Vermeerbergen-Wilms (Mol, BE): “Spectacular results are our trademark”

The 10 best pigeons at Vermeerbergen-Wilms from Mol, flew a total of 38 prizes 1:100 in 2021. Phenomenal. These pigeons' lineage can be traced back to their foundation stock.

Lucky Luc (100 % Leo Heremans), Pitbull Grizzly Wonder (father to 43 x 1st prizes), Porsche 493 (co-breeding Porsche 911 x National Wonder - PEC), Golden Boxster 88 (PEC), Best Kittel (PIPA Breeding ), Kittel, Pitbull and Nationaal Wonder form the foundation to the Vermeerbergen-Wilms (Mol) colony. Recently, a descendant from Nationaal Wonder x Lucky took the 4th prize at the famous Qingdao Tong Ren Tian Gong One Loft Race (410 km) against 4,672 pigeons. An incredible feat, and an example of what this colony's bloodlines are capable of. After a great season in 2020, Luc and Robby decided to 'sacrifice' half their racing lofts to the short and middle distance discipline. This immediately resulted in success. Great results on the short and middle distance and the first 3 ace pigeons with the young birds in the highly competitive region 'Oostgrens' against 150 fanciers. The fact that these 3 ace pigeons are all grandchildren to Best Kittel, is no coincidence. They did exceptionally well in 2021. Luc said the following about these bloodlines: "With the pigeons from Thomas Gyselbrecht's PIPA Breeding Loft, with Best Kittel as stock pigeon and Dominique Velghe, true class was brought to Mol. Best Kittel became father to "“Best Kittel II”, 1st National Ace pigeon Speed KBDB 2020 and “Junior”, 2nd National Ace pigeon Speed KBDB 2018. Blue Best Kittel won 1st National Ace pigeon KBDB Speed 2021. We are also very pleased to work together with Thomas and Dominique."

Top sport

"Pigeon racing is top sport. Similar to other top sports, only true quality and dedication will lead to results. Top sport is not easy, and pigeon sport is no different in that sense," says Luc, when talking about the speed and middle distance racing of the 2021 season. "Due to the conditions and the tough season, our young birds only flew 1 National race (Argenton, 570km). We clocked early birds, but not enough prizes. The tough race from Argenton and the strong selection that followed was enough for us to form a team of 40 yearlings to race in 2022 the short/middle distance and Nationals. We find a National race important for the short and middle distance pigeons also. This is something our pigeons have proven in the past years with spectacular results."

Just to clarify, we are talking about short and middle distance racing with young birds. We called the decision to utilize half the racing lofts for short and middle distance, 'remarkable'. However, short and middle distance racing is the core business of the second loft that Luc and Robby joined forces with, namely Kris Mostmans from Rijkevorsel. For their third loft they went to Balen, where they formed an alliance with Gert Huysmans. There, the old birds and yearlings are raced. Luc notes: "The difference? In previous years we always sold our whole young bird racing team. Now we are switching focus, as next year the young birds wil be raced as yearlings and thereafter as old birds. Alongside our 'pigeon sport is top sport' vision, we have a clear mission that leads to where we want to go in the future. As an extra, a third round of youngsters from Thomas' PIPA Breeding wil be brought Mol to be raced as yearlings in 2023."  

Luc Vermeerbergen and Robby Wilms in the middle together with Kris Mostmans and Gert Huysmans.

Luc and Robby managed to put their racing stars in the spotlight throughout the 2021 season. Their 10 best pigeons flew a total of 38 prizes 1:100, a grand performance. Racers that manage 4 or 5 prizes 1:100 in one season are super pigeons. We will further introduce the best young birds of 2021 below. Here is a quick overview of the racing distances: Momignies 142 km; Nanteuil 281 km; Sermaises 382 km and Chimay 136 km.

- BE21-6208602

This black hen is a granddaughter to Lucky Luc and a granddaughter to 8th Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB 2019 from Etienne Stassen, our friend from Stokkem. He himself is a strong fancier and for the largest part races our pigeons. This "Granddaughter 8th Nat. Ace pigeon" flew i. a. 3rd Nanteuil behind two loft mates (against 743 pigeons); 4th Nanteuil (against 2,492 pigeons); Momignies (against 1,399 pigeons); 9th Momignies (1,280 pigeons), etc. 

- BE21-6208522

This grizzly cock is a great grandson to "Kittel" and "Pitbull", better bloodlines are hard to find. He won i. a. 1st Nanteuil (against 743 pigeons and fastest against 1,314 pigeons); 2nd Nanteuil (against 2,492 pigeons); 8th Monignies (against 636 pigeons), etc. 

Pedigree “Great grandson Kittel and Pitbull”


This blue hen, "Granddaughter 2nd Nat. Ace pigeon", flew i.a. 3rd Momignies (against 1,196 pigeons); 3rd Chimay (against 1,150 pigeons); 7th Momignies (against 1,019 pigeons); etc. 

Pedigree “Granddaughter 8th Nat. Ace pigeon"

- BE21-6208689

This hen, a granddaughter to "Porsche 911" flew 5x prizes 1:100: 5th Momignies (against 2,051 pigeons); 6th Nanteuil (against 743 pigeons); 9th Nanteuil (against 2,492 pigeons); 9th Momignies (against 1,196 pigeons) and 12th Momignies (against 1,280 pigeons) and many more great results. 

- BE21-6208533

This cock, a grandson to 5th Nat. Ace pigeon, was victorious on Momignies (against 1,280 pigeons). On his palmares are also i.a. 7th Momignies (against 1,480 pigeons): 9th (Momignies (against 1,019 pigeons), etc. 

- BE21-6208567

On the palmares of this blue hen, "Granddaughter Wonder Porsche", are 4 prizes 1:100: 4th Chimay (against 1,150 pigeons); 6th Momignies (against 2,052 pigeons); 8th Momignies (against 1,280 pigeons); 11th Momignies (against 1,399 pigeons). Several more achievements such as 17th Momignies (against 594 pigeons) can be found on her results list. 

A strong stock

Vermeerbergen-Wilms house excellent breeders, and they are keen to further introduce some of these pigeons in this article. 

BE17-6248458 “Granddaughter Kittel”
BE18-4202466 “Son Best Kittel”
BE18-4202478 “Son Best Kittel”

Pedigree BE18-4202478 “Son Best Kittel”

BE18-6168623 “Pitbull Kittel”

Results 2021

Results 2021