K. van Dorp & son (Rotterdam, NL) end their era at the Overschiese Kleiweg in style.

K. van Dorp & son had many great moments within the pigeon sport during their time at the Overschiese Kleiweg in Rotterdam
With no less than 9 victories in Rayon RMO M-H East and a beautiful spot in the PIPA-rankings, Rik van Dorp says goodbye in style to his time at the Overschiese Kleiweg in Rotterdam. He shall continue practising the sport in Dordrecht.

Joy and sadness

Rik van dorp has been practising the pigeon sport for many years at the Overschiese Kleiweg in Rotterdam. With the upcoming move to Dordrecht comes the end of an era. Together with father Klaas, Rik has had the opportunity to experience many great moments. One thing that he will not forget is partaking in the Olympiad of 2015 in Boedapest. With the NL12-1586919 Olympic Gipsy and the NL13-1207816 Olympic Mistery father and son van Dorp had the 1st Dutch Olympic Pigeon in both the cat. H. Superior (old birds) as in the cat. Superior (yearlings). In 2019 the father-son combination ended with the departure of father Klaas. Together with Sten, the son of Rik, there was nevertheless an effort to make the best of the year. In 2021 the racing crew was back to its full strength and the performances showed it. In the strong rayon RMO M-H East, there were no less than 9 victories. In addition to the sprint races both the 1st Designated as the 1st Undesignated championship was won. Over the after season races and the general championship, Rik became the 1st undesignated champion. Even in the (bigger) rayon Mid sector South Holland the undesignated championship middle distance was seized by K. van Dorp and Son. Within the PIPA Rankings, Best Yearling of the Netherlands Rik ended with his NL20-1474729 as 7th. The chapter in Rotterdam has closed. Rik will do everything within his power to add a worthy sequel in Dordrecht.

Kleine Jan has been making the difference for generations

NL04-2082680 Kleine Jan, stockbreeder of K. van Dorp & Son

At the foundation of the current successes is still the blue cock NL04-2082680 Kleine Jan. The father of Kleine Jan was a grandson of the well-known couple Porky x Miss Marbella of Kees Bosua and Highlander x Ludie of J & J Baeck. The mother of Kleine Jan was a sister of the famous 83 and 84 of Jan Ouwekerk. Children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Kleine Jan have won countless 1st prizes. In 2021 there are still victories gained with descendents of Kleine Jan. Together with the NL05-1359740 Jane hee is part of an excellent breeding couple. Within the pedigree of practically every winner of 2021, there is a prominent spot for both pigeons. A number of these winners we would like to introduce to you below, kicking off with the star of 2021;

NL20-1474729 Good Blue, 7th in de PIPA ranking Best Yearling of the Netherlands

NL20-1474729 Good Blue finishes as 7th in the PIPA ranking Best Yearling of the Netherlands

Team van de Dorp in 2021 was led by the blue yearling hen NL20-1474729 Good Blue. She ended with an impressive 7th spot in 2021 within the PIPA ranking Best Yearling of the Netherlands. Good Blue is a granddaughter of the NL10-1656091 Lilly (daughter of Kleine Jan x Jane). Lilly herswelf won a.o. A1st Lille against an incredible 14.159 pigeons From her mother side we can mostly ee pigeon of Bart Geerinckx who have successfully been inbred. Also, the mother of Good Blue is a granddaughter of Olympic Gipsy. With the following results Good Blue managed her coefficient within the PIPA ranking;

Niergnies 216 km 9 - 4492 pigeons (sector 5 Rayon Mid)
Niergnies 216 km 6 - 1805 pigeons (sector 5 sam. Mid-Holland East)
Duffel 93 km 12 - 2825 pigeons (sector 5 sam. Mid-Holland East)
Pointoise 358 km 21 - 4160 pigeons (sector 5 Rayon Mid)
Menen 156 km 31 - 3610 pigeons (sector 5 sam. Mid-Holland East)
Pt.St.Max 321 km 12 - 1234 pigeons (sector 5 sam. Mid-Holland East)
Quiévrain 178 km 96 - 4504 pigeons (sector 5 sam. Mid-Holland East)
Pointoise 358 km 196 - 8419 pigeons (sector 5 Rayon Mid)
Peronne 247 km 169 - 4755 pigeons (sector 5 sam. Mid-Holland East)
Salbris 531 km 756 - 17448 pigeons (sector 5)

NL20-1474697 wins season opener from Lennik

The NL20-1474697 The 697 started the 2021 season with a victory at Lennik against 4440 pigeons

For the members of sector 5, Lennik was the first race on the program in 2021. Rik van Dorp could not have wished for a better start to the new season. The NL20-1474697 The 697 won both within rayon RMO M-H East against 2215 pigeons as in grand competition Mid-Holland East against 4440 pigeons. The performance of the 20-697 is another one in which we can find the influence of the couple Kleine Jan x Jane. Their daughter NL12-1586844 Amy who herself a.o. Won a 1st Duffel against 1970 pigeons and ended a 1st Ace Pigeon within rayon RMO in 2014, is the grandmother of The 697. Nicole, as the mother of The 697, is a sister of Nadine (the mother of Good Blue). With Nicole, it is once again the Geerinckx pigeons and Olympic Gipsy that are the secret behind the successes.

The 698, Nest brother of The 697, wins 1st Peronne against 2183 pigeons

NL20-1474698 The 698 wint een 1e Peronne tegen 2183 duiven

It only took 2 weeks for the NL20-1474698 The 698, to match the victory of his nest sister (The 697) at Lennik. At Peronne the yearling earned his laurels against 2183 pigeons. A week later The 698 was once again good for a top 10 result. At the Nanteuil he won a 9th against 1075 pigeons (P.V. De Blauwe Doffer in Rotterdam)

New Sue 37 delivers 2 victories in 2021

NL20-1474637 New Sue 37 wins 1st Peronne against 2227 pigeons and 1st Lennik against 2405 pigeons.

With the NL20-1474637 New Sue 37, Rik van Dorp has yet another yearling hen at his lofts who knows exactly what she wants. Within RMO M-H East she earned a victory at Peronne against 1027 pigeons and at Lennik against 1034 pigeons. Within the grand competition, Mid Holland East these performances were also good for a victory against respectively 2227 and 2405 pigeons. The mother of New Sue 37 is the NL15-1680082 Sue (she is also the granddaughter of Kleine Jan x Jane)who herself won 2 races from Pont St. Max. New Sue 37 has built quite the honours list for herself in the meantime.

Lennik 1st against 2405 p.
Peronne 1st against 2227 p.
Fontenay 3rd against 1125 p.
Niergnies 4th against 403 p.
Quiévrain 8th against 4504 p.
Quiévrain 32nd against 2075 p.
Pointoise 32nd against 2080 p.

NL20-1474707 Triple First dominantly claimed her third victory in 2021

NL20-1474707 Triple First claims her thrid victory at Niergnies

The NL20-1474707 Triple First showed once again that Rik is in the possession of an extremely strong series of yearlings this year. Triple First ended season 2021 as a yearling in the same way she started the season as a young bird, with victory. As a junior, she won the 1st Duffel against 1041 pigeons (P.V. De Blauwe Doffer). As a yearling, she adds this to her victories at Issoudun against 266 pigeons (P.V. De Blauwe Doffer), which is also good for a 43rd NPO against 7118 pigeons, and Niergnies against 1824 pigeons (grand competition Mid-Holland East). The father of Triple First is NL16-1499360 Amy's Best (grandson Kleine Jan x Jane). The mother of Triple First set the bar high with a victory at a.o. Chateauroux against 1009 pigeons. She is a granddaughter of Olympic Mystery.

Mr. Pointoise delivers a victory at Pointoise

NL20-1474681 Mr. Pointoise wins a 1st Pointoise against 1019 pigeons

2021 was the first year in which Rik has been playing with yearling cocks since 2015. The NL20-1474681 Mr. Pointoise immediately showed that the cocks are definitely not inferior to the hens of Rik. Mr. Pointoise got a 1st Pointoiseagainst 1019 pigeons (P.V. De Blauwe Doffer). Mr Pointoise is a full brother of Good Blue who is a well-known figure in the PIPA rankings.  The honours list of Mr. Pointoise is also one to behold

1st Pointoise against 1019 p.
11th Pointoise against 4939 p.
14th Peronne against 2227 p.
24th Quiévrain against 4504 p.
53rd Niergnies against 1805 p.
77th Lennik against 4440 p.

Victories with young birds

NL21-1173000 won a young bird race from Morlincourt against 1386 pigeons

The young birds was another category in which Rik van Drop was extremely successful in 2021. Within rayon RMO M-H East there was a victory at Morlincourt against 1386 pigeons and at Nanteuil against 1093 pigeons. The victory at Morlincourt was brought home by the NL21-1173000. The 21-000 originates from a sister of NL17-1252066 Black Juwel (granddaughter Kleine Jan x Jan). Black Juwel is in the possession of an incredible honours list. She finished in 2018 as a.o. the 5th Ace Pigeon Middle Distance WHZB/TBOTB.

The van Dorp pigeons show their skill in the Pattaya International Pigeon Race

During the final race (530 km) of the Pattaya International Pigeon Race a pigeon of Rik van Dorp, racing for team Pioneer-van Dorp and Son, set down a formidable 73rd place against 4033 pigeons. For this OLR 8747 pigeons were registered. The pigeon who managed this feat is a result of a joint breeding with PIPA Breeding. It concerns a grandchild of BE18-1045020 Daniel 1st Nat. Ace KBDB Sprint 2019 x BE19-4130084 Dght. Best Kittel.

A beautiful reference

CHN21-99-G00841 1st. Ace Fuqi club

The most beautiful reference of 2021 comes from Jixiang Xiang. He let us know that he is extremely satisfied with the van Dorp pigeons. The grandchildren of Olympic Mystery have been especially impressive. The most significant of these is the CHN2021-99-G00841 which finished as 1st Ace in the Fuqi club.

Rik van Dorp faces a new challenge

With the upcoming move to Dordrecht, a beautiful chapter will come to an end. Rik shall continue the hobby at his new home, and start working on a new chapter for the pigeon sport there. He is certain to occasionally think back to the beautiful time he got to spend with his father in Rotterdam, most certainly he will also remember the successful group of yearlings that made 2021 a year to remember. We have no doubt that for Rik there will be plenty of moments to remember in Dordrecht as well. We wish him the very best at his new address.