Rudi Desaer pigeons are now also excelling in the USA and Canada

Thus proves an overjoyed Fred Goodchild, winner of 1st prizes and ace pigeons with descendents of Rudi Desaer-pigeons.

More than 8 years ago - in 2013 - fancier Fred Goodchild (of F&D-lofts) bought his first direct Rudi Desaer pigeon at a PIPA-auction in Florida. A Dochter (Daughter) New Jens BE13-3080147 New Jens won the 1st Nat Limoges against 13.781 pigeons. It was immediately a hit for Fred Goodchild. An investment that paid itself back in multitudes in no time. 

This Dochter New Jens became the mother of 2 phenomenal 1st prize winners. The 1st prize at California and the 1st prize in Florida earned Fred $27.000US and $10.000US respectively and it does not stop there. This talented breeder is also the mother of the 4 x 1st Ace Pigeon young birds,won by 4 different cocks.

In 2016 another Desaer pigeon reinforced the ranks, the Dochter (Daughter) Antonio BE15-3110435… Antonio was also a national winner with the 1st Nat Souillac 7.760 pigeons. This hen developed itself into one hell of a breeder, both as a mother of ace pigeons within the Goodchild loft and within the USA.

In 2020 Kaili BE19-3116519 (from Bliksemboy x Bianca, the mother Falco)was purchased, a hen whose first offspring was immediately a winner at the 500 km race for young birds. Should it surprise anyone then that  2 more descendents of Bianca have recently been purchased, which will soon be transported towards Canada?

As an extra addition, a full brother of Antonio and New Tours has also been acquired, the Sagan BE12-3120199.

All this is a testament to the extreme satisfaction and the great amount of trust that Fred Goodchild has in the Rudi Desaer pigeons. Pigeons which immediately brought him to top performances, 1st prizes and Ace Pigeons… and which that he has great hopes for in the future. Top quality purchased in PIPA-auctions and yet another top reference for Rudi Desaer.