Chris Hebberecht (Evergem, BE) is on a very strong long distance season 2022

The already won 7 x 1st prizes at local level, which translate into a number of top prizes up to national level… bear witness to a very solid long distance season.

The Hebberecht colony has a longstanding tradition, more than 50 years of top level racing, with a focus on long distance and extreme long distance. The continuity in performance level continued from the late father Octaaf to son Chris. Chris has brought the colony to absolute heights since the turn of the century, with a bunch of 1st Provincial victories, 1st National victories from St.Vincent and Marseille, and National Ace pigeons KBDB. It is precisely those national ace pigeons that form the strong backbone of the colony. They even guarantee a strong game in the national (grand) long distance, every year. Proof of the strong inheritance that is hidden in the inbred Hebberecht tribe. As a result, year after year, new long distance toppers see the light of day there.

Formidable 2022, with 7 x 1st prizes already in the long distance

The 2022 sports season has already come a long way, in which the Chris Hebberecht pigeons are clearly in top shape. So far this has resulted in 7 x 1st prizes in the long distance races at local level, and a beautiful series of national top prizes. Here are the achievements listed for you:

11/6 Limoges 474 old birds: 1-3-12-24-29-52-61-69… (20/38)

Nat 17.356 old birds: 39-66-189-434-564-1099-1454-1539… (22/38)

18/6 Valence  97 old birds: 1-4-6-11-32 (5/10)

Nat 6.056 old birds: 16-34-189-290-1378 (5/10)

27/6 Pau-Bordeaux 81 old birds: 15-16 (2/2)

Nat 3.734 old birds: 776-778 (2/2)

02/7 Agen 162 old birds: 3-4-21-31… (5/6)

   Nat  6.657 old birds: 28-52-415-604-1560 (5/6)

09/7 Brive 141 old birds: 1-5-11-14-17-22…. (14/17)

Nat 6.117 old birds: 167-276-473-550-608-692-750… 14/17)

       Brive 128 yearlings: 2-7-14 (3/9)

Nat 5.885 yearlings: 71-296-478 (3/9)

15/7 La Souterraine 160 old birds: 4-35 (2/3)

Nat 4.907 old birds: 33-552 (2/3)

15/7 Cahors  91 old birds: 1-3-4-7-12-19-24 (7/7)

Nat 3.018 old birds: 11-20-83-117-189-417-615 (7/7)

23/7 Souillac  115 old birds: 1-3-5-10-22-23-25-31-37 (9/21)

Nat 4.476 old birds: 5-30-142-302-575-602-646-868-1085 (9/21)

    Souillac  98 yearlings: 1-3-4-5-9-13-22 (7/15)

Nat 4.637 yearlings: 31-114-199-230-498… (7/15)

24/7 Marseille 58 old birds: 2-4 (2/3)

Nat 2.326 old birds: 68-141 (2/3)

30/7 Tulle  63 old birds: 6-7 (2/4)

   Nat 4.185 old birds: 395-549  (2/4)

      Tulle 105 yearlings: 1-4-9-18… (8/16)

Nat 4.993 yearlings: 18-106-211-608-674-1034-1067-1243 (8/16)


Bearing a report like this you can come home with pride, after this tough racing season of 2022. Simply because it is very good, and even excellent. The Chris Hebberecht pigeons once again have clearly underlined that they belong to the (inter)national top in their chosen discipline of the long distance, say races of 600-900 Km. We will put the main protagonists of this in the spotlight in a next contribution, when the final balance of the 2022 racing season can be drawn up. Wondering whether the Hebberecht pigeons can still place a peak somewhere, a kind of icing on the cake in the closing week of the 2022 season. In any case, it would be more than deserved.