Rudi De Saer (Ruiselede, BE) adds provincial victory from Issoudun to honours list

With the 1° provincial and 3° national from Issoudun, Rudi De Saer is able to expand his already impressive honours list even further.

Feniks (BE21-3077407) is the whopper of a pigeon, who recently managed to live up to the name De Saer. It is a yearling cock descended from the best that can be found in the pigeon world. This champion is a grandchild of super pigeon New Tours (BE10-3020802), which, among others, with his 1° Nat. Cahors, 6° Nat. Limoges, 10° Nat. Souillac, 18° Nat. Limoges, ... made jaws drop and earned the De Saer colony even more prestige than had been the case up until then. With names in his pedigree such as that of grandmaster Gaby Vandenabeele (Dentergem) and Gino Clicque (Wevelgem), Feniks is blessed with the talent that helped him grab the victory from Issoudun. At Issoudun he managed to achieve a 1° Provincial against 1,920 pigeons and a 3° National against 12,349 pigeons. This classic, the middle distance of just under 500 km, was raced under ideal conditions and a speed of about 1380 m/min among the top pigeons.

The New Tours: responsible for super results together with his descendants

Beautiful references for the De Saer colony

Now the 2022 season has started to run at full speed, we immediately see the references flooding in at the De Saer house. Just like in previous years, pigeons that carry the breed of Rudi's athletes once again wreak havoc in the difficult middle distance as well as in the hard long-distance competitions where only the very best manage to advance.

Under intense heat (38° Celsius), the flight from Valence was a tough one for everyone, circumstances in which the result shows perfectly where the most robust athletes came from. In this Valence, superman Joel Verschoot from Ingelmunster quickly outmanoeuvred everyone and won the race with his Bisty. This 1° National Valence carries a large percentage of De Saer blood on both father’s and mother's side.

From the same region, BDS/Speybroeck from Vinkt already booked a national victory in 2022 thanks to the contribution of the De Saer breed. At the same race from Issoudun, where Rudi finished on the national podium with his Feniks, it was BDS/Speybroeck who shone on the highest podium: 1° National against more than 12,000 pigeons. This performance completed the successes for the stock of pigeons that have dominated the competitions of the national flight calendar in Belgium for years.

Click here for the pedigree of the 1° national of BDS/Speybroeck

A fantastic stock of pigeons

With the national classics now appearing almost every week, and the weak are being separated from the strong, we can assume that the name De Saer will regularly appear at the top of the results. For more than 20 years this colony has been performing at an extremely high level in the most important national races. By constantly raising the bar, a stock of pigeons has been bred there that is not afraid of anything or anyone. The provincial victory from Issoudun in their own loft and the national victories from Valence and Issoudun with colleagues are the most recent proof of this.