The pigeon thief who stole pigeons from Eric Berckmoes, has been sitting in jail for 5 months...A new development at last ?

On Friday the 29th of January 2010 Popa Mircea ( 01/05/'88) faced the correctional court...

Antwerp - Friday the 29th of January. Popa Mircea, the young man who, in September, was caught red-handed stealing pigeons in the loft of Eric Berckmoes,  stood trial yesterday in the correctional court in Antwerp. The requested punishment is 18 months and a 300 euro fine.

The court should sentence him on Tuesday the 2nd of February. There is not much chance that  Popa Mircea will remain behind bars because he has been locked up for 5 months and if he is sentenced to 18 months imprisonment the effective period that he will have to serve in jail will probably be just 1/3 of the sentence.

The accomplice Marcu Ionut (°14/5/'87) is still free. After a long period of denying everything, Popa Mircea eventually made a partial confession.

Out the detailed case file that Eric was allowed to consult, it was clear that the young men above from Romania were only small shrimps in the bigger organised network with leaders who pull all the ropes.

Eric has also been in contact with pigeon fanciers who were victims of pigeon thefts earlier and according to him it is very clear that the same culprits are also responsible for the thefts by Koopman, Verbree, Marcel Vercammen, etc...

It is remarkable that since catching the above mentioned thieves in the act it has become very quiet where the thefts are concerned.

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