Rudi De Saer (Ruiselede, BE): ensures sensational results on other lofts as well

The colony of Rudi De Saer is renowned for spectacular results, but also for the success they bring about on other lofts. In Belgium and abroad, the name De Saer is synonymous with absolute class.

In pigeon sport, the name De Saer has been known for decades because of superior performances. Especially on national long distance races, De Saer is a name which can always be found at the top of the charts. National victories, KBDB titles, ace pigeon, series,...fantastic results from a colony that is sometimes unmatched. Moreover, the references from other lofts as well as One Loft Races confirm the strength of this stock with phenomenal results achieved by De Saer pigeons. 

Represented in One Loft Races world-wide 

One Loft Races say a lot about a stock's strength. No advantages or disadvantages due to location, wind or system,...all pigeons fly from one loft, and the results will decide which pigeon found their way home fastest. The most recent references from fanciers that were successful with De Saer pigeons are amongst others: 

  • Gerard Koopman (NL): 1° Final Victoria Falls Zimbabwe 2020
  • Steve Mardis (USA): 1° Final South Africa Million Dollar race 2017 & 2° Ace Hoosier Classic 2017
  • F&D Lofts (Canada): 1° California 25.000 Dollar & 1° Florida 10.000 Dollar
  • Daniel Bucaciuc (Belgium): 1° Nat. Ace FCI Category General 2021
  • Ignace Vercauteren (Belgium)  South Africa Million Dollar race 2018

Top results from the start 

Rudi De Saer himself recently participated in a One Loft Race for the first time (Pattaya), with immediate success: 

  • 1st Ace across 5 races at the Pattaya OLR 2022 with a child of Black Lola
  • 32nd Ace across 3 races at the Pattaya OLR 2022 with a child of Romy, daughter Black Lola.

Romy (BE16-3112321)

This daughter of stock hen Black Lola has grown out to become a super breeder. She is not only mother of 32nd Ace pigeon at the Pattaya OLR, but is also mother and grandmother of: 

  • 1st Nat. Zone La Souterraine 4,119 p.
  • 5th Nat. Zone Issoudun 4,627 p.
  • 9th Nat. Asduif PIPA ranking 4 long distance races 2021
  • 13th Nat. Asduif PIPA ranking 5 long distance races 2021
  • 23rd Nat. Brive 8,807 p.
  • 29th Nat. Argenton 23,258 p.
  • 52nd Nat. Souillac 4,056 p.
  • 93rd Nat. Périgueux 3,783 p.

Romy is a full sister to New Jens Junior, 5th Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB Long Distance 2016. The breeding value of Romy is no surprise when you know she is a daughter of Black Lola. Top breeder at the De Saer lofts, as her descendants prove by winning a.o.: 

  • 1st Nat. Argenton - 11,823 p. 2018
  • 1st Nat. Ace pigeon PIPA ranking 6 long distance races 2016
  • 1st Nat. Ace pigeon PIPA ranking 7 long distance races 2016
  • 1st Ace pigeon across 5 races Pattaya OLR 2022
  • Queens Cup Winner 2018 UK
  • 2nd Nat. Ace pigeon PIPA ranking 5 long distance races 2016
  • 3rd Nat. Ace pigeon PIPA ranking 5 long distance races 2016
  • 3rd Nat. Limoges – 7,274 p. 2018
  • 3rd Best Bourges pigeon 2017
  • 5th Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB long distance 2016
  • 6th Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB Allround 2017
  • 14th Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB long distance 2017
  • 19th Ace pigeon Pioneer Club China
  • 26th Nat. Limoges 13,493 p.
  • 27th Nat. Limoges 15,979 p.
  • 29th Nat. Argenton 23,258 p.
  • 40th Nat. Bourges 12,498 p.
  • 93rd Nat. Argenton 15,235 p.
  • 94th Nat. Limoges 10,783 p.
  • 97th Nat. Limoges 10,319 p.

The performances on his own loft in Ruiselede last season didn't disappoint either and many impressive results were achieved. Especially on the tougher long distance races De Saer  belongs to the best on a national level. He doesn't need a large number of pigeons, quite the contrary, as Rudi's racers showed themselves in 2021, despite basketing relatively few pigeons. 

12/06 Limoges : 21-27-84-86-120-164-176-227-... / 3.417 p. Old birds Prov.(13 op 21)
76-103-300-307-419-562-583-... / 15.547 p. Old birds Nat. (13 op 21)

28/06 Brive : 11-103-174-... / 1.853 p. Old birds Prov.(7 op 20)
23-291-633-774-... / 8.807 p. Old birds Nat. (7 op 20)

11/07 Limoges : 4-64-... / 1.319 p. Old birds Prov.(4 op 6)
9-312-... / 6.986 p. Old birds Nat. (4 op 6)

23/07 Perigeux : 93-150-236-... / 3.783 p. Old birds Nat.(5 op 8)
48-279-380-... / 4.779 p. Yearlings Nat. (6 op 16)

08/08 Souillac : 15-22-... / 780 p. Old birds Prov.(5 op 6)
159-199-... / 4.144 p. Old birds Nat. (3 op 6)
5-49-78-81-... / 803 p. Yearlings Prov. (7 op 9)
115-496-... / 4.571 p. Yearlings Nat. (6 op 9)

These results lead to many titles; business as usual at the De Saer home. 

Endless list of references 

Rudi made his name in pigeon sport through several iconic pigeons. Around the world, his regular top results are noticed and it is no surprise that other fanciers wish to strengthen their own colonies with a quality injection from Ruiselede. Just like his mentor and practically the orginator of the De Saer loft, the world famous Gaby Vandenabeele from Dentergem, it seems like the stock of Rudi De Saer is very well suited for crossing with other breeds. There are countless examples of fanciers achieving success after introducing these pigeons to their lofts. 

The list of fanciers that saw their results sky-rocket thanks to the introduction of Rudi De Saer pigeons is seemingly endless: 

Joel Verschoot, Van Elsacker-Jepsen, De Smeyter-Restiaen, BDS Team, Maxime Renaud, Pieter Veenstra, Fred Goodchild, Peter Van Der Merwe, Mark Vandenberg, Ian Stafford, JPS Lofts, Kaier, Gebr. Scheele, Martin De Poorter, Gerard Koopman, Stultjens-Van Dongen, Norbert & Stefan Ally, Jo Bauters, Boo De Loose, Guy Vanderauwera, Norbert Sierens, DVV Pigeons, Marniek De Neve, Mark & Franky Vandewalle, ...  and many others managed sensational achievements with these pigeons.

Young and old, cock or hen: time and time again the De Saer colony manages to bring forth superior racers and breeders. Names such as New Tours, Antonio, Favoriet, New Jens, ... in combination with phenomenal hens including Romy (BE16-3112321), Black Lola (BE10-3155220), ... ensure that many fanciers find their luck in pigeon sport thanks to descendants of these super athletes. 

Super breeding hen Black Lola, granddaughter basic pair: Perigieux x Corry