It is almost the birthday of Milos of combination Verweij- de Haan (Mijdrecht, NL). The extraordinary breeder will become 20 years old

In the spring of 2022 breeding phenomenon, Milos of Michel and Peter will become 20 years old. As super progenitor, he is the foundation of countless top birds and, and this is truly remarkable, three generations of international ace pigeons
Peter de Haan (l) and Michel Verweij (r)

Once again, despite the challenging marathon season of 2021, Michel and Peter performed well, once again this was largely due to the descendents of super breeder Milos. For years these descendents have been carving a spot for themselves at the National top of the marathon races, both within the combination and with other fanciers. A gorgeous highlight of the combination was the 10th National Barcelona, including a beautiful series. Before we introduce Barca Max and a number of aces of the Milos pedigree we would like to show you a number of championships achieved in the last year within the great competition

2x silver and 1x gold

2nd West European Super Marathon

2nd Emperor North- and South Holland

1st Emperor Long Distance Union *E2000

As has been described above, Barcelona was one of the highlights of the last season. The 10th National was won by Barca Max. He ended up at the lots in Mijdrecht through the trade of several pigeons with Walter v.d. Meulen (Sirjansland). As you can see on his pedigree, Barca Max has Barcelona blood flowing through his veins. Barca max was played at 3x ZLU morning releases and won an equal amount of prizes.

Besides this 10th National it is also noteworthy that the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th pigeon at this Barcelona are all grandchildren of Red Rose (granddaughter Milos) and that the 4th pigeon (210th National) is also a grandson of Milos. Considering the breeding prowess of Milos, few of his children are still basketted on races. Yet during the first international race of 2021, a rainy Pau, the first pigeon on te lofts of Verweij- de Haan was a two-year-old daughter of Milos. She raced an 8th Provincial against 581 pigons. In the great competition North and South Holland this meant an 18th against 1.638 pigeons.

Breeding phenomenon Milos

Due to Milos, the combination has been in the possession of a formidable breeder for years, it is no surprise then that he is also responsible for a large part of all the successes at the international classics. Once again we see that one of the greats of the pigeon sport got famous through the breeding of a singular pigeon, much better than all the others. The NL02-2350928 Milos can certainly be considered one of those wonder birds. As one can see Milos will become 20 in 2022. Despite being blind in one eye and having a bit of a limp, he is still a fine breeder at 20 years old.

As you can see on the pedigree, Milos himself performed an impressive 1st NPO Montauban against 1.862 pigeons (only pigeon to come home on the day of release). After this, he developed himself as a peerless breeder. Children would get 10x top 10 National, 16x top 20 national, etc, etc.. grandchildren achieved, among many others, 1st international Pau, 3rd National Barcelona etc, etc,... on his own loft Milos has bred 3 generations of international ace pigeons:

Miss Milos, (daughter Milos) : 2nd European Ace Hen International Races 2017
Red Rose, (granddaughter Milos) : 3rd European Ace Hen International Races 2016
Sky, (great-granddaughter Milos) : 2nd European Ace Hen International Races 2019

It would be impossible to fit all the incredible pigeons into one article, however, we are able to show you some of them, among which are the 3 generations of international ace pigeons, you can read about them in more detail below.

NL15-1552827 Miss Milos, (daughter Milos), 2nd European Ace Hen international races 2017

Miss Milos is een dochter van Milos x Chanel Messi. Voordat Miss Milos als kweekster haar klasse toonde had zij op de marathonvluchten reeds een aantal indrukwekkende prestaties geleverd. De mooiste hiervan ziet u hieronder:

Miss Milos is a daughter of Milos x Chanel Messi. Before Miss Milos made her big breakthrough on the marathon races,
she had already set down a list of impressive feats, the most noteworthy of which are listed below:

Performances Miss Milos:
2nd European Ace Hen Int. races 2017
3rd National Ace Pigeon ZLU TBOTB/WHZB 2017
7th Int. St. Vincent 2.286 p. 2017
9th Int. Perpignan 3.487 p. 2017
9th Nat. Perpignan 4.789 p. 2017
16th Int. Perpignan 14.930 p. 2017
15th Nat. St. Vincent ZLU 3.037 p. 2017
94th Nat. Pau 3.551 p. 2018

As has been said, Miss Milos has proven that she is an excellent breeder as well and she is the mother of, among others, Lady Milos I and Lady Milos II

Milo (daughter Miss Milos), 9th Nat. Agen S2

The promising hen shown above is a daughter of Miss Milos and was only played a single time on the marathon races as a yearling in 2019. At Agen she made jaws drop with the 9th National. In 2020 she was wounded and unable to race again. However, in 2021 she was ready for a fresh start and how, winning a beautiful prize at National Barcelona.As has been said, Miss Milos has proven that she is an excellent breeder as well and she is the mother of, among others, Lady Milos I and Lady Milos II

Lady Milos I and Lady Milos II (daughters Miss Milos)

The match of Miss Milos with Robben in 2019 proved fruitful. The two yearling daughters, Lady Milos I and Lady Millos II, ranked as the top yearlings last year in the formidable sector of North Holland. Lady Milos achieved the 1st Agen against 1.210 pigeons (old and young). Lady Millos II is the top yearling and achieved a 2nd Narbonne against 608 pigeons (old and young).

NL12-1465677 Red Rose, (granddaughter Milos), 3rd European Ace Hen international races 2016

As a granddaughter of Milos x Olympic Heintje, Red Rose has been an extremely important pigeon for years at Michel and Peter’s lofts. She was crowned as the, among many other titles, 1st Ace Pigeon Perpignan ZLU 2014-2016, 2nd Int. Ace Pigeon Pau 2015-2016 and 3rd European Ace Hen Int. races 2016. Her most impressive results are:

1st Ace Pigeon Perpignan ZLU 2014-2016
2nd Int. Ace Pigeon Pau 2015-2016
3rd European Ace Hen Int races 2016

12th Nat Pau 3.788 p. (14th Int 9.908 p)
19th Nat Perpignan 4.027 p. (52th Int 12.689 p)
32th Nat Pau 3.433 p. (71th Int 9.052 p)
32th Nat Perpignan 6.414 p.

287th Nat Perpignan 5.589 p.

Besides her incredible racing career, Red Rose is also a very important breeder and is a (grand)mother of an incredible 22 (grand)children with a top 100 National result. There is also son Red Ross who has been displaying a similar talent as a breeder. He is the father of, among others:

18th Nat Agen year. '19
142th Nat Narbonne '19
99th Nat Perpignan '20
377th Nat Pau '20
110th Nat Barcelona '21
207th Nat Perpignan '21
249th Nat Agen year.'21
404th Nat Agen year '21
419th Nat Agen year '21
302nd Int Narbonne '21

NL17-1129744 Sky, (great-granddaughter Milos), 2nd European Ace Hen International races 2019

The great-granddaughter of Milos (and also of super breeder Red Rose) is another one of the progeny that has gathered an impressive honours list. In 2019 she was played 3 times as a 3-year-old on races above 1050 km with the following results:

Perpignan 1.077 km: 1st Long-Distance Club North Holland 507 p.
2nd S.N.Z.H 1.351 p. (North and South Holland)
5th National ZLU 4.274 p.
Pau 1.063 km: 105th National ZLU 3.785 p.
16th Long-Distance Club North Holland
St. Vincent 1.056 km: 188th National ZLU 2.692 p.
9th Long-Distance Club North Holland

With the results above she achieved the following Ace Pigeon titles:

1st Ace Pigeon North and South Holland ZLU 2019
1st Asduif Long-Distance Union 2000 2019
3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon ZLU 2019
2nd Int. Ace Pigeon dv Europa 2019
3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon BOTB/WHZB 2019

NL12-1464506 Grace

Last in our showcase of descendants of Milos is another grandchild of him, and even more proof that in the 3rd generation there is still plenty of quality present. Grace was played by pigeon friend Harry Hendriks and, after a short racing career, ended up in the breeding lofts of Peter and Michel. After only 1 year they had already successfully bred with her, sadly enough she has since died of a paramixo vaccination. Several impressive results of her and her descendants are:

1st FCNH Marseille (1/2 hour since release)
1st SNZH Marseille 1.115 p.
9th Nat Marseille 3.610 p.
19th Int Marseille 10.104 p.

Grace is the mother of:
22nd Nat Bergerac
1st Prov Narbonne '19
30th Nat Narbonne '19

We have only been able to introduce a few of the topers of the Milos line and we could easily add a ton more to the list. Besides this well-proven Milos line, the gentlemen have another very successful line, namely the MG line. MG stands for Miss Gijsje, the 1st Olympic Pigeon Nitra 2011-2012 of Arjan Beens. Jelle Jellema is another fancier who got himself a youngling from the MG line, the MG430, and this is according to many the best breeding pigeon of marathon racers to have ever existed. This MG-line too has more than proven itself at the lofts in Mijdrecht, especially by MG780 (full sister MG430). . With these two super breeding lines, Milos and MG, it is only natural that the Combination Verweij de Haan shall be able to keep competing at the top of the (Inter)National marathon races.


That there have been plenty of successes at other lofts, especially with descendents of Milos, should be a surprise to nobody. To conclude our article here are a few impressive references of the last year:

N. Dekker jr., Woerden (NL): 1st National Dax SII '21 2.461 p.

  • Nico wins the 1st National Dax SII (2.461 p.) as well as the 4th National against 11.124 pigeons. Because the mother came from Michel and Peter, this National winner has been bought back.

G. Hamstra and Son, Harderwijk (NL): 19th International Perpignan '21 13.274 p., 66th National Narbonne '21  8.188 p. en 73e National Agen '21 6.896 p.

  • G Hamstra and son have been performing excellently with two granddaughters of Milos. One of these granddaughters achieved the 19th InterNational Perpignan.
  • The other granddaughter (Anna) from Milos wins the 66th National Narbonne (8.188 p.) and 73th National Agen (6.896 p.).

Jef &Wim Struyfs, Tielen (BE): 11th International Perpignan '21 13.274 p.

  • This 11th International (as well as 3rd National) Perpignan was achieved with a grandson of Milos.

Frank Zwiers, Terheijden (NL): 8th National Marseille '21 4.310 p.

  • This 8th National Marseille was achieved with a grandchild of Barry

Harry Kalter, Ysselmuiden (NL): Top performances in '21 with several Verweij de Haan pigeons.

  • Granddaughter of Red Rose x Balotelli wins 48th National Perpignan 4.873 pm (3.38 found at loft). As well as 58th Int. 13.374 pm and 25th Int. 3.882 p.
  • Granddaughter Superkweker Stet wins 164th National Barcelona 4.838 pm and also 280th National Pau `19 3.785 pm.
  • (In 2020 Harry achieved the 1st International Pau. This winner was bred from a pigeon bought from Verweij de Haan

Nico Pronk, Mill (NL): Top performances in '21 with several Verweij de Haan pigeons.

  • Many of the top performances were greatly helped by the influx of Verweij de Haan pigeons, among which an 18th National Perpignan with a direct Michel andPeter

Jan Stevens, Schinveld (NL): 1st WESM '21 with help of Milos.

  • The NL18-1345085 of Jan raced this year a 99th (1st signed) Nat. Barcelona (4838 p.) and the 273rd (1st signed) Nat. Perpignan (4873 p.) Mother is the result of a joint breeding with inbred hen from “Milos" x “Lieke" (daughter of “Milos") of Comb. Verweij-de Haan from Mijdrecht. And was a major contributing factor to winning the West European Super Marathon `21, the greatest European competition where Verweij de Haan finished second.

Rutger Jan Rittersma, Zuid Laren (NL): 156th National Pau 4.614 p.

  • In the North of Drenthe, over a distance of 1150km, Rutger Jan wins the 156th National Pau with a grandchild of Red Rose.