Jacques & Freddy Vandenheede (Kruisem, BE) power through the 2021 racing season

The Vandenheede brothers' colony is synonymous with pigeon sport at the highest level. 2021 was another season of successes, from start to finish. 

When the name Vandenheede comes up, it is always with deep admiration and respect. Their miraculous results read with astonishment around the world. Vandenheede has become the golden standard in pigeon racing; the absolute number 1. This is without doubt thanks to the incredible breeding quality and the potential to pass these qualities on through generations. Every season, these Vandenheede athletes dominate the racing scene, resulting in many titles and ace pigeons at the largest competitions. On a provincial and national level, their name can always be found at the top of the famous KBDB championships. 



KBDB titles aplenty

In their home province East-Flanders, where the biggest fanciers and champions battle for victory, Jacques and Freddy dominate the provincial KBDB championships. Especially on the heavy middle distance and long distance disciplines they are unstoppable. On their favorite disciplines, they are no match for the competition. 

1st Provincial Champion Heavy Middle Distance Old birds 

1st Provincial Champion Long distance Old birds

1st Provincial Ace pigeon Heavy Middle Distance Old birds + an honorable mention for 3rd place.   

1st Provincial Ace pigeon Long Distance Old birds + 2nd and 4th place and and astonishing 7 pigeons in the Top 15!! 

1st Provincial Ace pigeon Long Distance Yearlings + 2nd-3rd-4th-7th-10 and 12th place!! 

2nd General Provincial Champion (despite the fact that the Vandenheede brothers put little effort into the short distance and young birds races)  An impressive display of dominance...

One loft, dominating like that of the brothers Vandenheede, is unique. It shows that they are still on top of their game, and more importantly at the top of the (national) game. At the National KBDB championships they are one of the most predominant names, especially in the various ace pigeon competitions.

2nd National Champion Heavy Middle Distance Old birds + Yearlings 

5th National Champion Long Distance Yearlings

11th National Ace pigeon Heavy Middle Distance Old birds  

Ace pigeon Allround Old birds + Yearlings : 4th-9th-11th-16th-22nd-24th-26th- ...

Ace pigeon Long Distance Old birds : 5th-6th-8th-26th-37th-39th-40th- ...

Ace pigeon Long Distance Yearlings : 18th-19th-24th-28th-44th-...

We clearly see the strength of the colony back in these figures. The brothers almost make it seem easy to rank amongst the country's best ace pigeons. However this isn't simple and can only be managed by the strongest pigeon stocks, that possess the quality opponents can only dream of. 

Excellent breeding quality 

When Jacques and Freddy started their partnership in 2008, they started what was the beginning of something unthinkable. Thanks to this alliance, the Vandenheede name became an even more influential name in pigeon sport. The brothers had worked their way to the top separately, but combining their strengths brought their results to another level. Despite the success, fame and dominance, Freddy and Jacques never fell for the large sums of money offered for their star racers. The golden move, was to strengthen their breeding loft with these proven cracks. Undoubtedly, this is the reason they manage to stay on top for so long, despite the fact that the competition is getting stronger and giving everything they have to kick these kings off the throne. 

Several results from 2021 :

Montoire : 1-2-4-4-6-9-10-11-14-17-20-22-23-25-27-35-37-38-40-43-... / 4.518 p.
Sermaises : 1-2-3-4-5-9-10-11-14-15-16-17-... / 870 p.
Sermaises : 1-2-3-8-9-10-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20-... / 1.562 p.
Souillac : 2-3-4-9-10-11-12-21-23-26-27-27-... / 1.441 p.
Brive : 3-7-15-18-20-28-... / 2.584 p.
Bourges : 2-9-14-36-46-51-... / 8.220 p.
Chateauroux : 6-9-12-14-... / 3.349 p.
Limoges : 1-9-13-34-... / 1.828 p.

As many know, the Vandenheede brothers often basket a large number of pigeons. However, prize percentage wise they are amongst the best as well. On the young birds races, which don't have priority, they see the same spectacular results as with the old birds and yearling teams. They managed to win 101 prizes 1:10 on provincial Montoire from a total of 273 basketed pigeons (their complete team). A clear sign that the future is looking bright in Kruisem. 

Countless super pigeons

Everybody involved in pigeon sport has most likely noticed the vast amount of cracks the Vandenheede brothers bring forth. This results in an immense list of ace pigeons, which was again the case in 2021. Making an overview of all these super pigeons is an impossible task. Therefore, we made a small selection of stars that honor the Vandenheede name, and will be introduced to you below. 

A beautiful example of a typical Vendenheede powerhouse is Balloon (BE17-4200330). In 2021 this cock performed exceptionally well on the long distance nationals with spectacular results, winning him the title of 5th National Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB. He was previously 15th National Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB in 2019. A true crack with results such as:  24th/7,838 p. Vierzon, 5th/1,522 p. Tulle,  49th/8,807 p. Brive etc... the apple doesn't fall far from the tree as Balloon's father is Jerry Lee (BE14-4000098) who in 2015 became 3rd National Ace pigeon Heavy Middle Distance KBDB, 2nd Ace pigeon PIPA-Ranking asduif in de PIPA-Ranking, ... moreover, a child to Balloon himself already managed to settle amongst the National KBDB ace pigeons. Three generations ranking amongst Belgium's best pigeons! 


Speed Cat (BE18-4097380) is another wonder product from the breeding lofts in Kruisem. Speed Cat finished as 11th National Ace pigeon Heavy Middle Distance KBDB in 2021. She showed outstanding form throughout the season with the following sensational results: 1st/5,255 p. Bourges, 1st/2,355 p. Chateauroux, 7th/3,025 p. Sermaises and 4th/4,035 p. Chateauroux.

From the fantastic yearlings team (born in 2020), one pigeon, BE20-4027426, stands out. This '426' became 1st Provincial Ace pigeon KBDB and also settled amongst the ace pigeons on the national level. All thanks to top results against the strongest competitors: Chateauroux 9th/5,710 p., Perigueux 3rd/1,299 p. and Souillac 11th/1,1441 p.

The magnificent lofts in Kruisem