New auction: May auction- transport China & Argentinië

Monday the 2nd of May this new auction will start: May auction- transport China & Argentinië.

May auction- transport China & Argentinië
A second chance to purchase world-class pigeons

On the international market there are factors that hinder the export of pigeons. In the past months, the transport to China and Argentina were especially troublesome. In some cases, it was not possible to ship purchased pigeons to customers. In consultation with the parties involved it was decided to offer these pigeons in auction a second time. A large variety of pigeons, from leading lofts such as Batenburg-Van De Merwe, Davy Tournelle, Gino Clicque, BDS Team, Rudi De Saer, Pieter Veenstra, Gebr. Vandenheede, Hardy Krüger, Jan Hooymans, Marcel Sangers, Stefaan Lambrechts, etc., etc. exceptional quality, brought to auction once again. A unique chance to purchase fantastic pigeons; don't let that opportunity pass by!