John Debaene (Knesselare, BE) took the International top by storm with his family of winners

John Debaene quickly became a well-known name after winning the 1st International Perpignan and 2nd Nat. Agen in 2019, only his third season participating in international extreme long distance racing.

In the season after, he continued to win top results on the International extreme long distance classics. In 2022, this resulted in great performances on Perpignan, St.-Vincent and Narbonne. The foundation of these successes are built around a handful of pigeons which largely come from the same bloodlines. The Son As Perpignan, just like a lot of pigeons of John Debaene, is originally from Noël Peiren, and crucial to this stock's build up. 

Son As Perpignan

Son As Perpignan is a 100% Noël Peiren and was bred from As Perpignan and Mother Magic Barcelona (mother of 1st Nat Barcelona 7,774 p. in 2015). As Perpignan himself won a/o: 

26th Nat Perpignan 7,364 p. ’09
64th Nat Perpignan 6,257 p. ’10

Son As Perpignan may be regarded as the stock cock of the John Debaene colony. He is father of various top performers in Knesselare. Find a quick overview of his best children below: 

Magic Perpignan (BE17-4063632), winner of 1st International Perpignan 12,770 p. in 2019

Magic Perpignan, 1st Int. Perpignan 12,770 p.

Pau-Lientje (BE18-3020148), 1st Provincial Pau 855 p. and 6th Nat. Pau 3,600 p. in 2021.

The BE17-4063659, 92nd National Narbonne 3,873 p. in 2019.

De Noël (BE16-4135616)54th National Perpignan 3,915 p. and 105th National Agen 3,935 p. in 2019. Past season, De Noël won 45th National Perpignan 3,766 p.

De Noël
Eye De Noël

Besides De Noël, winning 45th Nat. Perpignan, there were more Son As Perpignan offspring which showed their racing skills. 

For instance, John Debaene won 50th National St.-Vincent 2,899 p. with Garrincha (BE19-4194786) a son of Son As Perpignan.

There was also reason to celebrate on Narbonne, having won 18th National Narbonne against 5,749 p. This time with a grandson, Favoriet Magic (BE19-4194707). This grandson of Son As Perpignan is - as his name suggests - a direct son of Magic Perpignan! 

The beautiful lofts of John Debaene.

Quality and a tough approach

John Debaene is a welcomed guest in the home of Noël Peirein. He has visited Zedelgem countless times to watch pigeons or to learn a thing or two from the top fancier, which Noël is. Together with his father Hubert Debaene, they invested in various top bloodlines from Noël Peiren and brought these to their own lofts. 

John realized when he started racing under his own name, that the foundation with which one starts is crucial. The youngsters were bred at father Hubert's place, and that was the solid base which immediately led John to success right away. 

The young birds are given three years to show themselves. They must do this on their own. Weak pigeons are immediately selected out of the loft. The pigeons are not helped with medicines or supplements and have to build up their own immunity and grow out to become strong, healthy pigeons. 

De Noël (born in 206) is the perfect example of John's approach. This crack won two national top results in 2019 from Perpignan and Agen. In 2022, 3 seasons later, he wins the 45th Nat. Perpignan. This pigeon was granted the time to develop, and when the time was ripe, John benefited fully. At 7 years of age, this cock is still vital and in great condition. So strong in fact, that he still races to win. A beautiful example of how John's approach not only works in the short-run but definetely also in the long-run!