New auction: Doha OLR (QA)

Wednesday the 22nd of March this new auction will start:Doha OLR (QA).

Doha OLR (QA)
Top 10 Final and Ace Pigeons

This winter, the second edition of the Doha One Loft Race in Qatar took place. A very special race, one of the few races with releases from sea. The Final race was flown from Kuwait across approximately 450km. The circumstances were extremely selective, and only the diehards battle for the prizes. A total of 2,450 pigeons started the training program of this OLR in October 2022. After 25 training flights up to 90km, the official races started across 120km, 150km, 180km, 200km and 230km. In the end, 524 pigeons were basketed for the start of the Final race on Februari 15th. The winner reached the lofts on the day of release, the others followed later. A seriously tough race, of which the Top 10 final are auctioned here on PIPA!