Maarten Huijsmans (Hoogerheide, NL) ranks once again among the top 10 best fanciers in the Netherlands within the Category Middle-Distance

Maarten Huijsmans ranks once again among the 10 best fanciers of the Netherlands when it comes to the Middle-Distance
Maarten Huijsmans finished in 2021 as 7th Designated and 6th Undesignated among the National Loftchampionships in the Category Middle-Distance (NPO) and has given a worthy sequel to the following, imposing series)

National championships

Since 2015 it has been impossible to not think of Maarten when looking at the top 10 of the end results of the National Championships in the Category Middle Distance. In 2016 and 2019 Maarten reached the Apex with achieving no less than the 1st National Champion Undesignatep. In 2021 Maarten had to take a step back, but still finished on an impressive 20th place Undesignatep. In 2021 is he back where he belongs. Both Designated (7th) and Undesignated (6th) he can be found back among the Top 10 of the Netherlands. In addition, he has also achieved the 10th National Pigeon Champion with the NL19-3920779 on his favourite discipline. Below is an overview of the end results of the national championships since 2015;

2015; 5th Designated and 10th Undesignated Middle Distance
2016; 1st Undesignated and 2nd Designated Middle Distance
2017; 2nd National Champion Middle Distance
2018; 3rd Undesignated Middle Distance
2019; 1st Undesignated and 5th Designated Middle Distance
2020; 20th Undesignated Middle Distance
2021; 6th Undesignated and 7th Designated Middle Distance
10th Pigeon Champion Middle Distance

A season with performances to hang on the wall

Season 2021 differentiates itself with formidable results and victories for Maarten which results in a series of beautiful championships. Below you can find an overview of the best results (Sector 2 Rayon 1 ZUF). At the natour performances were achieved that were considered completely impossible.

17-4 Quiévrain 124 km 3276 p. 3-4-5-6-8-9-12-19-20-21-26-31-etc.(38/57)
24-4 Peronne 196 km 3437 p. 4-8-10-17-19-21-25-26-27-29-37-etc.(40/50)
13-6 Chateaudun 432 km 805 p. 1-2-6-8-16-26-27-28-36-37-etc.(27/48)*
17-7 Quiévrain 124 km 2637 p. 3-4-5-6-7-25-28-39-46-etc.(30/66)
21-8 Niergnies 164 km 2668 p. 5-6-8-10-16-17-19-20-24-25-26-27-etc.(86/124)
28-8 Niergnies 164 km 2403 p. 4-5-8-12-13-14-15-17-18-21-24-25-26-27-29-30-33-etc.(94/119)
4-9 Morlincourt 230 km 2098 p. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-9-10-11-12-15-16-17-18-19-20-21-etc.(88/118)
11-9 Pt.St.Max 270 km 1332 p. 1-2-4-6-7-8-9-10-18-19-23-26-35-39-41-etc.(67/106)
*CC Kleine Westhoek

Standard Bearers 2021

Below we would like to introduce you to some of the top pigeons that made all the difference for Maarten in 2021. There will be special attention for the victors of Morlincourt, Chateaudun and Pont St. Max. Also, we will tell you everything there is to know about the 10th national pigeon champion Middle Distance (NPO)

Diva wins 1st Morlincourt against 3438 pigeons

It is the NL20-2010119 Diva who earned Maarten’s first victory of 2021. In rayon 1 ZUF of sector 2, she was the fastest of 3438 pigeons on the 1st of May. The release location seems to be one of Diva’s favourites. In 2020 she won a 17th in the Brabant 2000 against 11790 pigeons from Morlincourt. Mother of Diva is the NL17-1366877 who in 2018 also performed incredibly at the Brabant 2000 and left no less than 13240 pigeons behind from Pont St. Maxence. Blue Pearl landed again on the podium of Brabant 2000 at the race from Sens (3rd against 4971 pigeons)

NL17-1366877 Blue Pearl (1st Pnt.St.Max against 13240 p. in 2018) is the mother of Diva, 1st Morlincourt against 3438 p.

New Diamond is first at Chateaudun

On the 13th of June was for Maarten the only middle distance race scheduled that was above 400km. For race from Chateaudun (432 km) 805 pigeons of Rayon 1 CC Kleine Westhoek were basketted. It is the NL17-3724529 New Diamond who proved with a beautiful victory that Huijsmans pigeons age well. New Diamond was already on her 5th racing season in 2021. In the competition of the Brabant 2000, New Diamond finished as 14th against 6300 pigeons. A daughter of hers finished in the Brabant 2000 with a 10th Peronne against 11458 pigeons. New Diamond originates from a super couple of Maarten. Father of New Diamond is the NL12-1698913 Super Cees, who has four 1st prizes on his honours list, in 2015 he finished as 4th Best Cock in the National Competition WHZB. Mother of the New Diamond is the NL13-1316012 Doutzen, 2nd Best Hen national competition WHZB 2015 and 8th National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance 2015. Doutzen won, amongst Others a 1st Morlincourt against 9426 pigeons. The honours list of New Diamond is decorated with the following results:

1st Chateaudun 805 p.
4th Bierges 3061 p.
4th Melun 3481 p.
4th Quiévrain 2125 p.
12th Pnt.St.Maxence 22709 p.
12th Peronne 3620 p.
NL17-3724529 New Diamond, daughter of Super Cees x Doutzen, wins 1st Chateaudun against 805 pigeons.

Romee earns her third victory at Pont St. Maxence 

During the natour races, Maarten went in overdrive. The Pont St. Maxence of 11 September was a massive victory, the Huijsmans racing crew was led by the NL17-3724539 Romee. She won the competition against 1332 pigeons. Romee has been a regular top performer on Maarten’s racing loft for years. On her honours list, she has three victories. In 2021 she finished 8th in the Category Sprint in the national competition De Allerbeste. In Rayon 1 ZUF she can be found back in every category among the ace pigeons. (2nd Ace Pigeon Middle Distance, 3rd Gen. Ace Pigeon Sprint, 5th Ace Pigeon Short-Distance, 6th Ace Pigeon Natour). In sector 2 Brabant 2000 she finishes as the 8th Ace Pigeon Middle Distance. Below is a short overview with the best results of Romee;

1st Pointoise 1761 p.
1st Pnt.St.Maxence 1332 p.
1st Melun 998 p. (2nd NPO 5678 p.)
2nd Melun 2693 p.
3rd Morlincourt 2264 p.
7th Niergnies 13325 p.
11th Pnt.St.Maxence 22709 p. (Brabant 2000)
19th Pnt.St.Maxence 13240 p. (Brabant 2000)
NL17-3724539 Romee has, with a triumph at Pnt.St.Maxence, earned her 3rd victory

NL19-3920779 Little Doutzen, 10th national Pigeon Champion Middle Distance NPO

The NL19-3920779 Little Doutzen gives Maarten a beautiful top ten among the National Pigeon Championships (NPO). The two-year-old hen finished in the Brabant 2000 as the 2nd Ace Pigeon Middle Distance. Of her consistent performance curve, the highlights are a 1st Quiévrain against577 p. (3rd against 3276 p.), a 5th Pointoise against 1091 p. and an 8th Pnt.St.Maxence against 1332 pigeons. Little Doutzen is a daughter of the NL18-3811439 Special Diamond who himself achieved a 3rd National Ace Pigeon NPO. The mother of Little Doutzen is Cindy who in her turn is the daughter of the amazing NL15-1777271 Olympic Roel (3rd int. Olympic Pigeon Cat. G Brussel 2017) and NL13-1316012 Doutzen.

NL18-3811439 Special Diamond (3rd Nationale Asduif NPO) is the father of Little Doutzen (10th Nationale Ace Pigeon Middle Distance NPO)

In rayon 1 ZUF there were more victories at Pnt.St.Maxence, Melun and Morlincourt

Maarten achieved a whole series of victories within rayon 1 ZUF with a 1st Pnt.St.Maxence against 1702 pigeons (NL20-2010163), a 1st Melun against 884 pigeons (NL17-3724569) and a 1st Morlincourt against 2098 pigeons (NL21-2119523). The 20-163 was unfortunately moved from the racing schedule. A brother of his, NL20-2010130 Favoriet, also did quite well for himself in 2021. Behind a loftmate that cock won, amongst others, 3rd Morlincourt against 2098 pigeons and a 6th Quiévrain against 2637 pigeons. De Favoriet is a son of the NL15-1777319 Super Yearling (Super Cees x Doutzen).

NL20-2010130 Favoriet earned as the brother of the winner of Pnt.St.Maxence (20-163) among others a 2nd Chateaudun against 805 pigeons.

Beaten by his own breed

On the 13th of June Maart had an excellent result within CC Kleine Westhoek (with among others, 1st and 2nd). However, in Rayon 1 ZUF Maarten was beaten by a pigeon of Ruud Nijssen. Maarten’s first two pigeons ended up ranking 14th and 15th that day in the sector results, but against 6300 pigeons the NL20-2029839 Jasmijn earned 2nd place for herself, barely missing the sector victory. The 20-839 quickly made his way into the rankings over 3 races of the national competition WHZB middle-distance. A grandmother of Jasmijn is the daughter of Super Cees x Doutzen. Maarten has managed to earn Jasmijn for himself and she has been given a place at the breeding loft of Maarten.


To Maarten’s credit, he is not the only one who is performing well with Huijsmans pigeons. Other lofts have been performing formidably as well. He received a number of impressive references that we would certainly not withhold from you. Judge for yourself seeing the facts below.

Lorzenzo van Russel: Wins in 2021 a 1st prov. Lennik against 5363 pigeons and a 2nd NPO
Fontenay against 8319 pigeons (grandchild Olympic Roel x Ace Hen)
1st and 3rd General Ace pigeon Rayon B Drechtsteden
Nico van Noordenne: Wins a 11th NPO Fontenay against 8319 cocks,(grandchild Super Cees
x Doutzen)
Stef Bals: Wins a 1st Pnt.St.Maxence 9829 pigeons and a 4th Brabant 2000 against
10746 pigeons(grandchild Super Yearling and mother Olympic Roel)
Wins 1st against 4614 pigeons (bred from direct Huijsmans
pigeon NPO MEN)
Comb. Oomen: Wins 2nd and 5th NPO Melun against 4903 pigeons (mother is Huijsmans
pigeon, line Golden Iris and Super Dutch)
Wins 1st Chateaudun against 1318 p. (Mother is Huijsmans pigeon,
line Golden Iris and Super Dutch)
John van Dongen: Wins 3rd Brabant 2000 Niergnies against 12955 pigeons (mother
is Huijsmans pigeon, line Super Dutch and Golden Iris)
Wins 1st Peronne 1454 pigeons with same pigeon.
Comb. Houmes Zeeland: Wins 7th Sector Zeeland Fontenay against 6455 pigeons (from daughter
Ace Hen - 2nd nat.ace pigeon)
Aldo Ranieri: Wins 6 first prizes (bred from a daughter of New Diamond)

With such results, the championships will come on their own

When the results are like those of Maarten Huijsmans then it will show itself at the end of the season, when the points are counted up, in several championships. Below is a short overview of the most important championships that Maarten earned this year within sector Brabant 2000 and in Rayon 1 ZUF;

Brabant 2000;
1st Designated and 2nd Undesignated Middle Distance
2nd Ace Pigeon Middle Distance
3rd Designated and 3rd Undesignated Sprint
Rayon 1 ZUF
1st Emperor Sprint
1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th, 10th Ace Pigeon Sprint
1st Emperor Middle Distance
1st, 2nd, 3rd Ace Pigeon Middle Distance
1st Emperor General Sprint
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 8th, 10th Ace Pigeon General Sprint
2nd Emperor Natour
1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 10th Ace Pigeon Natour
Maarten Huijsmans among a great number of wonder pigeons