’ with his direct descendants… with the title of ‘National Champion of Belgium KBDB youngsters’ in 2007, and ‘national victory’ from Gueret in 2009 as highlights of his honours list! Allow us  to introduce you to the exceptional breeding and racing talent from this golden ‘Kaasboer’, which is presently making good weather in Berlaar… an ‘impressive list’ of super talented pigeons, which keeps growing year after year… they have discovered this far abroad! It is gradually becoming ‘almost impossible’ to obtain something from this current wonder breeder from Gaston Van De Wouwer… if you closely inspect the following list of children and grandchildren, you will understand why!

Direct children of the golden ‘Kaasboer’
So as already stated, the breeding loft of Gaston Van de Wouwer currently contains 24 breeding couples, including then 17 direct children of the stock father ‘Kaasboer’. It would be too much to write about them all, yet we certainly don’t want to deprive you of the main ones… say the older ‘proven top breeders’ out the ‘Kaasboer’:

-‘Den Bourges’ B02-6183124, son of the golden ‘Kaasboer 690/98’ x ‘Blauwe Super Kweekduivin 575/97’.
He won a.o.:
Bourges Prov    3.988 p.    1
    Nat       26.679 p.    15
Orleans Prov    2.219 p.    33
Chateauroux P    2.471 p.    15
Bourges Prov    3.410 p.    47
Dourdan    2.669 p.    25
Toury        1.573 p.    26    etc…

-‘Mieke’ 07-6033166, daughter of the ‘Kaasboer 690/98’ x ‘Blauw Asduifke 210/04’ (Ace pigeon in 2004). ‘This ‘Mieke’ won self a.o.
In 2007
Melun        1.323 p.    81
Arlon           348 p.        8
Bourges Prov    4.290 p.    306
    Nat      31.824 p.    1069
Le Mans Prov    2.091 p.    226
Argenton Prov    2.712 p.    20
    Nat      20.844 p.    44
Salbris Prov    1.337 p.    144
La Souterraine    2.541 p.    299
    Nat      18.973 p.    1331
Gueret Prov    1.774 p.    50
    Nat      12.586 p.    117
In 2008
Chateauroux P    2.146 p.    8
Chateauroux P    1.554 p.    24
Montluçon Pro    2.152 p.    112
Argenton Pro    1.965 p.    117
Melun           539 p.        7
Pithiviers       326 p.        76

-The ‘Super breeder 231’ B03-6257231, is amongst other things father of ‘Mirthe 149/07’, sister Mirthe 110/07, Blauwen ‘Den 14’ 114/05, Blauwen ‘Den 15’ 115/05, the ‘Klein Blauwe 542/09’, ‘Sister Klein Blauwke 543/09’ etc…
-The ‘Top breeder 098’ B03-6257098 is father of a.o. the ‘Goede Blauwen 617/08’, the ‘Goede Jaarduif 661/08 (2° Ace pigeon), the ‘Moeder Olympiadeduif’ 341/04 (mother of  Olympiad pigeon Germany, mother of ‘Greg’ b K.Oris etc..) etc…
-The ‘Vader 1° Nat Gueret’ B03-6257240 who is father of ‘Kim’ (1° Nat Gueret 2009) and of the 1° Prov Montluçon
-‘Vader Tom’ B00-6335572 who is father of the crack pigeon ‘Den Tom’ (see further)
In addition there is a whole series of youthful breeding cocks and breeding hens (generally summer youngsters out the period 2006-2009) which last season were directly given a place in the breeding loft, seeing the exceptional baggage of both breeding and racing capacities over which the ‘Kaasboer’ and his direct descendants seem to possess. In addition…  the ‘Kaasboer’ is still fertile, so that there is a big chance that more ‘new toppers’ will follow!

Grandchildren of the golden stock bear ‘Kaasboer’
The list of superior racing pigeons which have originated in the 2° generation (being ‘grandchildren’) out the ‘Kaasboer’ is just ‘phenomenal’. Even when we restrict ourselves to the most ‘prominent’ top racers out the 2° generation… we come across an endless list of ‘top talent’ that this ‘golden stock breeder’ has already produced… and he is far from the end!  It is a list that will definitely swell further over the next few seasons with direct descendants out the 17-head team of ‘direct children’ which are momentarily doing very well in the breeding lofts of Gaston Van De Wouwer. We have selected a few grandchildren for you out of this ‘luxury’ of top talent:

-‘Kim’ ring B09-6111514, is a granddaughter of stock breeder the ‘Kaasboer’, and without doubt one of the best youngsters that has flown around Belgium in 2009! She comes out ‘Vader 1° Nat Gueret 240/03’ (son Kaasboer, and also father of the 1° Prov Montluçon)  x ‘734/06’ Frans Rijmenands x Theo Huysegoms. The following performances shine on her honours list:
1° Ace pigeon Cureghem Centre Youngsters
1° Ace pigeon LCB Youngsters
Super pigeon ‘Beyers’ Bourges + Argenton
20.06 Angerville        934 p.        286
27.06 Angerville        804 p.        63
04.06 Angerville     1.268 p.    342
11.07 Orleans     Prov    7.510 p.    203
18.07 Angerville     1.161 p.    26
25.07 Bourges Nat    37.357 p.     87
08.08 Argenton Nat    23.900 p.    38
29.08 Salbris Prov    1.080 p.    4
05.09 Gueret Nat    14.245 p.    1

-‘Sister Kim’ ring B09-6111546’, a full sister of Kim won a.o.:
Angerville    1.268 p.    21
Orleans     Prov    7.510 p.    428
Bourges Prov    2.312 p.    99
Argenton Prov    2.934 p.    798
Angerville       649 p.        27
Salbris Prov    1.080 p.    89
Gueret Prov    1.933 p.    109

-‘Montluçon’ 06-6034709, also comes out the ‘Vader 1° Nat Gueret 240/03’ (father of ‘Kim’ and son of the ‘Kaasboer’)  this time coupled with ‘Blauw De Belser 084/02’ (out ‘Nest brother 500’ x ‘Blauw 1° Prov Blois 682/00’):
In 2007
Montluçon Pro    1.913 p.    1
Melun           339 p.        14
Noyon           148 p.        18
Melun        1.022 p.    28
Toury            421 p.    65
In 2008
Noyon           630 p.        77
Melun           588 p.        4
Melun           606 p.        42
Bourges Nat    19.084 p.    2673
In 2009
Etampes    1.039 p.    8
Vierzon I.P.    8.421 p.    412
Issoudun I.P.    4.478 p.    213
Chateauroux P    1.605 p.    169
Argenton Pro       974 p.        186

-‘Den Tom’ B05-6176121, out ‘Son Kaasboer 572/00’ x ‘Donker WP 145/02’. A powerful top racer with on his honours list a.o.:
Noyon           187 p.        1
Melun            606 p.        2
Toury           202 p.        3
Orleans Prov    4.253 p.    3
Dourdan    1.350 p.    4
Dourdan    1.004 p.    4
Toury        1.579 p.    4   
Pithiviers       114 p.        9
Rastatt           799 p.        12
Melun        1.465 p.    27
Saarbrucken    1.057 p.    28
Toury        1.751 p.    44
Noyon           844 p.        73
Noyon           658 p.        65
In 2009:
Noyon           387 p.        26
Etampes    1.161 p.    3
Etampes       763 p.        103
Bourges        621 p.        11
    Nat     27.506 p.        598
Etampes       431 p.        28
Dourdan       389 p.        9
Dourdan       304 p.        17

-‘Moeder Asduif’ B04-6307341: super breeding hen out ‘Son Kaasboer 098/03’ x ‘Blauw Yskout 214/03’, she is a.o.… Mother of the ‘Ace pigeon Fondclub Antwerp’, mother of the ‘Olympiadeduif’, mother of super hen ‘Snow-Rise’ by Kris Cleirbaut.

-‘Hennesduivin’ B09-2030107… directly descending from Kristiaan Hennes, and daughter of ‘Son Kaasboer 701/07’x ‘Goede Kweekduivin 155/04’. This youthful super talent won in 2009:
Orleans Prov    7.510 p.    1023
Bourges Nat    37.357 p.    1039
Bourges Prov     2.312 p.    44
Argenton Prov    2.934 p.    10
    Nat     23.900 p.        51
La Souterraine    2.215 p.    535
Salbris Prov    1.080 p.    177
Gueret Prov    1.933 p.    303

-‘Het 543’ B09-6111543, out ‘Son Kaasboer 231/03’ x ‘Zomerjong 209/03’, she won:
Angerville       804 p.        3
Angerville    1.268 p.    130
Angerville    1.161 p.    48
Bourges Prov    2.312 p.    13
Argenton Prov    2.934 p.    43
       Nat   23.900 p.    182
La Souterraine    2.215 p.    182
    Nat     17.814 p.        803
Salbris Prov    1.080 p.    102
Gueret Prov    1.933 p.    473

-‘Argentontje 545’ B09-6111545 out ‘Son Kaasboer 093/01’ x ‘Zomerjong 007/03’, won a.o.
Orleans Prov    7.510 p.    1386
Bourges Prov    4.601 p.    231
    Nat      37.357 p.    624
Argenton Prov     2.934 p.    13
      Nat     23.900 p.        68
La Souterraine    2.215 p.    63
    Nat     17.814 p.        246
Salbris Prov    1.080 p.    9
Gueret Prov    1.933 p.    605

-The 09-6111511, out ‘Son Goldwin 083/02’ Johan De Belser x ‘Daughter Kaasboer 018/07’ won as a youngster:
Angerville       934 p.        49
Angerville       804 p.        30
Angerville    1.268 p.    75
Orleans Prov    7.510 p.    86
Angerville    1.161 p.    16
Bourges Prov    2.315 p.    173
Argenton Prov    2.934 p.    132
    Nat      23.900 p.    558

-The 09-6111538 out ‘Zomerjong Kaasboer 129/07’ x ‘Geschelpt Geerinckx 169/08’ (daughter ‘Late Willy x Chateaurouxke’), won a.o.:
Angerville       934 p.        27
Angerville       804 p.        132
Angerville    1.268 p.    5
Bourges Prov    4.601 p.    45
    Nat      37.357 p.    74
Bourges Z.K.           523 p.    2
    Prov    2.312 p.    7
La Souterraine    2.215 p.    112
    Nat      17.814 p.    422
Salbris    Prov    1.080 p.    25
Gueret Prov    1.933 p.    63

-The ‘Goed Jaarlingske’ B08-6177661 out ‘Soon Kaasboer 098/03’ x ‘Leo Verhaegenduivin 318/07’, won the following honours list:
2° Ace pigeon Long distance Club
In 2008:
Pithiviers       958 p.        81
Pithiviers       711 p.        2

Bourges Prov    5.974 p.    48
    Nat      41.723 p.    380
Argenton Nat   25.583 p.    3806
Salbris Z.K.        441 p.    27
Prov    2.269 p.    247
La Souterraine    3.310 p.    109
               Nat      21.258 p.    321
In 2009:
Noyon        290 p.    29
Noyon        924 p.    35
Bourges I Prov    4.376 p.    240
               Nat     22.499 p.    1293
Issoudun Prov    2.139 p.    51
               I.Prov    5.848 p.    126
Bourges Prov    3.292 p.    20
Argenton Prov    2.343 p.    43
               Nat      21.092 p.    140
Limoges Prov    2.909 p.    192
               Nat      16.893 p.    747
Argenton Prov    1.026 p.    8

-The ‘Blauwen 320’ B04-6309320 out ‘Son Kaasboer 093/01’ x ‘Blauw 129/01’ won a.o.:
Dourdan     1.170 p.    76
Melun        1.333 p.    31
Montluçon    1.583 p.    17
Toury        2.071 p.    29
Toury        2.125 p.    7
Dourdan    1.755 p.    53
Dourdan        943 p.    37

-‘Mirthe’ B07-6033149 out ‘Son Kaasboer 231/03’ x ‘Blauw 209/03’ is a powerful 1° prize winner with the following honours list:
1° Ace pigeon Youngsters Fondclub Antwerp ‘07
2° Ace pigeon Youngsters ’extreme middle distance’ South Campine ‘07
2° Ace pigeon Youngsters ‘Fondclub Houtvenne’ 07
In 2007:
Melun        1.323 p.    16
Toury        1.649 p.    141
Melun            938 p.    53
Arlon            348 p.    2
Bourges Prov    4.290 p.    71
        Nat      31.824 p.    263
Le Mans    2.091 p.    550
Argenton Prov    2.712 p.    61
    Nat      20.844 p.    146
Salbris Z.K.       314 p.        1
    Prov    1.337 p.    5
Noyon            279 p.    17
Gueret Prov    1.774 p.    10
Gueret Nat      12.586 p.    18
In 2008:
Toury           334 p.        11
Chateauroux P    2.179 p.    25
Montlucon Pro    2.152 p.    35
Argenton Prov    1.965 p.    84

-The ‘Blauwen 114’ B05-6176114, and son of the top breeder ‘Son Kaasboer 231/03’ (full brother of ‘father Kim’) x ‘Blue 209/03’. He won a.o
Marne La V.    2.164 p.    9
Toury           308 p.        5
Toury        1.579 p.    12
Dourdan     1.350 p.    42
Melun           584 p.        49
Melun        1.079 p.    84
Orleans Prov    4.253 p.    184

-The 07-3033105, out ‘Son Kaasboer 099/01’ x ‘Donker WP 145/02’, won self:
Melun        1.323 p.    143
Toury        1.649 p.    32
Bourges Nat    31.824 p.    1827
Bourges Prov    4.290 p.    507
Dourdan        629 p.    79
In 2008:
Melun            890 p.    20
Melun        1.032 p.    16
Bourges Prov    2.532 p.    195
    Nat      13.354 p.    1728
Chateauroux P    2.179 p.    15
Montluçon Pro    2.152 p.    32
Melun                        287 p.        24

-The ‘Goede Blauwen’ 08-6177617 comes out ‘Son Kaasboer 098/03’ x ‘Leo Verhaegenduivin 318/07’,and won
Quiévrain         55 p.        1
Melun        1.368 p.    12
Noyon            656 p.    29
Etampes    1.473 p.    6
Bourges Prov    4.376 p.    183
    Nat      22.499 p.    1013
Dourdan       637 p.        7
Bourges Prov    2.802 p.    352
Toury            614 p.    31

-The 07-6033120 comes out super pigeon ‘Den Bourges 124/02’ (son ‘Kaasboer’) x ‘Blauw Zomerjong 015/03’, and won:
Noyon           786 p.        68
Toury        1.649 p.    241
Bourges Prov    4.290 p.    334
    Nat     31.824 p.        1175
Dourdan       885 p.        16
Dourdan       629 p.        43
In 2008
Etampes    1.039 p.    1
Melun           890 p.        33
Melun        1.032 p.    26
Chateauroux P    2.179 p.    38
Montluçon Pro    2.152 p.    629
Orleans Pro    4.281 p.    208
Noyon           387 p.        33
Etampes    1.161 p.    123
Etampes        763 p.    47
Bourges Prov    3.628 p.    453
Bourges Prov    2.181 p.    385
The ‘crack pigeons out the third generation ‘Kaasboer’
So as stated earlier ‘the’ characteristic of the origination of a golden breeding line, that generation after generation keeps producing ‘crack pigeons’! The line of the ‘Kaasboer’ is still quite young and recent at that level… the ‘Kaasboer’ self is also 100% fertile and so therefore still active… yet in the first late breed of the 3° generation out this exceptional stock bear we see new ‘crack pigeons’, wherefrom here a few examples.

-The ‘Asduif’ B06-6034736 was bred out the ‘Blauwen 508/00’ x ‘Mother Asduif 341/04’ (granddaughter of the golden ‘Kaasboer’). The ‘Asduif’ is a real ‘crack pigeon’ and won a.o.:
1° Ace pigeon Fondclub
Noyon           391 p.        9
Noyon           353 p.        36
Melun           993 p.        3
Dourdan    2.028 p.    76
Orleans Prov    8.835 p.    172
Bourges Prov    4.602 p.    58
    Nat     26.984 p.        204
Argenton Pro    2.088 p.    33
    Nat     14.534 p.        94
Salbris Prov    1.674 p.    27
Vierzon Prov    2.647 p.    38
Bourges Prov    2.031 p.    126
    Nat    9.021 p.    331

-The ‘Broer Asduif’ B07-6033180 (full brother of the ‘Asduif 736/06) won:
Bourges Z.K.       371 p.        1
    Prov    2.532 p.    2
    Nat     13.354 p.        42
Noyon            869 p.        21
Noyon        1.089 p.    191
Melun           890 p.     45
Melun        1.032 p.    74
Chateauroux Pr 2.179 p.    44
Montluçon Pro    2.152 p.    135
Orleans Prov    4.281 p.    184
Etampes    1.039 p.    103
Etampes    1.161 p.    135
Bourges Prov    3.628 p.    900
Bourges Prov    2.181 p.    172
Bourges Peov    1.728 p.    38
Souillac Prov       908 p.        235

-‘Tommy’ B07-6033147 comes then out ‘Den Tom 121/05’ (2° Ace pigeon Union Antwerp and grandson ‘Kaasboer’) x Blue 138/05(full sister of ‘Mother Kim’… 1° Nat Gueret 2009). He won:
Toury        1.649 p.    84
Dourdan       629 p.        18
Dourdan       465 p.        4
In 2008
Chateauroux ZK       304 p.        1
    Prov    1.554 p.    4
Pithiviers       293 p.        17
Issoudun Prov    2.300 p.    183
Orleans Prov    4.281 p.    989
Noyon        1.089 p.    235
Melun        1.032 p.    124    etc…
In 2009
Etampes    1.039 p.    87
Etampes    1.161 p.    94
Bourges I Prov    3.628 p.    52
    Nat      27.506 p.    501
Bourges Prov    1.728 p.    24    etc…

-The ‘Crackduif’ B07-6033118 comes out the ‘Blue 101/01’, best youngster in 2001 (and father of the ‘Asduif 134/03’) x ‘007-Hen’ 007/03 (granddaughter ‘Kaasboer’). A selection of the performances of this double 1° Prize winner:
Melun        1.323 p.    10
Dourdan       465 p.        51
Marne           498 p.        8
Vierzon Prov    1.314 p.    12
Issoudun Prov     2.300 p.    75
Marne           301 p.        65
Montuçon Pro    2.152 p.    181
Limoges Club       513 p.        1
    Prov    2.587 p.    5
    Nat     16.012 p.        12
Noyon           387 p.        16
Etampes    1.161 p.    248
Vierzon I.Prov    8.421 p.    688
Issoudun Prov    1.619 p.    10
    I.Prov    4.478 p.    38
Argenton Z.K.       230 p.        1
    Prov       974 p.        2
    Nat    9.901 p.    6

-The ‘Bourgeske’ B09-6111553 was bred out the ‘Ludo 270/08’ (originating from Ludo Van Nueten) x ‘Zomerjong 691/07’ (granddaughter ‘Kaasboer’). The ‘Bourgeske’ won:
Angerville    1.161 p.    6
Orleans Prov    7.510 p.    1559
Bourges Prov    4.601 p.    3
    Nat      37.357 p.    3

Let there be no doubt that this list will only ‘swell’ in the future with new pigeons in 1°, 2°, 3° and further generations which will be honoured with the predicate ‘crack pigeon’ or ‘super pigeon’, which will descend in a straight line from this ‘Kaasboer 690/98’! At the time Gaston Van De Wouwer obtained from his friend ‘Jozef  Goovaerts’ (alias the ‘cheese farmer’) a ‘lump of gold’, which has now allowed him to demand a place at the ‘absolute top’ of the ‘middle distance’ and the provincial and national ‘grand middle distance’. He is gradually becoming a living book… but a book from which the last episode has not yet been written! The history of the legend ‘Kaasboer’… a title that would certainly fit!


A selection of the performances 2009
So as you can deduce from the loft consistency, Gaston doesn’t have a lot of pigeons, but no more than 15 old and yearling cocks, from 2010 ten hens in widowhood and a maximum of 80 youngsters which will get a ring on their leg, which comes down to 50 or 60 pigeons in the high season. These were the highlights of 2009:

02/5 Etampes    1.039 old birds 1-8-87-103-144-202 (9)
         Etampes    1.473 yearlings 6-17-40-41-197-212-332-387-452 (16)
09/5 Etampes    1.161 old birds 3-66-94-123-135-173-248 (9)
16/5 Etampes      763 old birds  47-100-103-153-199-223 (6)
         Etampes    1.295 yearlings 36-117-157-255-376 (6)
16/5 Vierzon Prov 2.802 old birds 174-256-292 (3)
          Int.Prov  8.421 old birds  412-619-688 (3)
    Int.Prov 4.640 yearlings 808-853-873-959 (8)
23/5 Bourges Prov 3.628 old birds 52-63-453-900 (6)
    Nat  27.506 old birds  501-598-3225-6223 (6)
         Bourges Prov 4.376 yearlings 155-183-219-240-255-676-753-895… and 11/14
30/5 Etampes       431 old birds  28-107-115 (3)
         Etampes       885 yearlings 2-97-109-115-164 (6)
30/5 Issoudun Prov 1.619 old birds 10-85-263 (3)
    Int.Prov 4.478 old birds 38-213-692 (3)
         Issoudun Prov 2.139 yearlings 51-91-560-677 (6)
     Int.Prov 5.848 yearlings 126-216-1425 (6)
07/6 Bourges Prov 3.292 yearlings 20-721 (3)
13/6 Chateauroux Prov 2.611 yearlings 225-304-716 (4)
20/6 Bourges Prov  1.728 old birds 24-38 (2)
         Bourges Prov 3.292 yearlings 20-721 (3)
27/6 Angerville  804 youngsters 3-30-31-63-126-132-153-181-208-235-266 (20)
27/6 Argenton Prov  974 old birds 2-186 (2)
    Nat.   9.901 old birds 6-1229 (2)
         Argenton Prov 2.346 yearlings 43-319-497 (4)
    Nat  21.092 yearlings 140-1456-2605 (4)
11/7 Orleans Prov 7.510 youngsters 62-86-129-203-266-267-416-428-830-932… and 19/29
11/7 Limoges Prov 2.909 yearlings 192-453 (2)
    Nat  16.893 yearlings 747-2355 (2)
18/7 Angerville 1.161 youngsters 6-16-26-46-48-90-218-251-319-322-351-376-391 (29)
18/7 Souillac Prov  907 old birds 93-235 (2)
    Nat  7.597 old birds  518-1520 (2)
25/7 Bourges Prov 2.011 yearlings 212-553 (2)
         Bourges Prov 4.601 youngsters 3-40-45-51-188-200-231-361-387-445-456-523… and 20/29
    Nat  37.357 youngsters 3-64-74-87-486-531-624-1039-1164-1450-1488-1807… (19/29)
01/8 Angerville  1.529 youngsters 1-178-190-228-296-298-333-447 (12)
01/8 Bourges Prov  792 yearlings 128-186 (2)
         Bourges Prov 2.312 youngsters 7-13-44-59-99-106-116-173-182-248-286… and 17/26
08/8 Angerville  955 youngsters 50-53-62-114-133-146-164 (8/21)
08/8 Argenton Prov 1.026 yearlings 8 (2)
    Nat  6.410 yearlings 28 (2)
         Argenton Prov 2.934 youngsters 6-10-13-43-83-132-524-798 (12)
    Nat 23.900 youngsters 38-51-68-182-339-558-2810-4569 (12)
15/8 Angerville  830 youngsters 71-94-130-238-253-258 (10)
         Blois Prov  1.537 youngsters 139-151-428-430-498 (8)
22/8 Angerville  649 youngsters 17-27-28-29-134-163-210 (9)
22/8 La Souterraine Prov 2.215 youngsters 63-112-182-535 (7)
    Nat  17.814 youngsters  246-422-803-3081 (7)
29/8 Salbris Prov 1.080 youngsters 4-9-24-25-68-89-102-132-177-222-343 (12)
05/9 Gueret Prov  1.933 youngsters 1-63-109-303-473-605 (10)
    Nat  14.245 youngsters 1-273-443-1205-2013-2842 (10)

The ‘highlights’ from the period 2004-2009
In 2004
6° National Champion KBDB Long distance Youngsters
1° Champion Fondclub Antwerp Youngsters
1° Champion Fondclub Houtvenne Youngsters
1° Champion Long distance South Campine Youngsters
Winner exchange cup Bourges+Argenton Houtvenne
Best fancier middle distance ‘Duivenkrant’
In 2005
3° Prov Champion KBDB middle distance Youngsters
1° Ace pigeon Youngsters Union Antwerp
1° six-day Youngsters Union Antwerp
1° Prov Champion Youngsters middle distance ‘Fancier’ Duivenkrant
1° Provincial Bourges Old birds
1° Provincial Salbris Youngsters
Honour prize British pigeon union Argenton National
1° Prize middle distance Mariman-Cerafin
In 2006
5° Prov Champion KBDB middle distance youngsters
1° Champion Old birds + Yearlings ‘small middle distance’ Duivenkrant
3° Golden pigeon
1° Fond criteria Fondclub Houtvenne
1° Super performance Fondclub Houtvenne
1° Ace pigeon extreme middle distance youngsters Fondclub Houtvenne
1° six-day middle distance Union Antwerp
1° Ace pigeon Youngsters Fondclub Antwerp
In 2007
1° National Champion KBDB Long distance Youngsters
1° Champion Long distance Youngsters Fondclub Antwerp
1° Champion ‘extreme middle distance’ Youngsters South Campine
1° Champion Youngsters Fondclub Houtvenne
1° Ace pigeon Long distance Youngsters Fondclub Antwerp (with Mirthe)
1° Ace pigeon extreme middle distance South Campine
1° Ace pigeon Youngsters Fondclub Houtvenne
Honour prize Versele-Lage First series 1+2 Youngsters Bourges Prov Antwerp
Prize from the VRT Radio 1 from Gueret
In 2008
1° Long distance South Campine Yearlings
1° Fondclub Houtvenne Yearlings
2° Super Performance Youngsters
In 2009
1° General Champion Fondclub Antwerp
1-2-5-6-9° Ace pigeon Youngsters South Campine
1° Criteria ‘extreme middle distance’ South Campine
1-2-5-6-7° Ace pigeon Youngsters Fondclub Houtvenne
1° Super Performance Fondclub Houtvenne
1° Fondcritera Old birds + Yearlings + Youngsters Fondclub Houtvenne
Super pigeon Beyers Bourges + Argenton (with Kim)
1° Ace pigeon Cureghem Centre (with Kim)
1° Ace pigeon LCB Youngsters (with Kim)
1° National Gueret Youngsters