Team BDS (BE) surges to the top of National long distance racing

The 1st-1st-2nd-3rd…prizes on Nationals between 2017 and 2021, the titles; 3rd Nat. Champion Long Distance YL ’20, 1st Best YL Long Distance Belgium 2019 and 6 National KBDB Ace pigeons between 2019 and 2021, is the ultimate proof of Team BDS their class.

Division of tasks, stronger as a team

Exactly 10 years ago, 3 pigeon enthousiasts, Dirk Speybroeck, Dr. Piet Blancke and Bart Declerck, joined forces as Team BDS. Their goal was clear: divide tasks in order to compete at the highest level, each in their own discipline. The reason was logical: stronger together, as all 3 have a busy job, and their free time is limited...especially when aspiring to run a competitive pigeon colony. Dirk focused on racing with cocks, Bart with the hens whilst Piet laid out the breeding strategy and race the extreme long distance if possible. A synergy between 3 top fanciers. 

2 x 1st National and National KBDB Ace pigeons

At first, the focus was on provincial and national heavy middle distance and long distance races. At the end of 2018, the focus changed and fully switched to the national one day long distance… aiming to shine on the classics from Limoges, Brive, Tulle, Souillac, and the like (600-800 Km). Their own old stock, based on pigeons such as Aske and Fryda (Cools-Blancke) and the successful Sproete bloodlines Blois-Speybroeck, were reinforced with long distance blood from regional fanciers Rudi De Saer, Norbert & Stefan Ally, the PEC and Joël Verschoot. This immediately gave an enormous performance boost. Even more so, as Team BDS started competing at the national top, at times claiming a leading role on national long distance races. A quick surge to the top.  
A multitude of 1st prize winners, top racers on a national level (1st Nat. Agen, 1st Nat. Narbonne, 2nd Nat. Brive, 3rd Nat. Aurillac…), some of which ranked amongst the National KBDB Long Distance Ace pigeons, the best pigeons in Belgium in various rankings, prove the quality that is housed on the BDS breeding lofts. The results in the period between 2017 and 2021 speak for themselves. The highlights from this period: 

1st Nat. Agen 4,405 Old birds – fastest of 9,740 p. in 2017
1st Internat. Agen 4,269 Hens ’17
1st Nat. Narbonne 3,580 YL ’19
1st Best YL in Belgium – across 3 Nat. Long Distance races 2019
5th Best YL in Belgium – across 3 Nat. Long Distance races 2019
5th + 11th Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance & Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2019
3rd National Champion Long Distance Yearlings KBDB 2020

2nd National Brive 4,238 YL 2020
3rd National Aurillac 3,004 YL 2020
24th + 27th Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance & Extreme Long Distance YL KBDB 2020
28th + 30th Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance Old birds KBDB 2021
1st Champion Long Distance Old birds Fondclub Eeklo 2021
1st Champion Long Distance Yearlings Fondclub Eeklo 2020
1st General Champion Long Distance Fondclub Eeklo 2020
2nd Champion Long Distance Old birds Fondclub Eeklo 2020

That their breeding loft has plenty of quality, is clear. As such achievements don't come out of the blue. One of the main pillars is founded on 3 x 1st National winners, including 2x 1st National winners on their own lofts, with Lady Agen and Lady Narbonne. The third national winner, Mister Pau, 1st Nat. Pau against 2,581 p. in 2018 (at Valere and Eldo Lizoen) was bought.

Lady Agen BE15-3109330 descends from the Kaasboer line that was introduced to the BDS breeding through 4 direct children from star breeder New Kaasboer (a direct son of stock pigeon Kaasboer from Gaston Vd Wouwer) via PEC. Her mother is a daughter of Rainman (winner of 1st Nat. St.Vincent 3,161 p. at Martin De Poorter-Sluis, but a direct BDS pigeon from the Monty line). This super hen not only won 1st Nat. Agen 4,405 p. and 1st Internat .Agen against 4.269 Hens 2017… she immediately proved to have supergenes and great heritability. She is, amongst others, mother of Double Kaasboer BE18-310630, who as a yearling became 1st Best YL in Belgium across 3 National Long Distance races KBDB, and 5th Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance & Extreme Long Distance YL KBDB 2019 (across 2 races). Double Kaasboer is an inbred breeding result from a son x granddaughter (= Lady Agen) of New Kaasboer.

Lady Agen is a granddaughter of the super breeding hen from the old BDS stock, Bliksem Donna BE09-3097539 (granddaughter Bliksem – Gaby Vandenabeele), the mother of Double 12 (1st Nat. Zone Chateauroux 1,015 p., 1st Fontenay 472 p. , 1st Fontenay 446 p., and further 17th-66th-59th-81th Nat. Zone on great middle distance races), grandmother of Perfect Blue (14th Nat. Ace bird Long Distance YL KBDB '17, 16th Nat. Tulle 9.578 p., 17th Nat. Jarnac 5.371 p., 95th Nat. Limoges 10.554 p…), Kaasboer 697 (24th Nat. Libourne 4.605 p., 44th Nat. Chateauroux 13.098 p., 69th Nat. Bourges 19.133 p…) etc…

What a sensational breeding line!

Lady Narbonne BE18-3106077 – winner of 1st Nat. 3,580 p. & 3rd Internat. Narbonne 8,284 p. 2019 – stems from a crossing of Joël Verschoot x Jos Joosen (line 2nd Nat. Dax x 3rd Internat. Perpignan). Her father is a son of Cees: 1st Nat. Brive 8,337 p. at Joel Verschoot. Winning at national level is in the genes here too. Moreover, she immediately became the mother of top racer, Monty Girl 029.

From a half brother of Lady Narbonne, named Bonga 004, another star was born; Bronze Aurillac BE19-3039286

15th Best Long Distance pigeon in Belgium across 4 races - 2021 PIPA-ranking
3rd Nat. Aurillac – 3,004 p. 2020

43th Nat. Limoges – 6,986 p. 2021
80th Nat. Brive – 8,807 p. 2021
102nd Nat. Souillac – 4,144 p. 2021
166th Nat. Perigueux – 3,783 p. 2021

It is clear that the BDS-pigeons pass on their dominant supergenes to the next generation of (grand)children. 

Superior Monty line from De Saer

The impact of the Monty line (originating from Rudi De Saer) on the performances at Team BDS is becoming increasingly apparent. First there was Rainman, winner of 1st Nat. St.Vincent 3,163 p. at the lofts of Martin De Poorter (Sluis, NL), with a direct BDS pigeon, which was bought back… and became grandfather of Lady Agen. There was also New Rainman who won 1st NPO Bergerac 2,343 p., 9th Nat. Agen 4,464 YL, and 36th NPO Issoudun 3,644 p. won at Martin De Poorter, and is also a direct BDS pigeon from the same Monty line, crossed with the pigeons of Norbert & Stefan Ally. Too bad for Team BDS that they hadn't stepped up their pace at the Rudi De Saer auction to buy the Monty (8th + 11th Nat. Montauban, 34th Nat. Souillac…) themselves. He then moved to the lofts of Piet v.d. Merwe in Dordrecht (NL). So there was no other option than to get a son from this Monty in Dordrecht, the Monty Piet 854 NL16-1529854. Another bull's eye as it turns out, because this Monty Piet 854 has now grown into one of the best breeding cocks in the world on the BDS lofts. He is the sire of Silver Monty winner of a.o.

-Silver Monty BE19-3039049

 2nd Nat. Brive 4,238 p. ’20
12th Interprov. Saumur 2,818 p.
50th Nat. Limoges 6,986 p.
94th Nat. Bourges 31,311 p.
30th Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance Old birds KBDB 2021

Monty Girl 050 is also a daughter of Monty Piet 854, and winner of 91th Nat. Limoges 9,756 p., 69th Prov. Pontoise 7,596 p. etc…furthermore, Monty Piet 854 is father to the winners of:

18th Nat. Brive 5,929 p.
27th Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance  KBDB 2020
33rd Nat. Brive 4,238 p.
39th Nat. Limoges 10,319 p.
50th Prov. Souillac 803 p.
53rd Nat. Brive 4,238 p.
53rd Nat. Zone La Souterraine 3,223 p.
59th Nat. Zone Chateauroux 9,511 p.
80th Nat. Brive 9,132 p.

Winning and taking top spots on a national level is in the genes of the Monty line. 

The invaluable Verschoot pigeons

The contribution of the world-class Joël Verschoot pigeons was a perfect match with the pigeons from Team BDS. They formed the basis for top performances with which Team BDS closed the gap to the national long distance top in Belgium. The winner of the 1st Nat. Narbonne – Lady Narbonne – was bred from a son of Cees (see above). Top racer Ace Verschoot is also a perfect example of this. He is a 100% Verschoot pigeon from a son of one of the Verschoot stock pairs: Ally x Houfflijntje, coupled to a daughter Cees: winner of 1st Nat. Brive 8,337 p. x daughter Agen: 1st Nat. Agen 5,313 p.

-Ace Verschoot BE18-3106324

5th Best YL in Belgium Long Distance & Extreme Long Distance across 3 races - PIPA rankings 2019
11th Nat. Long Distance & Extreme Long Distance YL KBDB 2019

9. Nat. Libourne – 4,354 p. 2019
27. Nat. Limoges – 10,783 p. 2019
68. Nat. Tulle – 7,155 p. 2019

The talent housed on the lofts doesn't end there. Another fantastic pigeon on the Team BDS racing lofts is Blue Ace 145. His father is also a direct Verschoot pigeon, Verschoot 103 (son of Agen: winner of 1st Nat. Agen 5,313 p., 2nd Internat. Agen 10,579 p… coupled to golden stock hen Shakira at Joel Verschoot). He was paired to super hen Jarnaca (34th Nat. Jarnac 5,371 p., 13th Interprov. Saumur 2,818 p., 29th Prov. Chateauroux 2,212 p… a crossing between N & S. Ally x Rudi De Saer). Blue Ace 145 has already won:

-Blue Ace 145 BE19-3039145

9th Best Long Distance Pigeon in Belgium across 5 races - PIPA ranking 2021
36th Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2021

52nd Nat. Perigueux – 3,783 p. 2021
60th Nat. Zone Limoges – 5,350 p. / 106. Nat. – 15,547 p. 2021
96th Nat. Brive – 4,238 p. 2020
96th Nat. Zone Limoges – 2,153 p. / 177. Nat.– 6,986 p. 2021
58th Nat. Zone Souillac – 1,348 p. / 149. Nat.– 4.144 p. 2021


Co-breeding with the Molenaar: 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2015

To stay at the top, the stock is continuously developing through crossing with new super lines. In 2015, Camiel Van Sande and his 'Molenaar' (named after Camiel's profession as a miller) won 1st Nat. Ace pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB with a record coefficient. Many (foreign?) buyers tried but failed in buying this pigeon, as it was not for sale, not even a single feather. However, Dr. Piet Blancke managed to co-breed with this fantastic athlete. Breeding from one of the best pigeons ever in the international pigeon sport, in the hope of laying a new cornerstone towards (inter)national successes. At the end of 2018 and in 2019, Team BDS was able to breed 10 hyper-exclusive descendants from this pearl, a new injection of the highest level of quality to their own breeding lofts. A grasp of the incredible results flown by superstar Molenaar:

-Molenaar BE12-4096069

1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2015

1st Best Belgian Extreme Long Distance pigeon 2014-2015 PIPA ranking (+ 700 km)

2nd Olympiad pigeon cat. E Budapest 2015

1st prov. / 2nd Nat. St. Vincent - 3,037 p. / 38th Int. – 10,737 p. 2015

1st prov. / 3rd Nat. Agen – 3,524 p. / 4th Int. – 6,042 p. 2015

2nd Nat. Zone Libourne – 2,222 p. / 8th Nat. – 6,134 p. 2013

3rd Nat. Zone Cahors – 2,363 p. / 14th Nat. – 7,140 p. 2014

3rd prov. Narbonne 940 p. / 30th Nat. 4,558d. / 59th Int. 12nd528 p. 2014

What a sensational racer! This breeding pearl itself won no less than 5 prizes in the National Top-30.

Heritability, dominant genes, and the skills of a fancier and pigeon 

Behind the successes of Team BDS lies strategy. Well thought-out stock building lies at the base of 1st National victories, national titles and national ace pigeons KBDB. Their stock was built up with superior 1st prize winners and ace pigeons, that were raced on their own lofts. These were then crossed with the blood of 1st prize winners and super pigeons from regional fanciers, and national stars. The skills of the fanciers, did the rest. It has made the performance curve 'boom' in recent seasons, reaching new highs. It allowed Team BDS to play a leading role in national long distance racing. As quality and class will win always and everywhere. There is undoubtedly more to come… congratulations!