Dirk Deroose (Kruisem, BE): leading figure on national races.

The colony of Dirk Deroose once again performed at an extremely high level in 2022. Many highlights were achieved, including a new national victory.

The name Deroose is synonymous with pure class. As a born winner, Dirk has high standards and only the best of the best is good enough to obtain a spot on his lofts. Through continuous tough selection, his colony is developed further and has reached a point where there is hardly any better. The quality he houses leads to stunning results, national victories and KBDB ace pigeon titles which show that Deroose has rightfully taken his place amongst the best. Moreover, with the exceptional breeding quality present in Kruisem, it seems as if future cracks are a guarantee. 

Performing at the highest national level 

A national victory may well be the greatest a long distance fancier could achieve, sadly enough this honor is reserved for a small number of people, let alone realizing this feat more than once. Nonetheless, Dirk has managed to take 3 (!!) national victories in just a few years time, on the most prestigious races of the year: Chateauroux, Bourges and last season again on the classic from Souillac. Achieving this with 3 absolute cracks, illustrates the quality which resides on the lofts in Kruisem:   

1st National Chateauroux against 20,487 pigeon with Marcel

1st National Bourges against 9,653 pigeons with Klarisse

1st National Souillac against 4,476 pigeons with Ferry Porsche

For a colony such as this, prestigious KBDB ace pigeon titles are a certainty. Recent titles include:

2nd National Ace Pigeon KBDB Long Distance with Zoom

7th National Ace Pigeon KBDB Extreme Long Distance with Mathias

8th National Ace Pigeon KBDB Extreme Long Distance with Quatro 

Recently, the results from the National Championships 2022 came in...and yes, the Deroose colony can add another beautiful title to its palmares: 

10th National Champion KBDB 2022 Extreme Long Distance Yearlings.

With this result, Dirk places himself amongst the best fanciers of the country once again, which shows that this loft from Kruisem houses a stock of pigeons full of talent. 

Ferry Porsche put the cherry on top

An absolute highlight in 2022 was the achievement on account of Ferry Porsche (BE19-4057741). This crack, spectacularly took the victory on National Souillac past season. Ferry Porsche is a co-breeding product between Dirk Deroose and PEC from Knesselare in combination with the best Jos & Jan Loobuyck from Aalter have to offer. As his name suggests he is a descendants of the world-famous Porsche 911 from the PIPA ELITE CENTER. This wasn't the national winner was his only feat, as his palmares was filled with impressive results before his national victory. We find several top results as a yearling in 2020 on races such as Chateauroux, Argenton, Souillac, Tulle, ... also La Souterraine (28th / 3,540 p/) and Brive (51st / 4,238 p.) were races Ferry Porsche shined on. 

As a 2 year-old this crack continued where he left of with prizes 1:10 (or more) on Vierzon, Limoges, Chateauroux, Souillac, Argenton, ... on Bourges he was just shy from winning in the storng Union & Liberté club winning 2nd against 766 p. and 89th National against 34,311 old birds. National Chateauroux was also a success with 345th against nearly 25,000 pigeons. 

Then 2022, where he was only to be found at the top of the results list on a.o. Orleans, Bourges, Limoges and Gueret. Ferry Porsche hit hard at the end of July taking the victory: 1st Club against 107 p., 1st Provincial against 1,164 p., 1st Zonal against 1,594 p. and 1st National Souillac against 4,476 pigeons. 

Ferry Porsche, the national winner just after arrival.

A family of winners

The least we can say about Ferry Porsche is that he descends from a family of winners. In 2019, Dirk put a pair together: the cock (BE16-4129492), a half brother of Zoom (2nd National Ace Pigeon KBDB Long Distance) and thus a son of the fantastic stock pigeon Porsche 911 from PEC, and a Loobuyck hen (BE17-4058275). He bred 4 youngsters from this pair which have flown 10x National Top 100 in addition to many other top results. 

Besides Ferry Porsche, his nest brother (BE19-4057740) also made a name for himself on the national races. He already stood in the spotlights as a yearling on Souillac with a 84th National against 7,514 pigeons. In 2021, he showed himself with a.o. a 2nd Toury against 485 pigeons, 59th National Limoges against almost 7,000 p. and again from Souillac with the 46th National against 4,144 p. In 2022, he continued with fantastic results from Limoges with a 122nd National against 17,356 p. and to finish off a tough season a 46th Nat. Libourne against 3,317 pigeons. These 2 brothers flew 7x National Top 100 results in a few seasons time, including the victory on Souillac in 2022

Not only the brothers from this pair shine on the national races, the hens also prove their value when it counts. Both sisters (BE19-4057831) and (BE19-4057724) already have a long list of top results on the most important races to show for it. Together they are good for a.o. a 45th and 46th National Gueret against 3,649 pigeons, 53rd and 123rd National Bourges against 8,424 pigeons, 133rd and 349th National Bourges against a staggering 34,000+ pigeons! Moreover, the '831' also won the 56th National Argenton against more than 10,000 pigeons. Whilst the '724' won the 40th National Souillac arriving shortly after her brother Ferry Porsche, taking the 1st National. A moment Dirk Deroose wil never forget. 

The beautiful lofts on which Dirk has booked many successes.

The future is bright 

As the CEO of an industrial construction company, he knows that hard work pays off and that this is also the case in pigeon sport. Working together with the PIPA ELITE CENTER and a tough selection based on results only, have brought this colony to the national top. Deroose has built a stock of pigeons which perform when the going gets tough, on heavy long distance races especially, which most national classics are. With the breeders he currently houses, things look particular bright in Kruisem.