Jelle Jellema (Nijverdal, NL) once again shines on the national classic Barcelona in 2021

Jelle Jellema behoorde in 2021 opnieuw tot de smaakmakers op Barcelona
Jelle Jellema was once again one of the highlights of the mother of all races Barcelona with 6th and 9th place.

Season 2021

Jelle Jellema can look back on another excellent racing season in 2021. He has achieved the top in the national results of Barcelona and Perpignan (followed by a formidable follow-up) and Jelle managed to once again renew his championships with the ZLU. Noteworthy is the win of Altmiks Soudy Pigeons in the final of the Algarve Golden Race with a 50% Jellema pigeon. Before we introduce to you the champions of season 2021, we would like to present a few exploits of 2021;

Championships 2021

5th Emperor long distance
5th Pyrenian cup
5th Ace Pigeon Champion over all ZLU races
Fondunie 2000
1st Pigeon Champion
2nd PIgeon Champion


On Sunday the 11th of July at 6.45 am sounded the starting shot of the Barcelona race 2021. Jelle Jellema more than proved himself on the classic originating from the Catalan capital. He once again brought in a well-considered group, this time consisting out of 52 pigeons, basketed with only one goal in mind, (inter)national success. After his national victories, in 2014 with Kleine Jade and in 2020 with Silke, Jelle shinned as he always does. With a 6th and 9th national against 4838 pigeons and 24 pigeons in the national results, Jelle more than met the massive expectations. The 6th national (Noud) descendent upon the loft in Nijverdal at 10.07 am (982 mpm) followed by the 9th national (Claire) who reached her home at 10.23 am (969 mpm). After that, it was a time of pure enjoyment in Nijverdal with regular arrivals. Over a distance of 1241 km the other pigeons arrived in this order;

11.16 - 11.48 - 12.39 - 12.43 - 13.01 - 13.03 - 13.15 - 13.15 -13.33 - 13.39 - 13.54 -
13.56 - 14.03 - 14.29 - 14.49 - 15.03 - 15.05 - 15.16 etc.

Noud 6th national Barcelona

NL17-1732264 Noud wins 6th national Barcelona for Jelle Jellema

Jelle wins the 6th national Barcelona against 4848 pigeons with the NL17-1732264 Noud. During the challenging Barcelona 2020 Noud had already won a 24th national. His arrival at 8.44 pm says a lot about the circumstances the pigeons had to deal with last year. Noud is in the possession of an excellent set of genes. His grandmother NL15-1320979 Silke won in 2020 a 1st National Barcelona. One of the grandfathers of Noud, the  NL12-1108430 MG430, was the father of Silke.

NL15-1320979 Silke, 1st National Barcelona 2020, is the grandmother of Noud

Claire wins the 9th national Barcelona

The first pigeon to succeed Noud at Jelle’s lofts was the NL18-4295023 Claire. This hen only let 8 pigeons finish before her and earned her 9th place in the national results. This was not Claire’s first high result. In 2020 she won, among others, a 77th national Perpignan against 3354 pigeons and in the VNCC she won a 16th against 2068 pigeons at Limoges (afternoon release). There is a similarity between Claire and Noud, her grandmother also won a 1st national Barcelona. In this case, we are talking about the NL11-1292679 Kleine Jade who beat 5423 pigeons in 2014, in addition, Kleine Jade also won the international competition.

NL11-1292679 Kleine Jade, 1st (inter)national Barcelona 2014, grandmother of Claire

Jelle wins the 4th national Perpignan with Levi

After Barcelona, Perpignan was the most successful race of the season for Jelle. Here as well he basketed quite the number (57 pigeons) aiming for the national victory. With the NL19-1328572 Levi, Jelli earned himself a respectable 4th place against 4873 pigeons at the National results. Over a distance of 1114 km, Levi managed to get home on the same day at 9.39 am. The entire racing crew performed at a high level. The BE19-4195209 followed a quarter of an hour after Levi on the same day, and classifieds the 21st national. For the arrival of the other pigeons Jelle had to wait till the next morning, but when the next morning came it came fast; 04.24 - 05.47 - 05.59 - 06.05 - 06.06 - 06.08 - 06.13 - 06.16 - 06.24 - 06.29 - 06.38 - 06.39 - 06.47 etc. As is tradition, one of the grandparents of Levi is also a 1st national Barcelona. Grandfather BE 08-2222675 New Laureaat won the 1st international Barcelona in 2013 against 25382 pigeons. One of the grandmothers ofLeviis the NL10-1221795 Romee, which won a 3rd national Bergerac during her glory years in 2013 against 10327 pigeons. Romee is also a grandmother of the earlier mentioned Claire

NL19-1328572 Levi, winner of the 4th national Perpignan against 4873 pigeons
NL10-1221795 Romee, grandmother of Levi 4th national Perpignan and Claire 9th national Barcelona

Ace Pigeons Fondunie 2000

With the BE19-4195209 Britta and the NL19-1328595 son Rena Jelle owned the top 2 pigeon championships of the Fondunie 2000. Britta was acquired from Carlo Gyselbrecht (Knesselare, BE). It is generally known that Carlo owns an exceptional breeding loft. From the excellent cooperation with Carlo Britta came forth to strengthen Jelle’s racing crew. This hen won in 2021, among others, a 6th NPO Limoges, 21st national Perpignan and a 63rd national Marseille. The NL19-1328595 son Rena, which won in 2021 amongst others, 159th national Perpignan against 4873 pigeons and a 176th national Marseille against 4310 pigeons, was bred by Jelle himself. Here we see once again international Barcelona victors at the foundations with grandparents NL11-1292679 Kleine Jade and FR12-034553 Special One. Mother of son Rena is the NL14-1559583 Rena, herself good for a, amongst others, 5th national Pau 2016 against 3788 pigeons, 8th national Barcelona 2018 and a 30th national Marseille 2016 against 3320 pigeons.

NL14-1559583 Rena, mother of the NL19-1328595 son Rena, 2nd pigeonchampion Fondunie 2000

Jelle’s part in the Algrave Golden Race (OLR) victory

There was also international success for Jellema pigeons due to the victory of Altmiks Soudy Pigeons in the Algarve Golden Race. No less than 4565 pigeons lined up for the start of a 497-kilometre race. The mother of the winning pigeon comes from Jelle Jellema who offered her at a PIPA auction. Her grandparents, New Laureaat and Kleine Jade, both won a 1st international Barcelona

NL20-1166224 Inbred New Laureaat x Kleine Jade is the mother of the final winner of the Algarve Golden Race

(Inter)national victors Barcelona are also excellent breeders

If there is anything that can be concluded from the performances of Jelle Jellema, it is that the victors of the (inter)national Barcelona races are excellent at passing on their genes. Nearly all the pigeons which managed to make the difference in 2021 can be traced back to those wonderbirds. Judging by the results it is clear that Jelle is sitting on a gold mine. With (grand)children of pigeons like Silke, Kleine Jade, New Laureaat, Special One and many other top pigeons, the path to future victory seems secure.