Jelle Jellema (Nijverdal, NL) wins 2nd National Bergerac

Jelle Jellema takes 2nd National Bergerac with Naomi across 979km under the toughest of conditions. In Afdeling 9, she was the only pigeon to arrive on the day of release. In the N.U. against 3,638 pigeons this stellar performance was good for the 1st place.
Jelle handling Naomi (2nd National Bergerac)

National Bergerac promised to be a tough extreme long distance race. Due to the high temperatures of above 40°C on Friday in Southern France the race organizers intervened. The pigeons were released vrijdag morning at 7:15, instead of the planned afternoon release. This way, the pigeons could set off with a temperature of ±30 instead of 40°C. Nevertheless, the race was very tough and the pigeons came slowly. The fastest pigeon of the 12,023 pigeons on a national level reached 1,167 m/min whilst the last prize pigeon was clocked with 472 m/min. Only 87 pigeons managed to break 1,000 m/min, of which most were clocked in the Southern provinces of the country. In Afdeling 9 (racing distance between ±920 and 1010km) only 1 pigeon came through on the day of release and this pigeon was clocked by Jelle Jellema. At 21:53:15 with an average speed of 1,115 m/min the NL20-1165795 wins the 2nd National. Besides the 2nd National she takes the following prizes: 

2nd Nationaal Bergerac 12,023 p. (979 km)
1st Nationaal Bergerac S3 2,779 p. (43 m/min faster than the nr. 2)
1st Afd. 9 Bergerac 888 p. (Only pigeon clocked on the day of release)
1st N.U. Bergerac 3,638 p.

NL20-1165795 Naomi, 2nd National Bergerac (12,023 p.)

NL20-1165795 Naomi, 2nd National Bergerac

With this phenomenal achievement, Naomi shows the quality she inherited from her parents. She has a pedigree which would make every extreme long distance fancier's heart beat faster. Amongst her grandparents are 3 International Barcelona winners, a 6th International Pau and an 8th National Barcelona. Father of Naomi is Special Jade 3 and is bred from (co-breeding with Hugo Batenburg) Special One x Kleine Jade. Mother of Naomi is from (again co-bred with Hugo Batenburg) Jef x Rena. Below we show her four grandparents in a little more detail.

FR12-034553 Special One

Special One:
1st Int. Barcelona 19,083 p. 2015
10th Nat. Dax 1,550 p. 2015
Special One is father of a.o.:
3rd Nat. Barcelona 2019
29th Nat. Perpignan 2018
181st Nat. Perpignan 2019

NL11-1292679 Kleine Jade

Kleine Jade:
1st Int. Barcelona 2014
32nd NPO Brive 2014
225th NPO Orange 2013
615th Nat. Perpignan 2013
Kleine Jade is mother of a.o.:
8th Nat. Agen 2018
39th Nat. Perpignan 2020
80th Nat. Pau 2019
125th Nat. Perpignan 2019

BE16-2051063 Jef

1st Int. Barcelona 16,051 p. 2019 (943 m/min., distance 1.083 km, 1.5 hour lead)

NL14-1559583 Rena

6th Int. Pau 2016
8th Nat. Barcelona 2018
30th Nat. Marseille 2016
132nd Nat. Barcelona 2017
145th Nat. Orange 2015
350th Nat. Perpignan 2017
439th Nat. Perpignan 2016
610th Nat. Bergerac 2015
718th Nat. Perpignan 2018

Please find the full pedigree of Naomi below. A pedigree like no other...with 3 grandparents having won International Barcelona!!