Dirk Deroose (Kruisem, BE): 1st National Souillac

Souillac was a tough but fair race on which Dirk Deroose gloriously took the victory. A beautiful achievement for one of the absolute top lofts in Belgium.

Only the best is good enough

The Deroose colony is amongst the best in pigeon sport. As a renowned businessman, Dirk knows that nothing just comes out of the blue, and only the best quality is good enough for a spot on both his breeding and racing lofts. Dirk isn’t someone who is keen on standing in the spotlights, but thanks to his strategy and strong selection he belongs the fanciers to watch. The most recent highlight of this super loft is the national victory on Souillac, a performance that only the best can manage. 

Ferry Porsche : 1st National Souillac against 4,476 old birds 

Souillac is a serious classic on the national long distance calendar, on which all the long distance stars basket their best. This time, the race was especially tough. The 700 kilometers were only completed by a few with average speeds above 1200 m/min. The strongest however, was Dirk’s Ferry Porsche (BE19-4057741) who managed to take the 1st National.

After previous national victories on Bourges and Chateauroux and having taken various national KBDB championship titles, there was now another extraordinary success on Souillac. Just as with the previous achievements, this time the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. In the pedigree of Ferry Porsche, we find nothing but 24 karat gold. Dirk clearly knows what quality is….as he bought several pigeons from the PIPA ELITE CENTER (PEC). On father’s side, we find names of superstars in pigeon sport including racing and breeding wonder Porsche 911 (BE14-2230911) and the 1st National KBDB Ace Pigeon New Freddy (BE09-5052387). On mother’s side we find the best from stars such as Jos and Jan Loobuyck in his pedigree.



Ferry Porsche : 1st National Souillac

Endless list of top results

Ferry Porsche doesn’t shy away from top results and regularly achieves phenomenal prizes. As a 3 year old, this crack’s results list is full of world-class performances: As a 2 year old he proved his potential with: Chateauroux 178th / 9,511 p., Argenton 199th / 7,260 p., La Souterraine 20th / 4,119 p., Brive 51st / 4,238 p., Vierzon 160th / 7,315 p., Bourges 89th / 34,311 p., …and several other top results on races such as Tulle, Souillac, Toury, Limoges,…nearly all prizes in the top of the charts and oftentimes against a large number of pigeons on a national level!!

In the current season, Ferry Porsche was again in great shape: Toury, Orleans, Bourges, Limoges, Tulle and Gueret were already a success with many prizes 1:10. The cherry on top was ofcourse the national victory on Souillac.

Besides this beautiful victory, the whole team managed an excellent result on Souillac. Dirk basketed 43 old birds and we find the name Deroose back 6 times up to the 138th place (1-19-40-128-134-138-209-306-396-459-... / 4,476 p.), which shows that the class and form are evident in this hot and tough edition. Interestingly, on 40th place we find a full sister to the winner Ferry Porsche. Also this sister has managed an extensive list of top results on the races which count. Deroose is sitting on a gold mine with such quality on their lofts!

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