New auction: Derby Arona (ES)

Thursday the 28th of April the auction of Derby Arona (ES) will start.

Derby Arona (ES)
Winners & Ace Pigeons

The Derby Arona on Tenerife is possibly the toughest One Loft Race of Western Europe. The way to the final is demanding; the competing pigeons need to cope with heat and fly across water, a combination which separates the strongest, the ultra athletes amongst the racing pigeons, from the rest. The racing program, starting in December, begins with 3km to 20km flights. In January, 5 qualification races follow from 25 to 50km and after several extra training flights in the beginning of Februari, the first races across the ocean start at the end of Februari...between 25th Februari and 15th March there are car races from 95km - 125km - 125km ... after which the final race took place on 26th March 2022 across 280km, with 196 pigeons at the start. 

Across these races, there is an enormous amount of prize money to be won, with the winner of the final taking €120,000. The final race in 2022, was once again a tough one, during which the real diehards were victorious. A group of 12 pigeons separated themselves from the flock and were clocked at 11.31, with Belgian, Dutch and Cuban pigeons claiming the podium spots. At 12:00, 24 pigeons had arrived and the rest of the field had to dig deep, which was confirmed by the fact that only 40 pigeons reached the lofts at the end of the day. These 40 racers are available in auction on PIPA; the true pearls of the Canary Islands.